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Golf Life features high quality video reviews and features on all the leading golf accessories, technology, and tools for your game.  If you need to see the product and get an honest overview, chances are Golf Life has a video to help you make your buying decisions.  Watch our videos here on your phone, tablet or computer.  Make sure you return as we update our reviews weekly.

Str8 Putt Training Aid Review

STR8 Putt Training Aid You have to pay attention in today’s multimedia society because you never know when a new product for review might come across your line of sight. I am always on the lookout for new interesting golf items, whether it is new clothing or a new...

Green Sleeve Golf Ball Cleaner

Green Sleeve Golf Ball Cleaner Welcome to another year of golf product reviews for Golf Life. I am really looking forward to 2017 and all the new and innovative golf products I will be presented with to review. We are going to start of 2017 with a simple product in...

4 Yards More Golf Tee

4 Yards More: The Frictionless Golf Tee How many times have played golf and broke a tee on every tee shot? It’s annoying and that’s why the day of the wooden tee is coming to a screeching halt. For decades upon decades, golfers have been using the wooden...

Custom Golf Bags from CGBUSA.COM

If you want to look professional and play like a professional then the first step is getting a custom golf bag. Quit carrying around that old bag from 1990 and start having people take you seriously. With Custom Golf Bags USA, you are able to fully customize your golf...

Bender Gloves Review

Bender Gloves: Making Golf Colorful To the average person, golf could be labeled as “boring”. Every time you go out to the course or watch golf on T.V. all you see are white gloves, a solid polo, and khaki pants. Bender Gloves is a company that offers more...

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