Golf Life Host Does YOGA!

Golf Life Host Does YOGA!

During our trip to Temecula, CA we stopped by the Pechanga Resort and Casino!  Pechanga is the largest resort and casino on the west coast with the most amazing amenities to indulge to. One of the main attractions to this beautiful complex is the Pechanga Spa and Fitness Center. Golf Life  Host, Colton Little, decided to try his hand at yoga!

The Spa Pechanga is 25K square foot of pure luxury! Built to rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit while offering treatment rooms and relaxation areas with amazing views. Not to mention the steam rooms and saunas, there is something for everyone when you take a trip to Temecula.

Among all the great amenities, the Spa Pechanga allows you to get ready for your round of golf with some yoga. Designed to help you get ready for your round or help you relax after your round, Mimi Ko, the yoga instructor at the Spa Pechanga, puts you through several exercises to help your body and mind. Golf Life chose to do a yoga session with Mimi before we went out on the course.

We learned three different exercises:

1. Dancer’s Pose

2. Tree Pose

3. Twisted Crescent Lunge

As you can image, Golf Life host Colton Little had some limitations to his Yoga as he had zero experience before attending this yoga session with Mimi. All the poses and exercises were easy enough for Colton and he felt better after the session.

Check out the video to see all the poses and try them out at home before you go to the course!

MISIG with the FitGolferGirl

MISIG with the FitGolferGirl

misig logo

From the city of Des Plaines, IL, a universal golf training aid was created called MISIG. MISIG is an acrynym that stands for the ‘Most Important Stretch In Golf’. It is a device that will increase the degree of your turn in your shoulders allowing from more club head speed and more distance to drives and iron shots. As we all know, range of motion in your golf swing is one of the most important aspects of the swing. Creating more range of motion means more possibilities in your swing.

The Most Important Stretch In Golf is sort of a jack-of-all-trades. It can be used as a training aid OR a fitness device OR both. Using it as a training aid is very beneficial because it can immediatley put you in the right right spot on your back swing. Whether you are a younger generation golfer or an older generation golfer, this device can help your swing in more ways that one. The MISIG is also a tool you can use for fitness. At home or on the course, The Most Important Stretch in Golf can help your everyday fitness. Carolina Romero, AKA The FITGOLFERGIRL, shows us how she uses the MISIG in a fitness tip to specifically help your golf game.

In the video below, Romero gives us three great streches and exercises that you can use to help get more shoulder turn. 1.) THE OPEN BOOK: This will help you stretch out your mid back to help increase your range of motion in your backswing rotation. 2.) REACHBACKS: A great dynamic stretch in increase your shoulder turn. 3.) THE MISIG: While simulating the golf swing motion, the MISIG helps your shoulders, back and hips.

Check out the video below and start improving your golf game today with the @FITGOLFERGIRL.

Want a MISIG for yourself:



Golf Fitness Improves Setup by Dr. David Wright

Golf Fitness Improves Setup by Dr. David Wright

Golf Fitness Tip With Dr. David Wright

Golf Life visited the Wright Balance Golf School at Arroya Trabuca Golf Club in Mission Viejo, California. The Wright Balance is dedicated to researching and teaching the fundamentals of physical and mental balance for your improved performance and increased enjoyment of golf.

We caught up with Dr. David Wright to get a simple fitness tip routine anyone can do to improve your overall setup. Along with this video, Dr. Wright has several fitness tips that can help you in your everyday golf life!

To learn more about the Wright Balance Golf Schools, check out

Fitness Tip: Training Your Core

Fitness Tip: Training Your Core

Strengthen your core with this Fitness Tip

Tee Tidwell is a TPI Certified Fitness Instructor and he is here to show us how to make your core stronger for the game of golf. The core is so important because it will keep you in posture during your golf swing.  You keep your posture by engaging your core and your gluts.  Having a strong core in your golf swing will eliminate some of the easy flaws in someones swing.  It will keep you from coming up in your swing and allow you to have a long, great round without any back pain.  Learn how to make your core more stable and strong with this easy fitness tip you can do in the comfort of your own home!

For more tips like this, make sure you check out our Lesson Center and start playing like a pro today!

Swing Oil

Swing Oil

Swing Oil


SwingOIL – this is not your ordinary sports performance beverage. SwingOil is a potent 3 oz drink supplement formulated for maximum performance on the links. Unliketypical energy drinks loaded in sugar and caffeine, swingOIL is loaded with mind and body sharpening nutrients – the three targets of better performance are: Strength (100 mg Taurine, 100 mg Citrulline Malate), Focus (100 mg Ginseng extract, 100 mg Rhodiola Rosea extract) and Flexibilty (100 mg Glucosamine, 50 mg Chondroitin, 40 mg Turmeric extract).

Initially, it was tough to tell how SwingOIL would affected my performance in pre-round warmups and out on the course . . .  but after several days of taking the product before and during rounds, I did notice a higher energy level and increased focus. Most of my golf is played in the afternoon after work, so fatigue and lack of focus has become a typical late in the day condition that was never a factor in my pre 40’s days. No longer is the back nine a crash, there’s some kick left to finish strong!

The taste of each flavor (Strawberry-Banana, Lemon-Lime, and Orange) is excellent, so rather than stock bottles of expensive pills of Ginseng, Turmeric, Glucosamine and Chondroitin, I much prefer to drink and enjoy my nutrients. At the moment, SwingOIL is being marketed as a golf specific supplement. . . but I’d recommend it for any athletic endeavor, and I won’t be surprised if it becomes the rage among professional athletes and weekend warriors everywhere.

Champions Tour player Kenny Perry, and current PGA Champion Jason Day use swingOIL regularly. Serve it on ice, freeze each pouch and go, or do as I like to and mix with water and a slice of lime. Either way you choose, you’re sure to get loose and swing smooth with swingOIL.

Swing Oil Packaging

A case of swingOIL consists of 24 – 3 oz pouches (8 of each flavor). Each 24 Pack sells for $59 ($2.46 per each).

For more info:

Jason  Bruno &

Dee Tidwell Fitness Tips: On Course Stretching

Dee Tidwell Fitness Tips: On Course Stretching

Fitness Tips with Dee Tidwell

Dee Tidwell gives us some fitness tips for when your back or neck act up while out on the course. By using a golf club, you will be able to isolate specific muscle groups and target the pain.  This technique will help you stay loose and keep in the game during a round.  Visit Dee’s website at Colorado Golf Fitness Club.

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