Volvik Golf Balls

Volvik Golf Balls

By now, many of you have heard or even played the Volvik Golf Balls. But do you know the story behind this incredible golf company. Little do you know, this golf company changed the game of golf forever introducing colored golf balls. Since their launch of the colored golf ball, they have been a leader in the golf ball market and don’t plan to leave anytime soon. In the present, they have created an empire offering Speacial packs (graphic golf balls), Standard packs (regular, matted golf balls) and now the Tour packs (to compete with the tour level golf ball).

On many levels, Volvik has passed some of the bigger OEM’s in golf. Being the title sponsor of the Long Drive Tour, their hype around how far these balls go (and they are USGA approved) has grown even more. They also have players playing the Tour S3 and S4, as well as some colored golf balls,  on the PGA and LPGA tours. Here is the story of the Volvik Golf Balls through our lense.


1980 – Volvik was established

1990 – Developed their first 3pc golf ball; 1996 – Developed their first 4pc golf ball

2016 – Launched the Matte Golf Ball “Vivid” and “Vibe”

2017 – Released the 4pc Premium Matte Golf Ball “Vivid XT”



Survivor Golf Tees

Survivor Golf Tees

The Survivor Golf Tees will give your professional spin and increase distance…everytime!


These tees have been scientifically proven to maximize distance off the tee. Tested by the Golf Testing labs in San Diego, CA, the Iron Byron results showed that the Survivor Tee had the lowest ball spin rate by an average of 7%. This 7% resulted in higher ball speed, total rollout and distance among other tees tested. This is the most advanced-performance center prong technoloogy golf tee made to-date!


  • Lowest Ball Spin Rate
  • Greatest Overall Distance
  • Maximum Ball Speed
  • Tested with the Iron Byron
  • Driver, Fairway wood, hybrid and iron tees


The Perfect Golf Gloves Made With AA Cabretta Leather

The Perfect Golf Gloves Made With AA Cabretta Leather

When it comes to your golf life, you want everything to be perfect. From your bag to your clubs to your golf accessories. But what about your golf gloves? It’s no secret…people just don’t care that much about their golf glove. But what if we told you that your golf glove has a lot to do with how you play out on the course. Companies like Bender Gloves is changing the way people look at golf gloves. No longer is it just something that goes on your hand. It’s an asset to your game and you HAVE to have the right glove in style, comfort and color!

Bender Golf Gloves was created from the idea that people need more options when it comes to their golf gear. The boring white glove is not going to cut it anymore! We can’t be the only golfers in the world that care about what our golf gloves look like and how they perform. Bender Gloves aimed to please those golfer who were looking to get away from the white glove and add some color and uniqueness to their game. Hence, Bender Gloves was created!



and loved the idea of matching your shirt to your pants to your golf glove! Whether you are playing in a 4-person scramble, a charity golf tournament or just out on the course with some friends, there is no reason why Bender Gloves should not be on your hand. For every occasion or situation, Bender Gloves has the ability to help you on the golf course and with your confidence. These golf gloves are an extension of your personality so why not show off that personality every time you step on a golf course.

With four different styles to choose from, all with the craziest colors, you are sure to find the right fit and color for your golf life. Pick from the Synthetic golf gloves (gloves that are your traditional fit and feel glove), the Mesh gloves (made to be breathable and stretchy), the Synthetic Gloves (They give you the feel of a traditional glove, but with breathable traits), and the Elite Model. All These golf gloves are made with AA Cabretta Leather!

Why is Cabretta Leather So Important?

Golf gloves made with cabretta leather are so important because of three reasons; Durability, Performance and Look!

DURABILITY: When it comes to gloves, you want something that will last the test of time. AA cabretta leather is the highest quality material that you can find on a golf glove. Round after round and year after year, this material will handle the rain, snow, wind and sun. You won’t have to go looking for a new glove every round because these Bender Gloves will be there for you!

PERFORMANCE: If you are like me, you have a certain feel you want when your glove touches a golf grip. You don’t want your hand sliding all over the place, you want a glove that will hold true to form and not waver from where you put your hands when you get ready to swing. This leather holds us and create a comfortable grip every time you grab a club.

LOOK: Like a lot of golfers, look has A LOT to do with if you like something for not. From style to style and color to color, these gloves are aesthetically pleasing because of the AA cabretta leather. With each color, the leather plays well with the design of the glove.

Correct Golf Ball Compression to Maximize Distance

Correct Golf Ball Compression to Maximize Distance


Here’s a product feature on a new golf ball compression testing device.  Knowing the compression of the golf ball you are playing is key to your success.  If you play too soft a ball for your swing speed then you will cheat yourself on distance.  If you play too hard of a ball for your swing speed, again you will lose distance and control.  Finding a ball you can compress and control is very important and that is where the ProCheck helps.  With this simple tool you can check any golf ball, new or used, to identify if it is right for you.

Here is a quote from Callaway Golf about this concept:

“Callaway has long understood that compression plays a key role in optimizing the performance and consistency of golfers. We at Callaway have tested the Procheck golf ball compression tester and found it to be an excellent tool for the consumer. It’s readings can help golfers determine the right ball for their game.”

– Jason Finley, Director, Brand Management, Callaway Golf



Find your average driver distance.  here are the steps:

  1.  Find your swing speed.
  2.  Find the right compression.
  3.  Use the ProCheck® device to test the balls that are right for you.


You could increase distance by 10-20 Yards right away – visit www.procheckgolf.com

It is understood that a golfer will achieve their most energy transfer and more driving distance if the hardness of the ball is matched to the swing speed of their club. If you have a slower swing speed (60-70 mph) you should play a softer golf ball.  If you have a fast swing speed (100-110 mph) then you should play a firmer golf ball. Matching swing speed with ball compression helps to hit the ball with the correct degree of flattening at impact with creates a trampoline-like energy transfer.  With ProCheck – you can find your optimal ball so get started testing your golf balls today at www.procheckgolf.com

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ALINE Performance Insoles

ALINE Performance Insoles

ALINE Performance Insoles

I’m a sucker for a good golf gimmick, and I’ve tried just about everything to help my game. When I got the chance to review a set of “golf performance insoles” from ALINE, I knew I had to see what it was all about.

ALINE is a company that makes multiple types of insoles for everything from daily wear, to cycling and golf. I’m unclear on the differences between them, but this review is specifically for the Golf model. The first thing I noticed after taking them out of the bag is that they are much more rigid than I anticipated. They look very nice and are made of quality materials. Now for the real test, how did they perform?

It’s really important to follow the directions with these rigid insoles, because your feet will take some time to conform to the new shape. If you don’t, you’ll probably have a pretty bad experience. I broke mine in over the course of a week, wearing them an hour longer each day until they discomfort faded. The insoles feel quite odd at first. There is a pronounced bump in the middle of the insole and noticeable arch support, that really feels unnatural. Once the break-in process is complete, this feeling goes away and it’s actually going back to standard insoles that feels strange.

ALINE Performance Insoles

I wore these in my work boots full time and would transfer them to my golf shoes on the weekends. Let me get this part out of the way; the ALINEs did not directly help my golf game one bit. Having said that, they are a quality product that will get a recommendation from me. Once I became used to my new foot position, they helped my back and hip pain, my balance and my foot pain and fatigue. I could walk 18 holes without issue and more importantly, I could work my physically demanding job without the pain that used to plague me.

For the price point, you can’t do much better in terms of comfort and possible pain relief. I’m still wearing these insoles every day, over 3 months after I first received them. I don’t often gush over products, but these have made a world of difference for me, even if I’ve played some of the worst golf of my life in them.

ALINE Golf insoles retail for $69.95 and can be purchased directly from ALINE at www.aline.com

Golf Life Contributor
Bryan McLean

GripDry – Snap it on your shaft

GripDry – Snap it on your shaft

Golf Life wants to show you an innovative golf accessory for your bag. It is called GripDry! I am sure you have been played a round in the morning when all the dew is still on the grass. This is where this amazing product comes in handy.

GripDry is a piece of plastic. Seriously, its a round plastic cylinder that snaps onto your shaft. It also has a magnet on it so you can throw it on the side of your golf cart and it just stays there until when you’re ready to go out to the green. Grab it and take it with you. Snap it on your shaft. Now your grips aren’t getting wet. It is that simple!


GripDry doesn’t haven’t to be used when it’s only wet. You should keep your grips off the ground anyways because they’ll last longer. You can prevent your grips from getting dirt, debris and water on them. 

They are perfect for tournaments or gifts. You can customize them to fit your needs. Add a custom logo or website.

Head over to gripdry.com. You might like one. 




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