Nexbelt – The Belt with No Holes

Nexbelt – The Belt with No Holes


Golf Life wants you to know about a product that we believe all golfers should look into having. We have all had those belts where the holes eventually wear out and need to be replaced. Look no further because Golf Life wants you to know more about The Belt with No Holes from Nexbelt. The PresciseFit technology in each belt allows 1/4 adjustments for maximum comfort.

What makes Nexbelt one of the best golf belts to buy is they make perfect gifts for family and friends. You don’t need to know their waist sizes. Belts come in 2 options 28′-40″ and 38-40″. Then just cut to your size using scale on the back of the belt. It is literally that simple. 

Nexbelt has a wide variety of Men and Women belts to choose. You can create your own style of belt by matching  the belt strap with a buckle of your choice. They even provide some buckles that can flip down and hold a ball marker and a divot tool. It really is pretty amazing.

Head over to to learn more and get yours today!

Antigua – Apparel For Your Game

Antigua – Apparel For Your Game

Antigua golf apparel

Antigua Golf Apparel


Antigua is popping up everywhere these days. I think I’ve seen some type of Antigua apparel in nearly every pro shop or golf store I’ve been in. After trying out the new Antigua Desert Dry polo this last weekend I definitely see why.

Recently, I’ve been testing out several pieces in particular from Antigua featuring their newest performance Desert Dry moisture-wicking technology. Antigua Desert Dry is an exclusive moisture wicking fabrication that’s designed to keep you dry and comfortable. I have to say that having this particular type of shirt here in Southern California is an absolute must for me!


Although it’s a middle price point, you definitely get what you pay for with Antigua apparel. It’s not on the cheaper side and the shirts range anywhere from $40-$70 which means Antigua can target a wide range of consumers. You can even buy these on Amazon, or Golf Galaxy with the option of including your favorite team’s logo on your apparel

Antigua golf apparel

The Shirts

The first polo I tried, from the Survey collection, was a fire red color (they referred to it as Cajun). The overall design of the shirt is rather simple and that’s exactly what I like about the shirt. There isn’t a whole lot going on with it which is perfect for golfers who don’t like loud and busy fashion. There is a basic geometric design on the shirt that makes it pop just a bit more than a traditional solid color but it’s still quite simple. For me, simplicity is key and this shirt hits the nail on the head in that regard. Like any polo you’ll see now a days, it’s a three button shirt with the buttons matching the unique Cajun color.

The “moisture-wicking technology” of the polo was easily right up there with the my usual shirts I wear out on the course. As I mentioned above, being located in Southern California where the weather is usually fairly warm out means I can’t wear a shirt that isn’t going to keep my dry. I could only imagine that if you golfed in an even warmer part of the country, say Arizona, how important this is to your game. Don’t let a shirt ruin your round of golf for you!

The second of the two shirt’s Antigua sent us was a white polo from the Array collection. This specific shirt is made up of 100% polyester and had a simple yet creative pattern. This polo had the same “Desert Dry moisture-wicking fabric” that the first Survey collection polo had. This is exactly the type of shirt that you can wear all four seasons. If I had to choose, I would recommend going with a color different than white. The white was a bit too thin for my taste and I would personally prefer a darker color. This specific shirt sells at Golf Galaxy for $66 and includes free shipping.

Antigua golf apparel

The Golf Jacket

The third item I tested out for Antigua was a golf jacket that honestly surprised me a bit. It was extremely lightweight so I thought it would be more of a windbreaker than anything. Well it wasn’t. This jacket is perfect for those of you who hit the course right as the sun’s still rising. The jacket was a gunmetal grey and had a great attention to detail as the stitching throughout the entire jacket matched the gunmetal grey. It was also a full zip which is great because the ¼ zip jackets tend to be a bit tough to get off. There is also a mock neck on the jacket for those of you who may play in a bit windier conditions.

It’s a warmer jacket than I expected and is extremely comfortable with the 100% polyester material selection. I don’t know how often I would use this during the Summer here in Southern california but I see this being a perfect choice if you play most of your golf in the Fall or early Spring. If you’re concerned about it getting a bit wet, don’t be. There is a water resistant finish added to the jacket which is a nice surprise from Antigua. This particular jacket goes for about $83 and is an absolute steal considering jackets similar to this one goes for well over $100.

The Wrap Up

All in all, Antigua Apparel proved to me why they are in golf pro shops all around the world. The quality, the technology behind the apparel, and the price are all absolutely amazing. Don’t just take my word on it, you can pick your next polo or golf jacket up today by going to Antigua’s site and placing your order.

Get your own Antigua Apparel here.


PUMA Golf Footwear for 2017

PUMA Golf Footwear for 2017

PUMA Golf Footwear

PUMA Golf Footwear for 2017

Each year at the PGA Merchandise Show one of our favorite visits is with Footwear Creator Grant Knudson at Puma Golf. We always leave those meetings informed and wanting the new kicks. The latest technology, materials and styles never disappoint – only cutting edge top of the line performance gear here.

In 2017, Puma introduced its own proprietary DISC innovation and IGNITE foam. The TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is Puma’s flagship tour shoe and the Ignite Spikeless Sport DISC is a more casual style that’s capable of taking on anything your day throws at you.


PUMA Golf Footwear

The TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is All Golf. These are hardcore ball striking shoes designed for the player who takes his game and wardrobe seriously. Simple clean lines with just a slight accent of color is the theme.

The ultra-premium full grain leather upper is next level feel and quality. These are the ace of any rotation, the pair you breakout when you get that special invite, or that visit to a Top 100 course.


PUMA Golf Footwear


The DISC closure system is the perfect component for a shoe of this quality, simplicity – turn it right to tighten or back to the left to release, simple as that.


PUMA Golf Footwear
IGNITE foam is the newest innovation from Puma Golf Footwear, it provides extreme comfort with responsive energy return.
  • Premium Full-Grain Leather
  • DISC Closure System
  • Premium D2 Insole
  • Ignite Foam
  • Duoflex
  • GripZone Traction
  • Stealth Cleat
  • 2 Year Waterproof

Our Take: I fancied these as soon Grant handed me the display sample at the PGA Show, it’s a “Tesla” in spikes – very sophistacted but appears simple in form. As suspected, the TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is the real deal, it has all of the bells and whistles of ultra premium tour shoes and the performance to back it up. Check off the boxes in every category: Comfort, Proper fit, Traction, Style, Quality, Waterproof, Tour proven. These shoes bite the ground and stay under you throughout the swing. Playing golf in these is a pleasure, they look and fit as good as anything in the industry. At $180, the TITANTOUR IGNITE Premium DISC is not what you might consider a value, but keep in mind it’s considerably less (about 40%) than most manufacturers premium tour shoes.

TT IGNITE Premium DISC is available in Gray Violet/Vibrant Orange (shown) and also in White/Gray Violet, Black/Dark Shadow.

IGNITE Spikeless Sport DISC

PUMA Golf Footwear

Puma’s IGNITE Spikeless Sport DISC – one of Puma Golf’s iconic styles now elevates to a new standard with Puma’s proprietary DISC technology. Mesh upper combines with premium leather for a solid combination of comfort, function and style.


PUMA Golf Footwear

Puma calls this colorway Quarry/High Risk Red, it’s a bold eye catcher. The IGNITE Spikeless Sport DISC also comes in Black/Silver (trim) and Bright Plasma/Peacoat.
PUMA Golf Footwear
  • DISC Closure System
  • 4-Way Stretch Wp Performance Mesh
  • Full-Grain Leather Support Saddle
  • Molded EVA Insole
  • Full-Length Ignite Midsole
  • Performance TPU Outsole
  • GripZone Traction
  • 1 Year Waterproof

Our Take: First off, sizing on the Puma IGNITE Spikeless Sport runs about half a size big (our ’16 standard lace up version was no different). Best to go to your nearest golf retalier and try them on before buying. If you’re ordering online make sure you order a half size smaller than what you normally wear in a Puma golf shoe.

For me this shoe is a bit of a specialty hybrid, a golf/casual everyday shoe that works on or off the course. In my particular case, complete and superior support and cushioning under the foot when swinging all out is an absolute must, so these suit me better as a practice/par 3 walking golf shoe. However, for many Puma loyalists this is atheir preferred tee it up play all day footwear. At $120 msrp Puma sells a boat load of these, and with the DISC version we suspect that number will only climb.

For more info on Cobra/Puma Golf:

Jason  Bruno &

FLW THRU Golf – A Lifestyle Collection

FLW THRU Golf – A Lifestyle Collection

FLW THRU Golf - A Lifestyle Collection

FLW THRU Golf – A Lifestyle Collection


As a contributor for Golf Life, I get the awesome opportunity to review all kinds of golf products. Ranging from equipment to some of what some people might see as the simpler items. When I get the opportunity to review golfing outerwear, I always really look forward to that opportunity. The items I will be talking about today are from a company located in Green Bay, Wisconsin led by Founder and President Kevin Leurquin.

That company is called FLW THRU Golf. Kevin found a passion for the game of golf at a young age. Due to being born with a bleeding disorder called Hemophilia, Kevin’s condition prevented him from playing the more physical sports. He quickly embraced the game of golf and all the challenges that it presents.

While talking with Kevin I quickly realized that what he was doing was more than just running and growing a golf apparel and accessory company. He was actually helping grow the game of golf. You might ask, well how was he doing that? We all know that our youth are the future of the game and to get them involved at an early age is key to spurring their interest and passion for the game of golf.

Kevin has made it a mission of his company to contribute a portion of the sales made towards building sets of golf clubs for the young golfers. They have actually joined in a partnership with US Kids Golf to help make that possible. They have numerous events scheduled this year to help spread the word and reach out to more young golfers.


I was given several nice items to review for Golf Life, a screen printed t-shirt, golf hat, and several ball markers. FLW THRU Golf also sent a nice key chain and a poster of their company logo, which is made on a high quality paper suitable for framing. Their logo is quite unique, I haven’t seen anything close to it ever before. It’s a silhouette of a golfer but not the typical one you might see. It’s more of an an artist’s perception and how they would present a golfer.

The t-shirt is made out of 100% cotton with the nice silhouette of the golfer on the front chest and an awesome piece of artwork on the back. The saying on the back is “Life is a Swing Follow Through”. The script or font is quite eye catching and I received several compliments on it the first day I wore the shirt to work. Being 100% cotton, it is very comfortable and the sizes run pretty true to form with most t-shirts. They offer it in a variety of color choices.


The golf hat they sent along has their trademark silhouette golfer on the front, the hat is also 100% cotton. The hat has the adjustable slide in the back that many golf hats have and is a “one size fits most”. It fits comfortably on my head and I tend to have some issues with these “one size fits most” hats. The two tone hat was navy with a off white front panel with the embroidered logo in the center. They have many different colors to choose from, both solid colors and the two tone.

FLW THRU Golf also sent a couple of ball markers which I thought were quite different in both the look and feel. They were about the size of a poker chip but they are made out on lightweight metal with a baked on paint finish. The company logo was actually cut out of the middle of the marker which I thought was quite different and attractive. What was nice about the ball markers was even though the size was a little bit bigger than the ball marker I typically use they were very thin so it still wouldn’t cause any issues or be a distraction on the green.

They sent me a couple of other items, a keychain, sticker and a 11” x 14” poster with their logo. I am not sure all or any of these items are going to be available for purchase. I look at them as more of a advertising or merchandising item they might have on hand at events.

I admire the mission of FLW THRU Golf by providing clubs to the youth. To date they have helped 25 kids, built 2 sets of clubs and inspired close to 100 young golfers.This is a growing company and their product line is constantly evolving so check out their website They also have a presence on all the various social media platforms.

Mike Hallee
Golf Life Contributor

Carnoustie Sportswear: Fall 2016 Collection

Carnoustie Sportswear: Fall 2016 Collection

Carnoustie Sportswear: 2016 Fall Collection

Carnoustie Sportswear Logo

Twenty years ago, Carnoustie Sportswear was created, and since then, they have been recognized as having some of the finest golf apparel available today! Using some of the top fabrics like cotton, wool, and synthetics, you get a combination of exceptional golf apparel that looks great and feels great! Carnoustie Sportswear sent Golf Life a couple of new items in their 2016 Fall Collection. We took them out on the golf course to try out and test, and the consensus was that their tradition and craftsmanship of the apparel stood strong in any situation.

Now that the Fall Season is upon us, it is time to get those pullovers, sweaters, and long sleeve shirts out of the closet. In many parts of the world, you are not able to show up to the golf course in shorts and a polo anymore. It is getting chilly out there and Carnoustie Sportswear has the perfect items for that. They sent Golf Life a couple of cotton, wool, and knit-weave sweaters to test out and ALL of them were extremely comfortable. Sometimes you get the sweaters and coats that are made from cotton or wool and they are uncomfortable, but Carnoustie really did a great job in making them very soft and easy to wear. Because it is the Fall Collection, you get the unconventional colors like orange, beige, light blue, and black, which is not a bad thing. The other thing that we really enjoyed about the sportswear was the fact that you can wear these sweaters on the golf course and then immediately take them out on the town and you will look great! They are more of a lifestyle sweater that you can wear on the golf course and still be comfortable. Classy, innovative, and stylish are the words we would you to describe Carnoustie’s 2016 Fall Collection.

The one negative (and we don’t even know if you would call it a negative) is the fact that the sweaters ride up your body when you hit a golf shot. We advise you to get a size up from what you would normally wear to compensate for this problem. Maybe you like showing your stomach off, maybe you don’t, but that was just one downfall in an amazing line of clothing!

Check out our full review above and learn more about Carnoustie Sportswear Golf Apparel. We are sure you will enjoy these items this fall whether you are on the golf course or out on the town. Check them out today at!

G/FORE Golf Apparel

G/FORE Golf Apparel

G/FORE: Classic & Unique Golfing Apparel

g/fore logo

I have been given the great opportunity to review a couple of items from G/Fore, They are a company that offers a wide array of clothing and accessory items for both the golf and fashion industry. First I would like to tell a little about the person behind G/Fore. His name is Mossimo Giannulli and he is the Founder/Designers/Creator here in his own words is what he has to say about G/Fore.

I come from a fashion and business background, but golf’s a true passion for me. I love the game because it’s a family sport, a social opportunity, a business tool, and a personal challenge all in one. G/FORE products aren’t designed in a cubicle and tested in a factory; they’re born out of a desire to express myself while playing, and to help inject a little more fun and flair back into the game. I test prototypes myself, putting in countless rounds on the course and hours at the range. When we were first making the gloves, we tweaked everything from the dye method to the stitching on each fingertip until we had a product that I felt was worthy of the game. This detail­obsessed development process still happens with every new product that bears the G/FORE marque. And though I lead an active, art­ and design­fueled lifestyle, I’m a bit of a traditionalist at heart when it comes to golf. I’m a member at a time­honored country club, I wear pants on the course, and I prefer traditional fabrics. So I’ve always wanted G/FORE to be rooted in all the right things. With the modern athlete in mind, we’ve fused a classic aesthetic with modern fabrications and details that make our products uniquely G/FORE.

I hope G/FORE can continue to help golf once again move forward — always with a healthy respect for the past. –Mossimo Giannulli

GFORE black glove GFORE sand glove

G/Fore gloves can be seen on all of the major Tours week-in and week-out. You can usually pick one out right away because they are known for their bright colors. They come in a wide variety of colors plus they also have a custom ordering option if you can’t find one that’s to your liking. I will comment on the fit, comfort, feel and grip of the glove.

Fit: The G/Fore glove is available in six different sizes, from small all the way up to XXL. I went with a medium-large glove and it fit well and the fingers are shorter than a standard large. I have always been a hard fit when it comes to gloves. Finding a glove that fits perfectly for me has always been an issue somewhat shorter than normal fingers is my problem, I play with a standard size grip. The medium-large fit well for me. G/Fore has some very specific instructions on finding the proper size glove for you on their website.

Comfort: The G/Fore glove is made out of AA Cabretta leather for both the palm and the top of the glove. All of the top name gloves on the market use this style of leather. Cabretta leather is from the Hair Sheep which is known for its soft close fiber feel. These gloves have excellent comfort.

Feel: The way I describe and rate the feel of a glove is how the connection is between the golfers’ hand with the glove on and the contact with the golf grip. This is an important aspect when it comes to golf gloves in my opinion. The better the fit of the glove the better the feel you have between the glove and the grip. I would always choose to error on the side of a little tighter fit with a new glove versus a loose fit. The G/Fore glove has a very soft feel and molds to one’s hand very quickly right out of the package.

Grip: The grip of a glove is probably the single most important features it can have, that is the reason golfers wear gloves in the first place is to provide a better grip with the club. The G/Fore glove provides an excellent grip and contact with the club grip. The fact that it is an all leather glove in warmer temperatures you might need to use a couple of gloves during a round to be assured of optimum grip. They also warn the golfer about a potential of the color dye bleeding from the glove onto your skin in some weather conditions. If this does happen just was your hand with warm water and soup and you are good to go.

G/Fore Polo

The polo shirt offerings from G/Fore are very impressive as far as choices of colors, fabric, prints and styles. The two shirts I reviewed were a little different in style and fabric from each other. They both came with a soft collar made out of the similar material to the shirt. The sleeves had a more fitted style resting and inch or so above my elbow. I feel that the G/Fore polos run smaller to size compared to other major shirt manufactures the XL size I tried was a little snug fitting. There have been cases where some of the companies go for a slimmer and tighter looking fit and style, this might be the case G/Fore. The fabrics and stitching on the polos were all very comfortable and well done.The material blend was identical for both polos. They were both a 50% pima cotton and 50% Drytext Jersey blend. The Feeder Stripe 5.0 polo had five buttons and a pocket on the left side and the color was called “snow”. On the back of the collar they had a small silver metal button logo. The other shirt was the Essential Polo and the color was called “Patriot”. This shirt had a little different style than the other shirt. It had a button­down collar with a logo on the left side and no pocket. G/Fore offers a wide variety of styles and colors so a golfer should be able to find the ideal choice for themselves.

G/Fore Crusader Black G/Fore Crusader red

As for the Crusader shoes, please check out the video above to learn more! They are high-top shoes that offer a very comfortable feel and stylish look! Not many high tops look good on all outfits, but we found out that these shoes look great with pants or shorts! These were THE BEST golf shoes we have ever worn and recommend them to anybody and everybody!

I really enjoyed wearing the polos and gloves on the golf course and received many comments and questions about the gloves because they really stand out with all their bright colors. I would strongly suggest you check out the entire G/Fore line on their website as well as all of their social media sites, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. With the golf season winding down in the Northeast I look forward to reviewing all of the new items for the 2017 season.

Mike Hallee

Golf Life Contributor


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