Bunker Tip

Bunker Tip

Are you one of the million golfers who struggle to get out of the sand? Golf Life headed out to Rancho Santa Fe, California, for a bunker tip with top teacher Dean Reinmuth.

My name is Dean Reinmuth, and we’re here in a fairway bunker. Now, fairway bunkers are a little bit difficult for the average player because they don’t tend to catch the ball solid. But you can make them a lot easier if you do a couple things.

One of the things you’ll notice in your fairway bunkers is most people tend to hit — when they hit the ball, they hit behind it. So they hit the sand first. So that’s why the ball doesn’t go anywhere. There’s some reason for that, but there’s a way to practice that.

Bunker TipFirst, you set your feet a little bit so you have a secure base. Then for a thing to practice, draw a line.

When you take your practice swing, what you’re trying to do is to make sure that you can touch just right on the line or slightly in front of the line. If you do what most people do — they hit behind the line, which is back here — then you’re weight isn’t shifting enough. So, you have to get used to the fact that, although your feet are in the sand, you should shift just like you do on the grass. Most people won’t hit six to eight inches behind the ball on the grass, but they come to the fairway bunker, and that’s what they’ll tend to do because they stop moving their weight in the feet.

So, once you’re able to take practice swings and touch that line or slightly in front of the line, then you’re doing the same thing over the ball. Just get set up, set your feet, and when you swing, make sure that you shift enough so that you try to catch the ball first, which is like the line, and then finish your shot.  And if you do that, you’ll catch the ball solid. The ball will get out of the bunker. It might even get on the green.

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Bunker Tip with Sir Nick Faldo

Bunker Tip with Sir Nick Faldo

Save Par with this bunker tip from Sir Nick Faldo!

We all know Sir Nick Faldo! He has been around the game for a long time.  Being a huge ambassador of the game of Golf both on the TOUR and commentating the TOUR, he has some knowledge that might help you when you get caught on the beach. The particular bunker tip comes from the Faldo Golf Institute in Orlando, Florida.

Sir Nick Flado explains that there is an easy way to gain more accuracy and consistency hitting from the bunker.  All you have to is draw a straight line in the bunker.  This straight line will act as the ball.  He teaches you to different strategies on how to have center face impact with the ball from three different lies.

Check out this informative bunker tip from one of the greats in the game of golf.  Be sure to check out more of our tips at our Golf Video Lesson Center  

Bunker Tip: 3 Keys with Glenn Deck

Bunker Tip: 3 Keys with Glenn Deck

Golf Life headed out to Pelican Hill Golf Club to get golfing tips from a bunker from top teacher Glenn Deck.  The setup is always the first and most important aspect to starting a great bunker shot. Next, slightly open the club face up.  The second thing is to focus on an area three feet left of the flag stick.  With that open club face, you ball is naturally going to go right. The last thing we do is have your shaft at a forward lean to it and hit the sand. Throw the sand on the green. If you follow this simple bunker tip, you are sure to have an easier time getting up and down for that par! Learn more about the short game right here at golflife.com!

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