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#GolfLifeGiveaway: Win A Free Cobra King LTD Driver

Golf Life is giving you the opportunity to win a Cobra King LTD Driver from Cobra Golf for FREE! One of the more impressive drivers of the year was the Cobra King because of the technology and design. This driver is Cobra’s longest and straightest driver they have ever created! Register to WIN HERE!

Why Is The Champions Tour So Fun?

The Champions Tour is becoming more and more prestigious every single year. Crenshaw, Rod Spittle, Scott Hoch and many more players love the Champions Tour and why they are having so much fun well into their 50’s. Watch The Video Here

Easy Putting Tip w/ Rod Spittle

Golf Life caught up with Rod Spittle at a Champions Tour event where he showed us one of the easiest putting tips. This is a putting tip that you can do to practice or to get ready to play a round. The main emphasis is to continuously see the ball go in the hole giving you more and more confidence between the 2-6 foot putts. See More

Travis Mathew Golf Apparel

Travis Mathew, a company that gets their inspiration from the culture and lifestyle of Southern California, is here with some great products for 2016. From shorts, polos, hats and tee’s, they have everything you want to look great and feel great on the golf course! CHECK THEM OUT HERE!

The Flat Cat Grips

A new entrant to the space of game improvement grips is Flat Cat Grips. Touting some new technology and big time endorsements, Flat Cat Grips is making a splash in a now full space. It is a putter grip that allows you to square your hands, shoulders and feet, allowing you to make more putts, more consistently.  CLICK HERE.

tasc Performance: Bamboo Technology

We can truly say that tasc Performance is a company that is different, unique and innovative. At tasc Performance their main goal is to have comfortable, tight knit, quality clothing crafted from bamboo. Find out what they are all about right here!

Champions Tour Fun

Why Is The Champions Tour So Fun? The Champions Tour is becoming more and more prestigious every single year. The better players of the 90’s and early ’00’s are turning 50 years of age and joining the Champions Tour. Players like Fred Funk, Craig...

Easy Putting Tip with Rod Spittle

Rod Spittle: Pre-Round Putting Tip For those of you who don’t know who Rod Spittle is, let us give you a little insight on him. Rod Spittle was born in Ontario, Canada and played his college golf at The Ohio State University. He turned pro in 2004. just before...

Dave Pelz And The 3 Foot Putting Circle

Dave Pelz 3 Foot Putting Tip w/ Putting Tutor Dave Pelz is a legendary golf teacher that has taught many professionals on tour today. Many of those professionals on tour who have exceptional short games have worked with Dave Pelz. In this golf tip, Pelz teaches us how...

Sir Nick Faldo Bunker Tip

Easy Bunker Tip with Sir Nick Faldo Nick Faldo, a person everybody should know in the golfing world, is here to show us a great bunker tip. Golf Life caught up with Nick at the Faldo Golf Institute by Marriott in Orlando, FL. One the biggest things that amateurs...

Travis Mathew Apparel

Travis Mathew: Apparel For Work & Play I was very excited about the opportunity to do a review of some apparel items from Travis Mathew. They can be seen being worn by Tour players every week on the PGA, Web.com and Champions Tour. So when I heard that I would be...

Flat Cat Grips

Flat Cat Grips: Square The Club Face Putter grips are a weird market segment. A standard size putter grip was about all you would see in golf. Yes, you would see the occasional classic wrap or oddball gimmick but for the most part it was standard size and shape. It...

tasc Performance Apparel

tasc Performance: Enhancing Original Fabrics First of all, at Golf Life, we like to get the story behind each and every company we work with. How did they get started? Where are they from? What is their purpose? Most of time you are able to tell if a company will be a...

The L2 Traditional Putter Review

The L2 Traditional Putter I am very happy to have a chance to review the L2 Traditional putter, thanks to founder John Ambrose for the opportunity. The L2 Traditional putter is like no other putter that I have ever seen before. There is the obvious extra large unique...

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