The Yuneec Drone: Electronic Aviation

Golf Life got a brand new toy before the holiday season and we took full advantage of it when we went down to Mazatlan, Mexico and did a feature on the El Cid Resorts! The toy; the all new Typhoon 4K Yuneec Aviation Drone! This drone can literally do it all.  We were so impressed by this drone and what it can do, we featured it in our Golf Life TV Show: Holiday Edition!

Right from the box, this drone looked sharp! From the grey/silver tones to the matte black accents to the propellors and accessories, you can really tell Yuneec took some time making sure thing thing looked good! Once the Yuneec Drone is out of the box and everything is put together (which is extremely simple), you would be amazed at how easy it is to fly. This machine has capabilities we didn’t even know were possible. From hovering, to maneuvering, to the “watch me mode”, this drone has to be one of the easiest aviation drones to fly on the market.

Not only is it extremely simple to fly, but it was very useful in our particular case because of the 4K camera capturing abilities. The camera has a full HD 1080P with 12 Megapixels and a “no distortion lens!” We were able to capture some amazing footage from our trip to Mexico and we know, devices like this, will help with making our featured travel segments that much better!

The Typhoon 4K Yuneec Drone is something you can’t miss if you are in the drone market. This guy has everything you need, and more, to get the job done for whatever you have planned. For more information about the details of the drone, please visit .  Check out our video above to see what we were able to capture and why we think this Drone is one of the best drones on the market today!

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