Dormie Workshop – Custom Headcovers

Dormie Workshop – Custom Headcovers

One of the great companies that Golf Life met while out at the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience is Dormie Workshop out of Nova Scotia, New Scotland up in East Coast, Canada.

One of the great specialties of Dormie Workshop is their craftsman in the art of leather. They primarily do custom headcovers but have branched into some other new products.  The have the brass knuckle — well, leather knuckle light holder for the ultimate BBQing apron. It comes equipped with a bottle opener, sleeve for your cellphone so you can do hands-free grilling.

Dormie WorkshopCustom is definitely key these days and say a club doesn’t want the cookie-cutter design. Golfers can come in, choose one of their designs, or they can say, “Hey, can you tweak this one a little bit? We want to go down this road. Can you express this from our club, maybe an old feel or a new-school feel?” So that’s definitely a competitive advantage in the industry that the guys from Dormie Workshop can handle.

You can check out their work and style over at their website They are also pretty active on Instagram. All their handles are Dormie Workshop, so that’s Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

You’re gonna love their styles. They’re amazing. Check them out!

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Srixon has been gushing about this ball since we met with them at the PGA Show in late January, the company couldn’t contain their excitement before launching the Q-Star Tour to the marketplace in late spring. Earlier this summer they sent these over for review. A urethane cover ball for the masses that offers tour like performance.

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Is your driver swing over 90+ mph ? If it is, than check out Srixon’s Z-Star series golf balls (shown above – XV and standard Z-Star model), but for the majority of golfers the Q-Star Tour just might be what you’re the answer to what you’re looking for.

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Srixon’s pure white urethane cover looks every bit the part, finally a ball that offers tour like performance for the recreational player with moderate swing speeds. Perhaps the best thing golfers get here is VALUE, at right around $30 you get a premium 3 piece soft urethane ball that offers low spin off the driver and shortgame spin (usually to get this combo it’ll cost $50 a dozen retail).

Unlike many of the new premium high value golf balls you can buy only online, the Q-Star Tour is available at your local pro shop and big box golf retailer.

SRIXON Q-Star Tour

Along with the 324 speed dimple soft urethane cover with SpinSkin coating, Srixon’s low 75 compression energetic gradient growth core allows for easier compression off the driver.


– Long, Accurate drives

– Tremendous iron distance

– Stable in Windy conditions

– Soft, responsive feel

SRIXON Q-Star Tour


If you’re a player of the Titleist NXT Tour S or the Wilson Duo Spin then you may want to check out the Q-Star Tour. According to Srixon the Q-Star Tour has longer distance off the mid irons and tighter dispersion off the driver. We can confirm that the Q-Star Tour held it’s line better in the South Florida crosswinds than many of the premium tour models we’ve tested. For shortgame control the Q-Star Tour spins just slightly less than the competitors tour urethane ball that cost around $50 per dozen, but spins significantly more than ANY of the competitors ionomer cover models in the comparable $30 per dozen price range.


If you’re a player who swings the driver under 90 mph and likes the performance of a tour ball, than the Q-Star Tour may be the only ball of its kind (other than the TaylorMade Project a) that offers such a thing. The Srixon is $5 less per dozen and does have a slightly firmer feel (75 compression) than TM’s 40 compression Project a. As a legitimate 3 piece urethane cover ball, Srixon’s Q-Star Tour provides a level of performance that exceeds just about everything at the $30 price point. A virtual slam dunk for the mid-high handicap player.

MSRP – $29.99


Jason  Bruno &
Improve Your Golf Swing with the Swing Jacket

Improve Your Golf Swing with the Swing Jacket

Improve Your Golf Swing with a Swing Jacket

Golf is a hard sport. Just ask the millions of golfers who continue to struggle hitting that little white ball. One of the biggest issues for amateur golfers is their swings are neither connected nor on-plane. Well the guys over at Swing Jacket just might have solved this issue. The real question is why is this training aid so different then other training aids. Well, the Swing Jacket takes a completely different approach to training your body compared to other devices out there. According to their website this approach is as follows:

  • Aligns with the way you’ve always learned physical skills
  • Simplifies everything about your game
  • Actually makes it difficult for you to make a bad swing
  • Does all the work for you

Swing Jacket

How does it work:

The jacket comes in a nice carrying case. Take the jacket out and strap it on.  The jacket will guide you through each swing, training your body to feel the positions and sequences of a high performance swing, shot after shot. The Swing Jacket gets you into a process that will all you to:


MGGolfTowelsFeel It – without thinking about ‘it’
Repeat It – Tour-level consistency
Own It – This is the way you want to play!

In the video above, Golf Life talked with Top Teacher Jeff Ritter and several amateur golfers about the swing jacket. We hear from them what they thought of this training aid and how the consistency helped improve their distance and accuracy. Learn more here about the Swing Jacket.

GripDry – Snap it on your shaft

GripDry – Snap it on your shaft

Golf Life wants to show you an innovative golf accessory for your bag. It is called GripDry! I am sure you have been played a round in the morning when all the dew is still on the grass. This is where this amazing product comes in handy.

GripDry is a piece of plastic. Seriously, its a round plastic cylinder that snaps onto your shaft. It also has a magnet on it so you can throw it on the side of your golf cart and it just stays there until when you’re ready to go out to the green. Grab it and take it with you. Snap it on your shaft. Now your grips aren’t getting wet. It is that simple!


GripDry doesn’t haven’t to be used when it’s only wet. You should keep your grips off the ground anyways because they’ll last longer. You can prevent your grips from getting dirt, debris and water on them. 

They are perfect for tournaments or gifts. You can customize them to fit your needs. Add a custom logo or website.

Head over to You might like one. 




Sentio Golf Putters – Feel Is The Difference

Sentio Golf Putters – Feel Is The Difference

Putting is one of the most important aspects of golf. However, putters have become a dime a dozen these days. Big name brands like Scotty Cameron or the big OEM companies are constantly putting out new versions of putters yearly. Big brands are not the only ones in the golf market. There are more small market putter brands popping up than I can count. One of those small market brands trying to make it in this crazy market is Sentio Golf. Golf Life got the chance to test their Sierra 101 Series putters.

Here at Golf Life we have reviewed a ton of putters that have hit the market. I have to say this is the first time we have seen anything like this. Sentio literally has a floating face. What does that mean exactly? The floating face technology separates the entire stainless steel face from the rest of the putter head with a vibration dampening TPE Polymer Core.

Sentio Putters

What does that Offer a Golfer?


Sentio knows every golfer is different and want to give you options that fit your game. The Sierra 101 series comes in 3 different models to suit your preference. 

  • GREEN/SOFT – This model has a buttery-soft core, perfect for those who are used to playing with an insert, or who regularly putt on fast greens.
  • RED/MEDIUM – Our middle-feel option for general conditions; not too hot and not too soft.
  • BLUE/FIRM – For those who prefer a more solid feel, or who regularly putt on slow greens

If you liked our video review and would like to learn more, head over to and get one that fits your game!

MISIG – Most Important Stretch In Golf

MISIG – Most Important Stretch In Golf


Golf Life is all about bringing you great golf products we found online that could help your golf game.   Here’s one that several golf   media agencies are endorsing.   We think it’s great, too.  It’s called MISIG – “The Most Important Stretch In Golf”

What is MISIG?

MISIG is a golf training aid that will improve your golf game. It is basically a rod with 3 resistance bands providing a different resistance for each. It provides a stretch like no other.

It will allow you to create critical muscle memory on the take away and provide a better shoulder turn. You will feel a tremendous stretch in your shoulders, back and hips. Not only will it provide a great stretch but it allows you to exercise simultaneously while stretching you to a proper form.


The MISIG will get you hitting stronger and better golf shots. You will feel less fatigue and help prevent future injuries. Every golfer would love to have a wider golf swing. The MISIG will dramatically increase degrees of your back swing and range of motion.

It kept me connected with my golf swing.  So when I got in my stance and I bring my hands not all the way through my backswing, but, you know, just up to the point where my hands are gonna separate, it puts me in that good position to where I’ll give a good backswing and I’ll have a good follow-through.  What I see from the MISIG is — it can help in two ways. One, it can help with your swing. It can allow you to get more rotation in your backswing, get more flexibility. The other is — I can take this to the range and get a good fitness workout with it. There’s a couple of different workouts that you can do to strengthen your swing, to get more distance with your swing, and to get more rotation.

Head over to and put in the code “GL,” and you’ll get $10 off the MISIG.

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