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blind strike golf

What is Blind Strike Golf? Blind Strike Golf is a revolutionary training aid that helps golfers develop the “perfect blueprint to perfect putting”. As of today, there is nothing in the game of golf like this training aid. During a putting stroke, the ability to do the right thing, every time is exceptionally hard. The Blind Strike Golf training aid allows your brain and your body to be turned on in order to make the correct stroke. It is a simple device that hides the golf ball by placing another ball right above it. The shape, angles, and length of the device give your putter the correct indication of what your back stroke and forward stroke should look like! And instead of hitting the golf ball you can see, you actually hit the golf ball on the ground, creating an incredible feel for the golf club.

Blind Strike Golf is giving you a special PGA Show discount! Save $40 when you checkout! All you have to do is fill out the form and receive the promo code via email. This device is also great for chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. You can take it to the range with you and reinforce the feels you get with your putter or your wedges. Check them out today! For more information on this training aid, check the out HERE!

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