Golf Life TV Show – Preseason Episode

Golf Life TV Show – Preseason Episode

In this episode of Golf Life, we take you to the 2018 PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando, Florida. We see great products at the 2018 Demo Day from Phat Scooters,, plus we see drivers from Ping and Taylormade and talk with Wilson Golf and EllWee, a four-wheel single rider golf cart.

Then we take you inside the Merchandise Show where we see products like the new Stick IT golf towel,, and Beer Pong Golf, Honma Golf,  Plus we learn more about Callaway Golf Apparel –

In addition, we visit America’s Golf Fest, in Las Vegas, Nevada where teams of scramble partners come from all around the globe to compete.

Finally, we learn about the new 257+ Driver, with a dynamic new technology that takes advantage of rule changes at the USGA.  The new rules allow a driver to have a high CT, or more trampoline effect, on the toe and heel.  High Heat is the only driver that has pushed these limits and effectively have a driver that is as hot on off-center hits as in the center of the clubface.

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Golf Life TV Show – September Episode

Golf Life TV Show – September Episode

In this episode of Golf Life, we take you to Las Vegas for the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience. We hit up Top Golf Las Vegas to talk with several golf companies, such as, Par Tee and SelfieGolfUSA. See what products they have in store for you and if they can help you with your game.

We also talk with Callaway Golf about what their new collection of golf apparel. See if one of their many styles is right for you. If you want a chance to win a $300 apparel upgrade from Callaway Golf click here to try and win!

Love custom headcovers? We talk with the guys from Dormie Workshop. We see firsthand how amazing their handmade premium leather headcovers are and how they will make our clubs look top notch.

Struggle with aligning up your club to the ball. Golf LIfe reviews a training aid from Hawkeye Alignment Systems. See how this product slides right onto your clubs or putter and helps you align your club face.

And later in the show, we give you three amazing golf tips to help you improve your golf game. First up, we show you a five-minute drill you can do every day to help your golf swing from top teacher Glenn Deck.

Next, Top Teacher Steve Atherton gives us a short game tip that could help you get on the green easier.

Finally, we get a putting lesson from Champions Tour Player Steve Jones.

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Golf Life July 2017 Episode

Golf Life July 2017 Episode

In this episode of Golf Life, we take you to a place like no other and provide you ideas to help your game. We visited the Vail Valley to check out the Vail Golf Club. The Vail Golf Club is great for many reasons. First of all, it has the ability to allow walkers on the course, push carts, and even golf bikes. Because it is located in the valley, it really is, first of all, a beautiful location, but also, being flat, you can do all those things like walk, take a golf bike, or push your push cart with ease. And it’s also very playable for everyone. There’s five sets of tees to choose from. The course can take the best players and challenge them and also take the players that struggle on the golf course and allow them to have a good time out here.

Alphard Golf eWheelsGolf Life is sent a variety of new products to share with our viewers. We recently received an innovation in powered golf carts like no other, called eWheels. This e-cart solution was developed by Alphard Golf, the inventors of the Alphard Duo Cart. The set of electric wheels can easily be attached to a push cart with the quick latching system, giving you a dynamic new powered cart. EWheels has a lithium battery that will power your cart for up to 27 holes. You control the cart with a remote control that works within 50 yards. And eWheels is quick and maneuverable, yet powerful, allowing it to handle the terrain on your course. EWheels is waterproof, so you can play in wet conditions. The wide base provides a stable ride, and a cruise-control feature will allow the cart to travel with you at your own walking speed. Another cool feature is the distance control function, allowing you to send your clubs down the fairway ahead of you. EWheels is now available through special introductory offers at It’s like having your own caddie so you can easily walk the course and enjoy your game. So head over to


We caught up with top teacher Steve Atherton, the head of instruction at Eagle Springs Golf Club to get a great short game drill that isperfect for practicing before each round.

Learn about an innovative golf accessory for your bag called GripDry.  This golf product snaps onto your shaft and prevents your grips from getting wet, dirty and help them last longer. Learn more over at

Golf Life Co-Host Colton Little talks with top teacher Shawn Cox out at the Grand Golf Club in Del Mar about a golfers pre-shot routine. Plus, much more!


Golf Life TV Show – 2017 May Episode

Golf Life TV Show – 2017 May Episode

Golf Life TV: 2017 May Episode


In this episode of Golf Life TV, we get golf tips for you from popular golf teachers Dave Pelz and Jeff Ritter. Plus, we get you advice from top PGA professionals, including Masters champ Sergio Garcia and runner-up Justin Rose. We show you a popular tool to help you prepare for your next round. And we invite average golfers to try a set of wedges designed to help them score better.

If you’re gonna talk about the golf lifestyle for a minute, you really want to talk about a person who’s dedicated their life to golf?   That’s Dave Pelz.  We take a tour of his backyard and it’s one of the coolest backyards you’ve ever seen. He has eight holes that are built out of synthetic turf that Dave and his son, Eddie, designed themselves.

We learn about the Orange Whip from PGA Pro Jim Hackenberg. The Orange Whip is wonderful to loosen up your golf muscles to get you ready to play. Designed in such a way that it’s got a weighted ball and the flexible shaft and the counterweight. It’s going to stretch you out, but it’s also going to increase and improve your timing.

While visiting the legendary short-game teacher Dave Pelz in his backyard, we got a short-game tip with help you with your chipping.

Golf Life heads out to the PGA Tour for some advice from Masters champion Sergio Garcia and other pros like Justin Rose.

Golf Life’s Mike Billingsley gives us a product review on Sight Balls. It’s a regular golf ball, very good compression, but it has red target marks on it.   The idea — they send them in a six-pack or a three-pack or you can get a bunch of them and take them out to the range and work on your game.

Golf Life headed to San Marcos, California to try out the new HWedge. A set of hybrid wedges that can help everyone drop strokes around the greens. We have amateur golfers hit their wedges then the Hwedge and compare.

If you missed any of our previous episode, we have you covered. Click on the links below and enjoy!

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Golf Life TV Show – 2017 April Episode

Golf Life TV Show – 2017 April Episode

Golf Life TV: 2017 April Episode


In this episode of Golf Life TV, we head out on a golf vacation to Las Vegas, Nevada, where we tour two unique golf resorts that are a must-play for any golfer’s list. A group of golfers play on a full-swing simulator and we have a fitness tip for your game. Plus, we test a swing tool aimed at helping all golfers feel connection in their swing.

One of the great destinations in the U.S. is Las Vegas, Nevada, yet many may not have considered Vegas as a travel spot for golf until now.  Vegas golf is in full force, and with so many amazing courses offering variety and unique course design, it’s time to book your trip   to Sin City with your favorite foursome or for some mornings on the links and evenings full of entertainment.

We visit a course with views of Vegas Valley that are unmatched, the magnificent Revere Golf Club in Henderson, Nevada. It’s kind of centered in an upscale Anthem community, minutes from The Strip. The golf course is 36 holes. They have the Lexington and the Concord golf courses. Each golf course is unique in its own way. The Lexington, which is the flagship of the two, is kind of drug through the canyons. The fairways dive down through the canyons, and it’s obviously undulated greens, skill shots needed on just about every hole, where the Concord is kind of a little more of an easier golf course.  It gives you more room for mis-hits.

Golf LIfe’s special host Taylor Massey introduces us to an indoor swing simulator from Full Swing Golf. These indoor simulators will bring tons of golf enjoyment to your home or office.  Jordan Spieth, Jason Day and even Tiger Woods has one of these simulators. We hit some balls and play some of the gaming arcade aspects.

One destination you must experience on a trip to Sin City is the magnificent Royal Links Golf Club. Royal Links is unique in the sense   that it has the 18 best holes of the 11-course rotation for the Open.   In order to play these holes, someone has to actually take a trip across the ocean, and yet it’s right here in Las Vegas. You get to play 18 of the best British Open holes on the 11-course rotation over there.  It’s not desert golf. Everything’s grass, Scottish style. Hit it low and run it up.

Golf Life’s Mike Billingsley shows us the ultimate real-feel indoor-outdoor Sci-Core golf ball. It’s the heaviest practice ball on the market and you can use them to practice indoors, maybe in your office or your own living room.

We check out the new HWedge set of hybrid wedges that can help everyone drop strokes around the greens.

We head to Mission Viejo, California,at the Arroyo Trabuco Golf Club where we talk with Top Teacher Jeff Ritter and several amateur golfers about the Swing Jacket.

Check out the full episode above and learn more about each exciting segment Golf Life brings to you! If you missed our last episode, we have you covered. Click on the link below and enjoy!

EPISODE 1 – February


Golf Life TV Show – 2017 PreSeason Special

Golf Life TV Show – 2017 PreSeason Special

Golf Life TV: 2017 PreSeason Special


In this episode of Golf Life TV, we bring you highlights from the 2017 PGA Merchandise Show and Demo Day, where golf personalities and top golf companies kick off the golf season. Plus, we get you some advice on how to get solid golf instruction going into this year.   We’ll show you a fitness tool to help you strengthen your game and a few products to help your short game.

We start out by heading out to Orange County National Golf Center in Orlando, Florida, where the newest golf equipment was presented. The 2017 PGA Show Demo Day is the largest outdoor demo in the world.   And it’s the perfect start to the PGA Merchandise Show. The world’s largest driving range at Orange County National plays host to hundreds of golf’s top brands as they showcase their newest innovations in golf equipment. The main staple of Demo Day is for golfers and industry professionals to try out and test the newest   technologies, clubs, and accessories golf has to offer. We talked with Dean Reinmuth about The Swing Coach Club, Brian Bazzel with TaylorMade Golf, “Driver vs. Driver” winner Eric Sillies, Jim McCarthy of Cure Putters and PGA Tour Player Bryson DeChambeau at the Cobra Puma Tent.

We came across a great fitness program. It’s called Golf Fit Kit. Golf Fit Kit is a training program for golfers, like yourself, to get more flexible, have better posture and have a lifetime of golf in your future.

We sometimes get a question about “How should I start with lessons?” or “What should I do?”   Bigger problem is, is most people don’t come to the PGA professional first and ask that question. Top Teacher Shawn Cox from the beautiful Grand Golf Club in Del Mar, California gives us his advice to help you get proper golf instruction.

We give you a product review on the Levelhead Ball Marker.  It’s from a company called Iron-Lad Golf.  It has a level or a bubble on it, a bubble level, and what that will do is allow you to learn how to make more breaking putts.

Following the Demo Day is golf’s fifth major.  For three days, golf’s PGA professionals and industry professionals gather to discover the latest trends in golf equipment, technology, and apparel.  We go inside this amazing event and learn more about the latest in golf.

Check out the full episode above and learn more about each exciting segment Golf Life brings to you!


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