Adidas Golf: Breathable, Comfortable Golf Apparel

Adidas Golf

Growing up I was engaged in every sport this world had to offer! I was well informed about every sport and how it was suppose to be played. I also knew all the different brands that were tied to specific sports! Tennis had REBOK, baseball had NIKE, basketball had Jordan’s and TMAC’s, wrestling had ASICS and of course, soccer had Adidas. For the most part golf was tied to NIKE because of Tiger! Everybody wanted to wear NIKE on the golf course because that was what Tiger was wearing. Flash-Forward 15 years to what I know now, everything has changed. In today’s world you see every brand in every sport. You see Rebok in basketball, PUMA in baseball and most notably ADIDAS in golf! Golf has moved to the forefront of brand awareness in sports. Why? Well because for four days straight every weekend you are forced to look at what the PGA Professionals are wearing! Whether it be a hat, clothing, shoes or clubs, we as fans get to look at all the different color combinations, fabrics, materials that every clothing apparel has to offer! Adidas Golf has become a major identity in the golfing world (probably because of Jason Day) but also because they have created golfing apparel that is comfortable, breathable and stylish! Adidas Golf sent Golf Life some clothing items from their 2016 line to test for review! HERE WE GO!

Adidas Golf: Pro’s and Con’s

PRO’S: Stylish, Comfortable, Lightweight


Adidas Golf Clothing

POLO’s: Adidas Golf has created polo’s that are both stylish and comfortable in their new 2016 line. One of the greatest things about their polo’s is that they are designed with CLIMACOOL Technology. Golf is usually played in the heat of the day so why not have a shirt that can keep you cool for a full 18 holes. The CLIMACOOL Technology is specifically designed to keep you cool no matter how hot it is! On top of the technology, Adidas Golf has A LOT of variety when it comes to color, fabrics and performance! I love what Adidas has done with the colors. A lot of clothing companies will create a line that has nothing but right colors. Adidas has created a line that has very modest colors that look great! If you go to their Polo section on the website, you will be able to find the perfect color, style and technology that will fit your Golf Life!

Adidas Golf Polo Adidas Golf Polo shirts

SHOES: Adidas Golf sent us over the ADIPOWER SPORT BOOST 2 Golf Shoe! At first glance, it looks like a running shoe. Given Adidas long-time domination on the Soccer shoe, you can imagine that they have the right recipe for comfort. They Do! These shoes are extremely close to being the most comfortable golf shoe I have ever put on! They are made with the “Boost” midsole foam in the heel for a more comfortable walk. Adidas built these shoes with durability in mind. My first round with the shoes was a memorable one. It was rainy and cold and the shoes performed great. They had great traction in the rain, they kept my feet warm and dry and they were comfortable for 18 holes. What more can you ask from a shoe! Check out all of their shoe styles and colors!

Adidas Golf Shoes Side Adidas Golf Shoes Bottom


I love the apparel. I love the shoes. For so many years I have thrown Adidas to the side because I was a Tiger fan growing up. All I wanted to do was wear Nike in every sport I played. Well, those days are changing. Adidas has some amazing colors and styles in their clothing line and amazing comfort and technology in their footwear. I highly suggest you go over to right now and pick out several different outfits! Go check out all of their products from polo’s and shoes to pants and jackets. With their modest color and styles, you are sure to find something you love!


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