Golfers Compare the Hybrid Wedge | HWedge

Golfers Compare the Hybrid Wedge | HWedge

Average Golfers Compare Their Wedges to the Hwedge

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Imagine this, you’re about 50 yards from the green and you’re in a bunker. There never seems to be a proper club to get you out of this situation. You can use a 52 but that might not be strong enough, you could go with an 8 iron but that’s probably too strong. It seems like there isn’t the right club for this and many other situations. However with the Hwedge this shot becomes as simple as a 3 foot putt.

Hwedge is a hybrid wedge that helps get the ball more in the air and has the ball stop sooner. It’s sure to take more strokes off your game and give your shot more accuracy.

Hwedge is a hybrid wedge, and the idea behind a hybrid wedge is that the weight is back and low like a hybrid with a wedge’s face. It makes your shots very smooth and it feels great. This wedge puts the ball more in the air with more spin for a more accurate shot.

It comes in the lofts of 50 degree, 55 degree, and 60 degree. This club is also USGA conforming and legal so your stickler golf friends can’t pull a rulebook on you for this one. Your short game is going to improve immensely and it will help you recover from sand and rough.


The Hwedge is guarantee to turn your amateur golf strokes into fantastic shots that will make you and your scores look like a pro. This club was designed to help in any close shot situation, whether you are 30 yards from the green going up hill and in the rough, or simply 10 yards from the bunker Hwedge is sure to help but the ball pin high for your next birdie.

For more information or purchase, visit their website and get your Hwedge today.


When you don’t have perfect golf swing 257+ is the answer

When you don’t have perfect golf swing 257+ is the answer

The chance that many of you reading have a perfect golf swing is well… need I say more.  We all can use as much assistance as possible within the limits of the USGA and R&A, right?  Especially when it comes to hitting tight fairways from the tee or trying to get the ball on the green from a distance over 200 yards (175+ for some).  If you can hit more greens in regulation, make more shots with your fairways and hybrids that go longer and straighter toward your target, you will simply score better.  By taking the pressure of our short game and being able to hit shots into greens that give us a chance to two-putt, we will enjoy the game much more.

High Heats Center of Gravity

This shows the CG of High Heat versus other major golf manufacturers


So how is this accomplished?  First, you need a fairway wood that is forgiving, that helps you launch the ball into the air higher and straighter.  This is accomplished with club design that takes the center of gravity of the wood and moves it back and low, something golf club designers call “Deeper CG”.  High Heat 257+ fairway woods have the deepest center of gravity possible within the limits of the USGA and R&A.  No other manufacturer of quality metal woods will have deeper CG or better launch of a golf ball from a fairway wood.  It’s simple physics.

Matched with deeper CG, another thing golf club designers can do is to use better materials that provide more ball speed.  That is why all drivers from leading golf companies use titanium in the face.  However, very few if any manufacturers use this material on 3 or 5 woods and none use titanium on hybrids.  With the 257+ fairway woods and hybrids, all the faces use titanium, so they are truly the hottest face with most ball speed available under USGA and R&A rules.

But what happens to so many of us in search of that perfect golf swing?  We develop pretty good contact, but small changes like getting the club too far inside on downswing or trying to develop a bit more release can cause off-center hits.  It’s not just higher handicappers who mishit the ball on the clubface, especially with the longer hybrid irons and 3 or 5 wood.  If we could have same or similar results when striking the golf ball with the toe and the heel, that could really help everyone. The USGA changed a rule a few years back to allow golf club designers to increase the CT or Characteristic Time that the ball in on the clubface beyond the center or radius of the ball to the toe and heel.  That means any hits on the toe or the heel can have a high CT, and mishits with woods and hybrids happen to many of us consistently.  The longer the ball is on the clubface, the more trampoline effect or what some call a “hot” face.

How did 257+ bring the technology into their titanium face, so that every golfer can get the maximum distance and control with fairway woods and hybrids?  Well, that trade secret won’t be shared, but the testing proves that while the center of a 257+ golf club has a CT of 257 (USGA legal), the toe and the heel tests at 275.  This means when you mishit a 257+ golf club, you will see more distance than any other fairway or hybrid sold in the US.  NO other golf company has this technology and no one is offering golfers more forgiveness, more distance and more control on all shots across the face of the club.

We sell the 257+ direct to you.  Our price is the best you can get and we encourage you to try the fairway and hybrids.  We will take returns within 30 days.  So there is no reason to not improve your game and your search for the perfect golf swing with the best fairway wood and hybrid technology you can buy.

Correct Golf Ball Compression to Maximize Distance

Correct Golf Ball Compression to Maximize Distance


Here’s a product feature on a new golf ball compression testing device.  Knowing the compression of the golf ball you are playing is key to your success.  If you play too soft a ball for your swing speed then you will cheat yourself on distance.  If you play too hard of a ball for your swing speed, again you will lose distance and control.  Finding a ball you can compress and control is very important and that is where the ProCheck helps.  With this simple tool you can check any golf ball, new or used, to identify if it is right for you.

Here is a quote from Callaway Golf about this concept:

“Callaway has long understood that compression plays a key role in optimizing the performance and consistency of golfers. We at Callaway have tested the Procheck golf ball compression tester and found it to be an excellent tool for the consumer. It’s readings can help golfers determine the right ball for their game.”

– Jason Finley, Director, Brand Management, Callaway Golf



Find your average driver distance.  here are the steps:

  1.  Find your swing speed.
  2.  Find the right compression.
  3.  Use the ProCheck® device to test the balls that are right for you.


You could increase distance by 10-20 Yards right away – visit

It is understood that a golfer will achieve their most energy transfer and more driving distance if the hardness of the ball is matched to the swing speed of their club. If you have a slower swing speed (60-70 mph) you should play a softer golf ball.  If you have a fast swing speed (100-110 mph) then you should play a firmer golf ball. Matching swing speed with ball compression helps to hit the ball with the correct degree of flattening at impact with creates a trampoline-like energy transfer.  With ProCheck – you can find your optimal ball so get started testing your golf balls today at

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Have you heard of Phat Scooters before? No? Well, they are the latest and greatest in the golfing world. Phat Scooters is the modern-electric golf vehicle that is taking the U.S. by storm. Turns out they are so cool, PGA Pro Player Pat Perez decided to get a few for his course and neighborhood.  Check out the video above.

Honma Golf Testimonials

Honma Golf Testimonials

This year, the 2018 Las Vegas PGA Show was held at Top Golf Las Vegas. More so geared to the fashion and accessories in the golfing world, the Las Vegas PGA does turn out a really good crowd for golf clubs as well. Honma Golf had their own booth at Top Golf so Golf Life decided to stop by and find out what other playing professionals think about Honma golf clubs.

When you walk into the Las Vegas PGA Show at Top Golf, the one thing you will immediately notice is everyone is having fun. When you get as many playing professionals in one place as they did at Top Golf, you are sure to have a good time and hear the highest level of information. The main reason for this show is to showcase the latest and greatest and that is exactly what Honma Golf did. They had different selections of golf clubs people could test out and hit with experts explaining each product and how it can help someones golf game.

Check out what we captured at the PGA Show while we sat at Honma Golf booth! To learn more about Honma Golf and to see their full selection of golf gear, go to

Honma at the 2018 PGA Show

Honma at the 2018 PGA Show

The PGA Show in Orlando, FL is all about seeing the latest and greatest in the golf industry. It is a perfect place to be if you are a company like Honma. Honma Golf is making a big slash in the club making business by hand crafting custom golf clubs for the everyday golfer. Golf Life caught up with Adam Sheldon, from Honma, to learn more about this up and coming brand in the U.S!

For those of you who don’t know about this incredibly high-end product, they have been around since 1959 with more than 300 individual people who are crafting these products from hand. Unlike a lot of club brands, Honma has set their sights on custom fitting anyone and everyone. From the amateur golfer to the tour professional and everyone in between, to the select few who want incredible and expensive golf clubs. The unique thing about Honma is that they can custom fit you to a certain type of golf club. With their wide array of choices, you can get into a set of clubs that is made from scratch, specifically for you!

Check out the video above to learn more about Honma! To find a fitter or learn more about this amazing brand, head over to

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