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Biion Footwear is all about breaking barriers. They are all about breaking away from the norm. You will immediately see that when you look at the style of their shoes they create. Biion Footwear shoes are made with ultralight, ultra-flexible material that composes each shoe to keep you light on your feet throughout the day. These shoes are not your typical golf shoe though. Made without laces and with a Ethylene-Vinyl material, they almost feel like plastic, BUT they are far from plastic. Extremely comfortable, these shoes will give you a connection to the ground like no other shoe. If you are a person who loves walking bare-foot, these golf shoes are PERFECT for you!

Biion Footwear and Golf Life are giving you the opportunity to save money on your next pair by giving you a 20% OFF discount this holiday season. Unbelievably comfortable, Bison Footwear golf shoes come with a honeycomb cleat. They are spineless hexagon-patterned cleat that gives you maximum strength and grip on the golf course. If you are one of those lucky golfers who get to play golf all-year-round, these shoes will not only hold up but also keep you cool during those hot days. Save money this holiday season with a 20% OFF discount and start breaking the golf shoe norms! For more information, check out their website HERE!

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