Watch Youth Golfer Learning L to L with Randy Chang

Randy Chang: Use “L to L” Method for Golf Swing Success

What if you could step up to the ball and make a solid swing without even looking at the ball or focusing on hitting it?  Could you make solid contact and hit the ball consistently straight down the fairway?  Top Golf Teacher Randy Chang joins Golf Life as we look in a lesson with a youth golfer being taught his “L to L” method.  In this video lesson Randy works with the son of our Executive Producer, Aiden Billingsley, a 15-year-old who has played golf long enough to develop some bad habits.  Randy uses the L to L and gets Aiden hitting the ball longer and straighter with a much simpler approach.

If you are interested to learn more about Randy Chang and his swing instruction, please visit him at

Here is some more information about Randy. He is PGA Golf Professional and founder of the Aloha Academy of Golf in Hawaii and Randy Chang Golf Schools in Southern California. With over 35 years of professional golf experience, he has been recognized by the PGA and golf industry with awards such as;

  • 1995 SCPGA  Junior Golf Leader of the Year
  • 1998 SCPGA Section Merchandiser of the Year
  • 2002 Aloha Section PGA Teacher of the Year
  • 2003-2004 Top Teacher in the Aloha Section
  • 2004 Nationally Recognized Teacher by Golf Digest
  • 2005 Top Teachers in Southern California by Golf Magazine
  • 2009 SCPGA Metro Teacher of the Year.
  • 2010 SCPGA Section Teacher of the Year.
  • 2014 Golf Tips Magazine National Top 30 Instructor
  • 2015 SCPGA Youth Development Award
  • 2017 Inducted SCPGA Teaching Hall of Fame

Randy was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, graduating from the University of Portland with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business Management & Philosophy. He played for his college golf team on scholarship for 3 years. After college he turned professional and played on various mini tours in Southern California and Canada. Randy has worked within the golfing industry as a Head Professional, Director of Golf, General Manager, and Teaching Professional/ Custom club fitter. His knowledge of the golf swing and his flexible style of teaching compliment each student’s specific goals and physical abilities. Randy’s approach to instruction is to S.U.R.F; Simplicity, Understanding, Retention, and most important, FUN. He believes that today’s technology and training techniques help to speed up the learning process for the student which makes it more enjoyable and easier to comprehend.

Randy has recently signed on with the Golf Channel Academy and has been featured live on the Golf Channel Morning Drive program and his numorous tips has been aired nationally on the Golf Channel.

2017 SCPGA Teaching Hall of Fame


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Correct Golf Ball Compression to Maximize Distance

Correct Golf Ball Compression to Maximize Distance


Here’s a product feature on a new golf ball compression testing device.  Knowing the compression of the golf ball you are playing is key to your success.  If you play too soft a ball for your swing speed then you will cheat yourself on distance.  If you play too hard of a ball for your swing speed, again you will lose distance and control.  Finding a ball you can compress and control is very important and that is where the ProCheck helps.  With this simple tool you can check any golf ball, new or used, to identify if it is right for you.

Here is a quote from Callaway Golf about this concept:

“Callaway has long understood that compression plays a key role in optimizing the performance and consistency of golfers. We at Callaway have tested the Procheck golf ball compression tester and found it to be an excellent tool for the consumer. It’s readings can help golfers determine the right ball for their game.”

– Jason Finley, Director, Brand Management, Callaway Golf



Find your average driver distance.  here are the steps:

  1.  Find your swing speed.
  2.  Find the right compression.
  3.  Use the ProCheck® device to test the balls that are right for you.


You could increase distance by 10-20 Yards right away – visit

It is understood that a golfer will achieve their most energy transfer and more driving distance if the hardness of the ball is matched to the swing speed of their club. If you have a slower swing speed (60-70 mph) you should play a softer golf ball.  If you have a fast swing speed (100-110 mph) then you should play a firmer golf ball. Matching swing speed with ball compression helps to hit the ball with the correct degree of flattening at impact with creates a trampoline-like energy transfer.  With ProCheck – you can find your optimal ball so get started testing your golf balls today at

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Golf Destination: Las Vegas Sun Coast Resort

Golf Destination: Las Vegas Sun Coast Resort

When visiting Las Vegas for a golf vacation, you want a location that offers easy access to great courses, yet all the activities you look for from a top quality casino, spa and resort. Suncoast Hotel & Casino is located in the premier northwest area of Las Vegas and is surrounded by 81 holes of world-class golf. The property offers exclusive restaurants, fun gaming, deluxe accommodations, bowling, movie theaters, bingo and much more. It is “Las Vegas as it used to be” in the Suncoast’s beautiful 500-seat showroom, a throwback to the showrooms of splendor that made Las Vegas famous.

  • Located in scenic Summerlin in northwest Las Vegas
  • Surrounded by 81 holes of world-class golf with majestic mountain views
  • 64-lane championship bowling center
  • 16-screen movie theater with THX sound and stadium seating
  • State-of-the-art race and sports book
  • 500-seat showroom offers top-name entertainment and special events
  • 95,000 square feet of casino space – including more than 2,400 slots and 45 table games
  • 9 restaurants offering delicious fare from fast food to fine dining
  • Meeting and convention facilities



Have you heard of Phat Scooters before? No? Well, they are the latest and greatest in the golfing world. Phat Scooters is the modern-electric golf vehicle that is taking the U.S. by storm. Turns out they are so cool, PGA Pro Player Pat Perez decided to get a few for his course and neighborhood.  Check out the video above.

USGA Rule Helps Golfers Hit Farther with High Heat 257+

USGA Rule Helps Golfers Hit Farther with High Heat 257+

Dean Knuth worked for the USGA for many, many years. He has seen everything when it comes to golf clubs. The USGA decided that 257 microseconds on the face was going to the limit in which the ball can use the “Trampoline” effect on the club face. If it is longer that 257 microseconds then it is too hot. But here is the loop hole. The USGA changed the rule to allow outside of the width of a golf ball to be up to 257 microseconds in the trampoline effect. So, in essence, you gain more trampoline and more heat on the heel and the toe, thus counterbalancing the loss of performance that you normally get.

By allowing this to go on the outside of the club face, High Heat developed their High Heat 257+ driver, metal woods and hybrids. There won’t ever be a golfer that hits the golf ball in the center every time, so why not make a club that essentially allows that to happen. When people use the High Heat 257+ driver, woods or hybrids they are just amazed when they don’t hit it off the center and it still goes straight and still goes far. Many people have tried it and many people have loved the High Heat 275+ drivers, woods and hybrid clubs.

If you want more information or want to get one for yourself to over to KNUTHGOLF.COM.

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