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Ryan Buzelli from Tinley Park just outside Chicago, Illinois is doing whatever it takes to live his golf life. He is a thirty something married father of two with a passion for putters that he wants to share with you. It doesn’t seem to matter when you get the bug but Ryan’s passion for golf and America runs deep. Starting out just tinkering and refinishing putters, he has taken the bold step of putting his own design in the pool with the sharks and big time OEM club makers that swim in the realm of big box stores and clearance bins everywhere. The huge names and big price tags that come from million dollar ad campaigns mean little to those in the know. The lovers of boutique golf equipment makers, who know that the real genius and game changing gear is coming out of your neighbors garage’s all over the country with quality and prices that will make you want to own something truly unique and maybe not as seen on TV.

Like me and most likely you, Ryan Buzelli has a day job. A union man by trade, a family guy just trying to provide for his wife and kids. A normal guy he says, my family always comes first. Milling happens when it happens, when he sells enough putters to pay for the next run. Sometimes a painfully slow process but regardless he is here and he wants you to know ‘you don’t have to have a scotty to have a great putter’. With Buzelli Putters you get full customer support for every client, small batch manufacturing with superior quality control processes, unparalleled graphics compared to any off the shelf putter you will find anywhere and they scream USA, and a full lifetime warranty. Each putter milled with character all on its own with unique mill marks and the Buzelli non glare black chrome finish and above all each component made in the USA.

Buzelli putters

My Buzelli STA1 putter came after answering a few questions about what I was looking for in a putter and arrived constructed as follows.

– RH with a 35”True Temper Stepped shaft

– 3 degree loft

– lie angle of 70 degrees

– Pure custom Buzelli grip

– milled 11L17 carbon steel putter head in a non-glare black chrome finish

* Custom sizing available with no up charge

In the picture above you will notice one of the more interesting features, the micro steps. These steps give this Anser style putter a look all its own. Slightly larger than the traditional Anser the feel is something unique. A crisp click of the ball off the face consistent and predictable distance control. This was my first experience with a carbon putter for no reason other than the putters I’ve gravitated to have all been stainless steel. There was no steep learning curve or harsh feedback that I naively was expecting. The finish has been really good in the bright sun we’ve had here the last month, as with the carbon steel this was the first black putter I’ve gamed but have grown to really enjoy everything this putter has to offer. The single sight line offering more than ample confidence for my chosen lines. This black chrome finish and carbon steel of course has some maintenance that you should be aware of like wiping with a soft cloth, do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners on it, wash with mild soap and water, keep the head cover on it to avoid chatter marks and dings, and if playing in wet conditions always allow it and the head cover to dry before storing. As with any carbon steel putter, a very light oiling a few times throughout the year is always a good idea.

 buzelli putter looking down

Buzelli Golf is more than a one trick pony. The cold eastern winter has left millions stuck in their homes and out of that misery comes the rebirth, the New Year with new hopes and Buzelli Golf has a new design. The Buzelli STA 2 I hear is going to be a force to be reckoned with and a fine sibling to the STA 1.

After a successful showing at the Tinley Park Golf Expo there will be new custom finishes available, if black chrome just isn’t for you.

Also available and the very first thing that caught my eye from Ryan is his divot tool. By far the coolest looking tool available in my opinion. For under $30, one can be yours.

Buzelli Putters Divot Tool

Uniquely shaped aluminum with red powder coating, engraved to the same high standards found on the sole of the STA 1. The back side has a great thumb slot perfectly suited for repairing those greens you will be rolling on. You may find others but none as cool as this one.

Spare putter covers, extra pure grips, divot tools and of course putters all made in America  are available at www.buzelligolf.com

There are those that feel everything is far too expensive. Everything in golf should be produced here and cost under $100 no matter what. I am not one of those people. I believe in the small manufacturers, artists and artisans the craft beautiful things that we can all enjoy and do it while providing or making a livable wage. A custom spec milled putter, all components making up the finished in your hand product all made in the USA for under $300 is an amazing deal.

Buzzelii Putters Lined Up

Especially when you consider the latest OEM products coming from off shore or even the new scotty on the block with a soaring price tag for the name alone. If you are looking at upgrading your putter game, you need to see Ryan at Buzelli Golf. Your golf bag will thank you and so will his family. Get out there and live your Golf Life!

Golf Life Contributor
Chris Bourquin


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