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Golf Life features high quality video reviews and features on all the leading golf accessories, technology, and tools for your game.  If you need to see the product and get an honest overview, chances are Golf Life has a video to help you make your buying decisions.  Watch our videos here on your phone, tablet or computer.  Make sure you return as we update our reviews weekly.

ALINE Performance Insoles

I’m a sucker for a good golf gimmick, and I’ve tried just about everything to help my game. When I got the chance to review a set of “golf performance insoles” from ALINE, I knew I had to see what it was all about. ALINE is a company that makes multiple types of...

GripDry – Snap it on your shaft

Golf Life wants to show you an innovative golf accessory for your bag. It is called GripDry! I am sure you have been played a round in the morning when all the dew is still on the grass. This is where this amazing product comes in handy. GripDry is a piece of plastic....

Sentio Golf Putters – Feel Is The Difference

Putting is one of the most important aspects of golf. However, putters have become a dime a dozen these days. Big name brands like Scotty Cameron or the big OEM companies are constantly putting out new versions of putters yearly. Big brands are not the only ones in...

BenderGloves – Add Color To Your Game

Are you looking for a new golf glove? Golf Life wants to show you some golf gloves from Now I am not talking about just any ordinary golf gloves. is all about COLOR! They give you options for wearing gloves that could match our...

Rayzor Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must have on the golf course especially on a super sunny day! Golf Life recently did a big review on several big brands that golfers should check out. You can see that review here. Today we would like to tell you more about another pair of sunglasses...

What is an Orange Whip?

  The Orange Whip is a training tool used to help loosen your muscles before you play. This helps stretch out your golf muscles before a long 18 hole journey and helps stretch you out so that you can get in a few good practice swings and build your momentum...

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