High Heat 257+

High Heat 257+

Dean Knuth worked for the USGA for many, many years. He has seen everything when it comes to golf clubs. The USGA decided that 257 microseconds on the face was going to the limit in which the ball can use the “Trampoline” effect on the club face. If it is longer that 257 microseconds then it is too hot. But here is the loop hole. The USGA changed the rule to allow outside of the width of a golf ball to be up to 257 microseconds in the trampoline effect. So, in essence, you gain more trampoline and more heat on the heel and the toe, thus counterbalancing the loss of performance that you normally get.

By allowing this to go on the outside of the club face, High Heat developed their High Heat 257+ driver, metal woods and hybrids. There won’t ever be a golfer that hits the golf ball in the center every time, so why not make a club that essentially allows that to happen. When people use the High Heat 257+ driver, woods or hybrids they are just amazed when they don’t hit it off the center and it still goes straight and still goes far. Many people have tried it and many people have loved the High Heat 275+ drivers, woods and hybrid clubs.

If you want more information or want to get one for yourself to over to KNUTHGOLF.COM.

TaylorMade M4 Driver

TaylorMade M4 Driver

Taylormade m4 driver

By now you’re aware that TaylorMade’s latest “M Family” of metalwoods has moved on from the M1/M2 nameplates and has been replaced with the latest editions in the form of M3 and TaylorMade M4. In this review, we focus specifically on the mega forgiving but minimally adjustable M4 (which is the replacement for the previous M2 model).

What’s New for 2018?

The first thing you might notice is the TaylorMade M4 logo looks very similar to that of a certain line of high-performance European luxury brand automobiles whose slogan is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”. Perhaps the similarity is coincidence but we know better. Beyond the new graphics, there just happens to be some serious innovation going on here. New for 2018, Taylor-Made introduced TWIST FACE technology for greater accuracy, a new slot technology called “HAMMERHEAD” (shown above), for better ball speeds on primarily on lower face strikes, and it’s second addition of its Geocoustic sound enhancing shaped clubhead.


taylormade m4 head

The new silver crown on the latest M metalwoods looks every bit as sporty as the past versions with white trim. Notice the newly raised crown ridge on the toe portion of the carbon-fiber section, a subtle uptick in aerodynamics.

taylormade m4 crown

M4 features a red accent at the back of the crown (M3 has blue).

taylormade m4 face

If there’s a better looking big stick on the market, I’ve yet to see it. It should be no surprise that we gave M4 an A+ in the looks department.


TWIST FACE on the TaylorMade M4 is really what the buzz is all about with the M3 & M4. Since the drivers of today all deliver big on distance, TaylorMade set out to create a way to help keep that distance in the shortgrass. I’ll attempt to give you the abridged version. Typically the two most common types of mishits for golfers with the driver are: High toe hit- (typically an inside out swing path) results in a low ball flight that dives left. Low heel hit – (typically an outside in path) produces a high spinning floater that sails way right. In traditional bulge and roll technology (that has been the standard for what seems like forever), that was created based on robot testing, these same mishits would curve back towards the target (it seemed like legit data), but in real human swings that vary in path, angle of attack and face direction, these shots more often than not would produce results with far worse results than the old “Iron Byron” robot showed.

TaylorMade tested tens of thousands of human swings and their data showed that some things could be changed in order to help bring those typical mis-hits closer to the fairway. Hence, Twist Face was born and introduced in the new M3 and TaylorMade M4.

taylormade m4 twist face
taylormade m4 twist face tech

So, How does the TWIST FACE concept work?

Providing a slightly more open high toe section with a fraction more loft, TWIST FACE is designed to enable the toe hit to start slightly more to the right (instead of that diving hook that finds the hazard or OB stakes left) veering it’s way back closer towards the fairway. To the other extreme, the low heel hit will play in more of a closed position – lessening the high right “crop duster” that plagues so many (including some of the world’s best like Rory McIlroy).

Can you actually see TWIST FACE on the TaylorMade M4? No, what you see on the commercial and in advertisements is an exaggerated example of the technology – it’s not noticeable to the naked eye (The actual amount of twist in each clubface area is less than a degree). Does it really work? We’ll discuss our findings during the test portion of this review.

The 41-gram rear weight bumper helps boost MOI making the TaylorMade M4 TM’s most forgiving driver. Geocoustic isn’t a new feature for TaylorMade, but it returns in an updated version for ’18 after being introduced in last year’s M2. Geocoustic is advanced sole shaping that delivers a sound that’s a bit more explosive than most TaylorMade drivers of the past, we really liked the bold tone of impact – it’s a subliminal anthem directed at your foursome serving notice that you just crushed one deep. According to TaylorMade, “As a by-product (of Geocoustic), the sole contouring frees up volume in the clubhead, allowing us to produce a bigger clubface with a 67% larger sweet spot.” Who doesn’t like a larger sweet spot?

taylormade m4 hammerhead

TaylorMade’s other innovation that’s been overlooked by many industry folks is their new HAMMERHEAD slot technology. In my opinion, it just might be the most significant, and here’s why: 1) It’s not a secret that last year, TaylorMade’s chief rival – Callaway introduced their “Jailbreak Technology” in their EPIC model. The rest is history, TaylorMade lost its hold on as the No.1 driver status (that it had for well over a decade). 2) TaylorMade M4 had to make a counterpunch and create a technology of their own that accomplishes at least the same level of performance. Brand loyalty is huge, but losing yards can threaten even the most loyal consumer. There was no choice, HAMMERHEAD is the correct volley for TaylorMade just from an actual performance comparison standpoint. 2b) TWIST FACE is a big deal for TM to get back on top in the marketplace, but HAMMERHEAD is like the O-Line on a football team, nobody pays any attention to it, until you don’t have a good one. Without it, you’re toast.

With so many of us product reviewers using incredible new technologies to track performance data, keeping ball speeds up even on those low face hits (distance killers) is essential. Anyone can create a driver that goes far when hit dead center, but when you can produce nearly the same yardage when hit all over the face, you’ve got a keeper. B+ on the Innovation ledger.

Gametime Setup/Stock offering

Sharp and clean at address (a solid A grade here), the M4 sets up really square. Fujikura Atmos Red comes standard as the stock powerplant offering on M4 (Mitsubishi Tensei White comes standard on the new M3). Atmos is geared towards fitting a wider spectrum of golfers, so due to its slightly softer profile and its high launch/mid spin, we had ours delivered in X flex. If you prefer TM offers customizing your M4 with Fujikura, Aldila, Matrix, Oban, True Temper, UST, Graphite Design and Mitsibishi as your choices of upgrade in shaft (most with no upcharge).

taylormade m4 shaft


Our indoor test center was the PGA Learning Center in Port St.Lucie, technology powered by Foresight Sports GC Quad.

Testing is always a pleasure at the PGA Learning Center in Port St.Lucie on their Foresight GC Quad. The TaylorMade M4 produced consistent results. Throwing out the longest/shortest drives, the average = 102.3 mph swing speed, 152 ball speed, 13.6 launch, 2336 backspin, 236L side spin (draw), 252 yards carry/283 total yards (10 yards left of the centerline). Typically about as good as I can do from a performance standpoint.

I was most interested in what HAMMERHEAD and TWIST FACE would do for my misses. The new slot technology actually did show improvement on those low face hits that for me are normally about a 10% drain of carry distance (with last years TM model). Instead, with M4 it was closer to a 3% loss of carry. Wow! That could be the difference between carrying it over a hazard or bunker (before 225 yards – now 245).

I tried to discern if TWIST FACE was influencing the flight shape of my mishits in the simulator, but since you don’t get a true sense of ball flight indoors, I took the testing outdoors for multiple sessions both on the range and in game mode. What I found was interesting, it did seem like my high toe hits stayed right of what I expected when I was sure the hard draw would be the result. When I’m swinging well, the mid-high toe portion of the face is where I’ll tend to miss, but a few shots that came out of that spot (that usually comeback left) just stayed right. In other words my typical push draw just simply became a push. I noticed nothing different when I came out of swing and caught the shot on the low heel- still a spinny up shooter that looks like a right handed batter that pushed one towards “Pesky’s Pole”. So after several rounds, I collected no definitive data or opinion on TWIST FACE. It’s my belief that it may help a slight miss off the high toe, but also don’t expect that topspin push draw to come back as much. My suggestion: with TWIST FACE learn to aim a bit more down the middle. Is that such a bad thing . . .


The TaylorMade M4 is worthy . For those who want the latest tee box basher with the sound and feel we’ve come to expect from TaylorMade it passes all of the exams. Throw in ample forgiveness and performance minus all of the uber adjustability options (and at a cheaper price $429 to M3 at $499). Somehow, Bazzel, Tomo and the guys at TaylorMade are still finding ways to create better drivers. How much better is it than prior M products is up for debate, but if you’re still gaming outdated technology, the TaylorMade M4 could be the right choice for your game this summer (overall grade A-). As always, to make sure you get in the right set up for your game, go get fit by a certified club fitter.

For more info on TaylorMade products: taylormadegolf.com/


Jason  Bruno
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Take A Ride With Phat Scooters

Take A Ride With Phat Scooters

phat scooter logo

Phat Scooters: The All-Electric Scooter

Phat Scooters is a USA based company that is creating and manufacuring the all-electric modern scooter for your golf game or your lifestyle. The name says it all. ‘Phat’ means ‘cool’. ‘Phat’ does not mean ‘fat’. These are awesome scooters built right here in the USA; Phoenix, AZ to be exact. You want to talk about freedom and letting your hair down? The Phat Scooter is the perfect vehicle for the golf course or just leisurley around the neighborhood.

They say, “If you can ride a bike, you can ride a Phat Scooter.” These scooters are designed for versaility and fun. With a 30-50 mile range, a top speed of 20MPH, a 30 degree hill climp and a 1200Watt motor, you can go up, down, over and through a golf course with ease.

How do you make them your own though? You customize the Phat Scooter to fit who you are. Pick the color of your frame, pick the color/design of your fenders, throw on a customized deck and you have your very own personalized scooter.

There are three different driving modes that you can choose from. 1.Beach Mode: Max speed of 8MPH that keeps you in the legal limits of the boardwalk. 2. Golf Mode: Max speed of 13MPH to keep you safe on the course through tough terrain. 3. Bike Mode: Max speed of 20MPH. Throw the Phat Scooter in the bike lane and cruise down the street (check your local laws for age restrictions and helment requirements.) If, for nothing else, experience the shear freedom. These vehicle can be upgraded to your specifications and desires. Do you need a cup holder? Do you need a surfboard rack? Do you need a basket? The folks at Phat Scooters can dial you in so you have everything you need to be comfortable on the scooter.

Of course, safety and customer service are their priorities. The unique aspect of their business is that they are built right here in the USA and can give direct support for any troubleshooting or mechanical issues you may have with the scooter. Check out their website and start building your own scooter from the ground up. Click Here!

Colton Little

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@ColtLit24 – Instagram

StickIt Towel: The Magnetic Towel

StickIt Towel: The Magnetic Towel

stickit towel logo

StickIt Towel: The Magnetic Towel from Monument Golf

There are three things that are inevitable in golf. You will miss hit a drive, you will chunk an iron and you will lose your golf towel. The first two are things that you can practice, losing your towel, well that is just something that seems like it can’t be fixed. That was a problem until StickIt Towel came into our lives. StickIt Towel is a magnetic towel that give the “everyday golfer” the ultimate convenience of a golf towel. This towel is designed with an industrial-strength magnet that can be placed on a cart or your clubs allowing for incredible accecssibility. No longer will you have to drive two holes back to try and find your towel that fell off your bag (we have all been there). The StickIt Towel can live on the cart or on your bag and you won’t have to worry about it for the rest of the round. From Greenside pickups to fairway flushes, this towel will be with you through thick and thin. This is not just your regular towel either. it is a made with amazing materiel that will easily remove any grass stains on your golf ball or dirt on your club. Your clubs and golf ball will clean and ready to go for your next shot or next putt. Golf Life caught up with Monument Golf  to learn more about this incredible towel and why it should be your first and last golf towel. Get one for yourself! Click Here!


Colton Little

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Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

Cobra F-Max Offset Driver

Golf Life was recently sent the F-Max Offset driver from Cobra Golf. In the video above we took it out to the course and provided you a review on what we thought.

The F-MAX Offset Driver is Cobra’s lightest and most forgiving driver engineered for golfers with moderate swing speeds who require maximum draw bias. Back, heel weighting and an offset hosel promotes straighter and higher launching drives. 

What does that mean

  • The back or heel is a fixed, back weight positioned near the heel promoting straighter, more forgiving ball flights. 
  • The Offset and Straight Neck has an offset hosel design with maximum draw bias or a non-offset, straight neck hosel with minimal draw bias to allow golfers to choose their level of forgiveness.
  • The Crown Alignment detail makes it easy to align the clubhead at address for straighter trajectories down the target line.

F-Max Offset DriverThe driver is available in a 9.5-, 10.5- and 11.5-degree versions for men. There is a 15-degree model of women golfers. 

The F-Max Offset driver is available for $299 over at Cobragolf.com. Head over there now to learn more!

ParTee Golf App

ParTee Golf App

Are you one of the type of golfers that won’t get out on the course unless you have a buddy to golf with? The folks at ParTee Golf have come up with a way for you to meet other golfers at courses that you enjoy playing. No more looking at the bulletin boards at the course. No more playing rounds on your own. Let’s learn more about the ParTee Golf App and how it come help you.

What is it?

ParTee Golf is an app that is a personalize golf-centric network with access to every course worldwide in the palm of your hand. Simply download the app onto your phone or device. Open the app and create an account. It will ask you for your handicap and your home course that you enjoy playing. Next, you can set some basic preferences and start finding nearby golfers in your area.

Connect with Golfers

Partee golfThe ParTee App makes it easy to connect with old friends or even new ones. If you dont know a golfer, setup a via chat to see if you would enjoy teeing up with the each other.

Find New Courses

You dont have to play your home course. Scroll through several courses nearby. The app shows you each courses amenities. If the course offers clinics or lessons it will appear within the app. It even shows you if there are any leagues or tournaments nearby that you could choose to participate in.

Need another reason to like ParTee Golf. They are dedicated to furthering the charitable nature of golf. Each month the partner up with a different charity donating 10% of the monthly downloaded profits.

Head over to ParTee.Golf now to learn more!

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