Golf Life TV Show: May Episode

In this episode of Golf Life TV, we take you back out to the Champions Tour where we learn how professionals handle their golf life and their personal lives.Glenn Deck joins us for a quick swing tip. We find out why the Cure Putter is taking the Champions Tour and LPGA Tour by storm! Plus,Greg Norman Jr, the son of THE Greg Norman, as he talks about the fun and exciting Golf Skate Caddy! See More! Check out all the episodes from the 2016,2015 and 2014 seasons HERE!

Hitting Your Hybrid With Jeff Yurkiewicz

Jeff Yurkiewicz is the Head Professional at GreyHawk Golf Club. So many people are scared to hit their Hybrid because many times that hybrid will hit and run of you! Jeff is here to show you a way to get the hybrid up in the air and make better contact than you would with your 3 iron, creating an easier shot for you!  Check it out here!

Golf Knickers: Golf's Traditional Golf Apparel

Golf Life had the opportunity to do a review on the world’s leader in traditional golf apparel! The company is called Golf Knickers and they are bring the fun, exciting look back into golf! Check out our short video review and written review so you can be prepared to buy your very own Golf Knickers! See More

The Orange Whip Training Aid

Now that the golf season is fully upon us, many of us have been able to get out on the course and knock off the rust from the winter! The best way to knock that rust off is to use the Orange Whip Trainer! It is built to help your golf swing feel more free and to stretch your swing out! Find out how it can benefit you HERE.

Learn More About the Wilson C200 Irons

What happened to companies creating consistent, innovative and durable clubs, while keeping a relatively low profile. Well, Wilson Staff does just that with their C200 Irons. Check out our review right here!

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Jeff Yurkiewicz: Hitting a Hybrid

Hitting A Hybrid with Jeff Yurkiewicz Jeff Yurkiewicz is the Head Golf Instructor at the Greyhawk Golf Club.  Jeff has been around some of top players in the world at the Greyhawk Golf Club because the Costas/McCord Learning Center is right there on the property. In...

Golf Tip From Mike Malaska

How To Maintain Weight and Force with Mike Malaska The golf swing has a lot of moving parts and there are a lot of perceptions out there that try to make you swing the golf club this way or that way! A lot of the perception has to do with lag! One concept that has...

Swing Tip with The Orange Whip Trainer

Get a Better Feel For Your Swing With the Orange Whip Trainer Jim Hackenberg is the owner and founder of the Orange Whip Trainer. He has been teaching young golfers how to swing a golf club for many years! He has also developed a great training aid that helps you...

Proper Setup Putting Tip

Setup to Putts Properly with this Putting Tip Steve Atherton is a Top Teacher that resides inColorado at the Vail Valley and Eagle Spring Golf Club! Steve has worked with many professionals and has been taught by many Top Teachers himself! In this putting tip, we go...

TactiCool Golf Bags “BAMF” Review

TactiCool Golf Bags: “BAMF” I’ve reviewed a lot of products over the past few years. Some have been pretty good, others have been kind of lame. What they all have in common is that none of them have really brought anything truly innovative to the...

Rosemark Grips Review

Rosemark Grips I am always on the lookout for new and different products to review in the golf world. Watching golf on Television you see what equipment and gear players might be using. That along with following and scouring the social media sites I happened upon a...

Precision Pro Nexus Rangefinder Review

The Nexus Rangefinder From Precision Pro Rangefinders are changing the way we play golf. Instead of wasting time looking for yardage markers, golfers can now use their rangefinders to get the most accurate distance to the pin. The team at Precision Pro has created the...

Antigua Golf Performance Apparel

  Antigua: Apparel For YOUR Game It has been 35 years since Antigua started making golf apparel! In 2016 they are one of the biggest golf apparel companies in the industry. It is no surprise they a leader in the golf apparel industry because over the last 35...

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