Golf Life TV Series: 2015

The Golf Life TV Series is a television show that run of Fox Sports Network throughout the country. Our shows are filled with great tips and in-depth product and course reviews. We make golf fun, exciting and informative for the average player so you can be better prepared when you hit the links.

Golf Life | August Golf Show | Golf Tips

In the August edition of Golf Life we take a ride on the Golf Skate Caddy, learn new golf tips from pros and tee off at the John Deere Classic! Check out more videos at!…

Golf Show that helps improve your game

In this episode of Golf Life, we show you a wealth of golf instruction and advice to help your game this summer. We get some golf tips from Top Teachers Glenn Deck and Dave Wedzik from Medicus Golf. Glenn Deck shows us a bunker lesson to help your short game and Dave Wedzik shows us Key 5 in The 5 simple keys to consistency.

We also show you a fitness tip from golf fitness expert Dee Tidwell. He provides us with some stretching exercises that you can do during your round to keep loose.

Golf Life visited the Callaway Ely Performance Center to show you a custom fitting with the V Series and Bertha Alpha Drivers.

Golf Life Executive Producer Mike Billingsley shows you the Hwedge. This hybrid wedge will help you out of deep rough and the bunker more easily.

Want to change up your game? Perhaps you should check out a Golf Skate Caddy. We took the Golf Skate Caddys out to the magnificent Raven Golf Club at Three Peaks in Colorado to spice up a round of golf.

Golf Life also went out to the Ravenna Golf Club where we caught up with an ingeniously simple new swing plane trainer called the Swing Wizzard.

Golf Life features Short Game Tips, HWedge and Golf Training Aid

Every golfer has a unique and individual Golf Life. This show aims to help improve your own Golf Life.

In this episode, Golf Life has chosen five things that we feel will help your game and overall enjoyment of golf. We will have advice from top Teachers Steve Atherton and Dr. David Wright.

We show you some training tools to improve your golf swing and short game. We show you the most popular training aid of all time – now available in a new hybrid design. Medicus Golf as released the Ma-Nine Dual Hinge Hybrid.

We show you a putting tool to improve the path of your stroke. The Putting Arc will have you putting like the pros.

We really want to take your game to a new level of enjoyment, Golf Life introduces the Golf Skate Caddie. Enjoy the course and speed up your round in a new way by taking out one of these new carts out on the course.

Improve your short game by learning more about the Hwedge. See how this golf club helps get your more loft out of the sand and rough.

Golf Show featuring Golf Tips, Product Reviews and Travel Destinations

Check out GOLF LIFE, America’s SHOW for your golf lifestyle. In this episode, Golf Life takes you out to Las Vegas, where we visit some of the best golf holes you can play. We visited Bali Hai and Royal Links. Two amazing courses with some of the best holes that you need to check out.

Plus, we took Golf Skate Caddies out for a night round. The Par 3 course at the Taylormade Golf Experience is a perfect location to hit up while out in Vegas.

We review the new golf movie, The Squeeze, starring Chris McDonald. See if we think this movie stands up against one of the best golf movies created, Happy Gilmore.

Also, we test out some new fairway woods from Kick X Golf. Built for distance and tough lies on the fairway, featuring 17- 4 Stainless Steel – the preferred material for today’s 3- wood – and provides a very forgiving head.

We review a non-traditional putter from Holder Golf. This putter is designed from the innovative distinctive grip, to the flat lie head, to the nontraditional negative offset for one purpose; to help players make putts.

When you are on the green, what do you use to clean your golf ball? We show you a putter cover that provides the convenience of a ball cleaner. With advanced Tri-Layer Ball Cleaner technology, ReadyPutt™ is built to remove debris from your ball. Place the Tri-Layer Golf Ball Cleaner under a water source to absorb and maintain a wet cleaning surface throughout your round. The cover also provides a magnetic Utility Platform to secure metal objects such as a divot repair tool and ball marker.

Enjoy this great episode of Golf Life and be sure to leave a comment in the comment section.

Golf Show gives you several Golf Tips to help your game

Every golfer has a unique and individual Golf Life. This show aims to help improve your own Golf Life.

Spring is here and golf is in full swing. In this episode, you’ll gain advice to get your golf season off to a great start.

Dr. David Wright joins us to share dynamic new research to help you swing the golf club more freely and a simple fitness routine anyone can do to improve your overall setup.

We go deep into the Golf Life Vault to share our most popular youtube Golf Tip of all time.

Plus, we ask average golfers to test a new set of irons from Kick X Golf. You will also learn how they might help you hit the ball farther and straighter this season.

To play better golf you have to start by using a good golf ball. We caught up with a company called 3 Up Golf to find out more about their 2 golf balls.

We also got our hands on “The M” putter from Mati Putters. See if we think this putter should make it to your bag.

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