When you don’t have perfect golf swing 257+ is the answer

When you don’t have perfect golf swing 257+ is the answer

The chance that many of you reading have a perfect golf swing is well… need I say more.  We all can use as much assistance as possible within the limits of the USGA and R&A, right?  Especially when it comes to hitting tight fairways from the tee or trying to get the ball on the green from a distance over 200 yards (175+ for some).  If you can hit more greens in regulation, make more shots with your fairways and hybrids that go longer and straighter toward your target, you will simply score better.  By taking the pressure of our short game and being able to hit shots into greens that give us a chance to two-putt, we will enjoy the game much more.

High Heats Center of Gravity

This shows the CG of High Heat versus other major golf manufacturers


So how is this accomplished?  First, you need a fairway wood that is forgiving, that helps you launch the ball into the air higher and straighter.  This is accomplished with club design that takes the center of gravity of the wood and moves it back and low, something golf club designers call “Deeper CG”.  High Heat 257+ fairway woods have the deepest center of gravity possible within the limits of the USGA and R&A.  No other manufacturer of quality metal woods will have deeper CG or better launch of a golf ball from a fairway wood.  It’s simple physics.

Matched with deeper CG, another thing golf club designers can do is to use better materials that provide more ball speed.  That is why all drivers from leading golf companies use titanium in the face.  However, very few if any manufacturers use this material on 3 or 5 woods and none use titanium on hybrids.  With the 257+ fairway woods and hybrids, all the faces use titanium, so they are truly the hottest face with most ball speed available under USGA and R&A rules.

But what happens to so many of us in search of that perfect golf swing?  We develop pretty good contact, but small changes like getting the club too far inside on downswing or trying to develop a bit more release can cause off-center hits.  It’s not just higher handicappers who mishit the ball on the clubface, especially with the longer hybrid irons and 3 or 5 wood.  If we could have same or similar results when striking the golf ball with the toe and the heel, that could really help everyone. The USGA changed a rule a few years back to allow golf club designers to increase the CT or Characteristic Time that the ball in on the clubface beyond the center or radius of the ball to the toe and heel.  That means any hits on the toe or the heel can have a high CT, and mishits with woods and hybrids happen to many of us consistently.  The longer the ball is on the clubface, the more trampoline effect or what some call a “hot” face.

How did 257+ bring the technology into their titanium face, so that every golfer can get the maximum distance and control with fairway woods and hybrids?  Well, that trade secret won’t be shared, but the testing proves that while the center of a 257+ golf club has a CT of 257 (USGA legal), the toe and the heel tests at 275.  This means when you mishit a 257+ golf club, you will see more distance than any other fairway or hybrid sold in the US.  NO other golf company has this technology and no one is offering golfers more forgiveness, more distance and more control on all shots across the face of the club.

We sell the 257+ direct to you.  Our price is the best you can get and we encourage you to try the fairway and hybrids.  We will take returns within 30 days.  So there is no reason to not improve your game and your search for the perfect golf swing with the best fairway wood and hybrid technology you can buy.

Walking Sticks Discount

Walking Sticks Discount

walking sticks


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We see adjustable clubs everyday, especially with our Drivers. But when was the last time you utilized adjustable irons. Walking Sticks consists of three adjustable irons. You get a 3/4/5, a 6/7/8, and a 9/P/S. The adjusting lever makes it very simple to switch from a 3 iron to a 5 iron in just a matter of seconds. A regular golf bag has 14 clubs in it and weighs about 27lbs. The walking sticks and lightweight bag weighs about 10lbs. Which would you rather carry? Especially when there are Par 3 courses all over the nation, all you need is your Walking Sticks and a putter and you will be just fine!

Walking Sticks wants to offer you a special discount during the holiday season. Get $100 OFF and a FREE Golf Bag on your next purchase. They are a great gift for the golfer in your life. The health benefits alone, by using the Walking Sticks and walking golf courses, is a huge aspect to why people are loving this product! Fill out the form below, access the promo code, and get $100 OFF and a FREE Golf Bag today! Check out their spec at walkingsticksgolf.com

Blind Strike Golf Discount

Blind Strike Golf Discount

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blind strike golf

What is Blind Strike Golf? Blind Strike Golf is a revolutionary training aid that helps golfers develop the “perfect blueprint to perfect putting”. As of today, there is nothing in the game of golf like this training aid. During a putting stroke, the ability to do the right thing, every time is exceptionally hard. The Blind Strike Golf training aid allows your brain and your body to be turned on in order to make the correct stroke. It is a simple device that hides the golf ball by placing another ball right above it. The shape, angles, and length of the device give your putter the correct indication of what your back stroke and forward stroke should look like! And instead of hitting the golf ball you can see, you actually hit the golf ball on the ground, creating an incredible feel for the golf club.

Blind Strike Golf is giving you a special PGA Show discount! Save $40 when you checkout! All you have to do is fill out the form and receive the promo code via email. This device is also great for chipping, pitching, and bunker shots. You can take it to the range with you and reinforce the feels you get with your putter or your wedges. Check them out today! For more information on this training aid, check the out HERE!

Biion Footwear Discount

Biion Footwear Discount

Biion Footwear


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Biion Footwear is all about breaking barriers. They are all about breaking away from the norm. You will immediately see that when you look at the style of their shoes they create. Biion Footwear shoes are made with ultralight, ultra-flexible material that composes each shoe to keep you light on your feet throughout the day. These shoes are not your typical golf shoe though. Made without laces and with a Ethylene-Vinyl material, they almost feel like plastic, BUT they are far from plastic. Extremely comfortable, these shoes will give you a connection to the ground like no other shoe. If you are a person who loves walking bare-foot, these golf shoes are PERFECT for you!

Biion Footwear and Golf Life are giving you the opportunity to save money on your next pair by giving you a 20% OFF discount this holiday season. Unbelievably comfortable, Bison Footwear golf shoes come with a honeycomb cleat. They are spineless hexagon-patterned cleat that gives you maximum strength and grip on the golf course. If you are one of those lucky golfers who get to play golf all-year-round, these shoes will not only hold up but also keep you cool during those hot days. Save money this holiday season with a 20% OFF discount and start breaking the golf shoe norms! For more information, check out their website HERE!

CrocBox Discount

CrocBox Discount



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CrocBox is the easiest sports net system on the market today. With only 45 seconds to install and 45 seconds to de-assemble, the CrocBox makes it super easier for anyone in the family to operate. All you have to do is dig a small hole in the ground, place the box in the hole, and start practicing on your own time. The CrocBox eliminates the instinct to procrastinate. Anyone, of any age can practice golf or any other sport in seconds. This specialized piece of equipment is made in the US and can withstand the four season and the hardcore weekend warrior. It really is designed to make your life easier as a sports enthusiast. Once the box is installed, there is virtually no maintenance. You can mow right over it and leave it in the ground all-year-round.

This holiday season, get you and your family a CrocBox! Save 10% at checkout on your new Box and start practicing your sport in the comfort of your backyard. This is an all-in-one sports net for the commercial or residential markets. Whether you live in the snowy state, the rainy states, or the sunny states, you are now able to practice your sports any time of the day, any time of the year. This unbelievable sports net is available to you right now and you can save 10%! Get yours this holiday season! To learn more, head over to crocboxes.com!

Swing Coach Discount

Swing Coach Discount

swing coach

The Swing Coach Club is a self-improvement training aid that allows you to develop a more consistent golf swing with straighter shots. You will be able to achieve perfect swing tempo and swing balance with The Swing Coach Club. Endorsed by one of the great teachers today, Dean Reinmuth, this tool will improve your swing in just 15 minutes. Most golfers think that by hitting a billion balls, your swing will figure itself out. Not the case. You need to be able to feel tempo and the release of the golf ball. You are able to self-adjust after every swing allowing for gradual improvements to your golf swing.

The Swing Coach Club is giving you a discount! Save $20 on your next Swing Coach Club. It will improve your swing with just 15 minutes of use a day. Perfect your swing timing, swing acceleration, swing tempo, and release with this unique tool.  Learn more about this training aid today at swingcoachclub.com.


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