Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

Golf Life was recently sent the F-Max Offset driver from Cobra Golf. In the video above we took it out to the course and provided you a review on what we thought.

The F-MAX Offset Driver is Cobra’s lightest and most forgiving driver engineered for golfers with moderate swing speeds who require maximum draw bias. Back, heel weighting and an offset hosel promotes straighter and higher launching drives. 

What does that mean

  • The back or heel is a fixed, back weight positioned near the heel promoting straighter, more forgiving ball flights. 
  • The Offset and Straight Neck has an offset hosel design with maximum draw bias or a non-offset, straight neck hosel with minimal draw bias to allow golfers to choose their level of forgiveness.
  • The Crown Alignment detail makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for straighter trajectories down the target line.

F-Max Offset DriverThe driver is available in a 9.5-, 10.5- and 11.5-degree versions for men. There is a 15-degree model of women golfers. 

The F-Max Offset driver is available for $299 over at Head over there now to learn more!

ParTee Golf App

ParTee Golf App

Are you one of the type of golfers that won’t get out on the course unless you have a buddy to golf with? The folks at ParTee Golf have come up with a way for you to meet other golfers at courses that you enjoy playing. No more looking at the bulletin boards at the course. No more playing rounds on your own. Let’s learn more about the ParTee Golf App and how it come help you.

What is it?

ParTee Golf is an app that is a personalize golf-centric network with access to every course worldwide in the palm of your hand. Simply download the app onto your phone or device. Open the app and create an account. It will ask you for your handicap and your home course that you enjoy playing. Next, you can set some basic preferences and start finding nearby golfers in your area.

Connect with Golfers

Partee golfThe ParTee App makes it easy to connect with old friends or even new ones. If you dont know a golfer, setup a via chat to see if you would enjoy teeing up with the each other.

Find New Courses

You dont have to play your home course. Scroll through several courses nearby. The app shows you each courses amenities. If the course offers clinics or lessons it will appear within the app. It even shows you if there are any leagues or tournaments nearby that you could choose to participate in.

Need another reason to like ParTee Golf. They are dedicated to furthering the charitable nature of golf. Each month the partner up with a different charity donating 10% of the monthly downloaded profits.

Head over to ParTee.Golf now to learn more!

Chippo Golf Game

Chippo Golf Game

Are you looking for a new backyard party game that everyone is sure to love. Check out Chippo, the new golf game that combines chipping and cornhole together. Easy to setup and play, making hours of fun that your friends are sure to love.

Chippo includes 2 Chippo target boards; 2 heavy duty chipping mats and 6 high-density foam practice balls by almostGolf. Each board is constructed of durable reinforced plastic to be sturdy and lightweight; covered in quality artificial turf; netting is already attached to all holes to catch scoring shots. The chipping mats fit perfectly under each board for storage when not in use; the steel legs easily fold under making it easy to travel with.

You can take it to the beach, set it up for backyard parties, loads of fun while tailgating for your favorite teams, or even in your office for you to challenge your coworkers.

Golf Life is offering a 10% discount this holiday season. So fill out the form and get your discount code today and start having fun!

Golf Life Holiday Gift ideas

Golf Life Holiday Gift ideas

Golf Life’s Host Mike Billingsley and special guest Nikki Kay show you some great golf gift ideas that the special golfer in your life would love to have this holiday season.

nexbelt thumb

First up,  the belt with no holes from Nexbelt. See why this ratchet style golf belt is a perfect gift for every golfer. These belt arrive in a hard case and easy to wrap. No worries on that belly size. All belts are able to cut to the perfect length so it fits perfectly around each golfer. Golf Life is also offering you a special discount this holiday season. Use the code Golf25 at checkout to save 25%.


iron lad thumb

Next up on our list of great golf gifts is the Levelhead Ball Marker from Iron-Lad Golf. This ball marker has a level built inside that helps you see how to make more breaking putts. This ball marker is perfect for golfers who struggle on the green. Place it behind your ball and see which way the bubble moves to see the break. This is strictly a golf training aid that can help you reads those greens betetr during your practice rounds. Enter code GolfLife at checkout to receive 20% off.



The GripDry is another great product that is perfect for stocking stuffers. The GripDry is a simple plastic device that snaps on your club so when you lay it on the ground it keeps your grips from touching the ground. No one likes wet grips during those morning rounds when all the morning dew is on the grass.  Keep those grips dry with the GripDry. It also comes with a ball marker attached to it. Carry it in your back pocket or in your bag.


Shoe TipsThis next gift idea is perfect for golfers who constantly have those swing thoughts running through there head each time they line up to hit their ball.  ShoeTips is the perfect stocking stuffer this holiday season. Each package comes with a bag tag and a key ring with several swing thoughts. Choose which thought is perfect for your round and clip them on your shoe laces or on the bag tag. That that thought sink in each time you go to hit that ball. Shoe Tips are permitted under the Rules of Golf. So get out there and calm your mind, narrow your focus and lower your score with ShoeTips!

4 Yards More Tees


Every golfer needs golf tees. Well check out 4 Yards More. Once your golfer discovers the distance these tees add to their drives they will be sold for life. These performance driven golf tees are made right here in the USA. These frictionless tees should be in every golfers bag.

Do you have flaws in your golf swing? The Swing Jacket is the fastest, easiest way to add distance, accuracy and consistency. This golf training aid will help you memorize your golf swing so you are consistently repeating the perfect swing. Even Top Teacher Jeff Ritter endorses the swing jacket because he sees how it helps his students.



Finally the Chippo is going to be on everyones list. You love cornhole well Chippo is Cornhole for golf. Easy to setup and Store. Easy to take with you to the office, beach, or those tailgating parties. Everyone is sure to love this. Challenge your friends to a game and show them how good your short game is. Golf Life even has a special discount for you this holiday season. Use code GolfLife at checkout to save an additional 10%.


Hope these golf gift ideas help you with your search on getting the perfect item for that special golfer in your Golf Life!




Precise Golf Club Set Review

Precise Golf Club Set Review

Mike Billingsley provides a quick review of Precise Golf Club Sets for Men and Women.  This feature is airing on the 2017 Golf Life Holiday Special.  To find out more visit



Dormie Workshop – Custom Headcovers

Dormie Workshop – Custom Headcovers

One of the great companies that Golf Life met while out at the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience is Dormie Workshop out of Nova Scotia, New Scotland up in East Coast, Canada.

One of the great specialties of Dormie Workshop is their craftsman in the art of leather. They primarily do custom headcovers but have branched into some other new products.  The have the brass knuckle — well, leather knuckle light holder for the ultimate BBQing apron. It comes equipped with a bottle opener, sleeve for your cellphone so you can do hands-free grilling.

Dormie WorkshopCustom is definitely key these days and say a club doesn’t want the cookie-cutter design. Golfers can come in, choose one of their designs, or they can say, “Hey, can you tweak this one a little bit? We want to go down this road. Can you express this from our club, maybe an old feel or a new-school feel?” So that’s definitely a competitive advantage in the industry that the guys from Dormie Workshop can handle.

You can check out their work and style over at their website They are also pretty active on Instagram. All their handles are Dormie Workshop, so that’s Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

You’re gonna love their styles. They’re amazing. Check them out!

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