Golf Life’s TOP TEN Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Golf Life’s TOP TEN Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Golf Life’s Top 10 Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father’s Day is coming up and if you’re scrambling for what to get him and at an affordable price then Golf Life’s Top Ten Father’s Day Gift Guide is for you. Here in no particular order is what we recommended you get good ole dad for his special day!


Nexbelt is a belt with no holes. PresciseFit technology allows 1/4 adjustments for maximum comfort.  You will no longer need to worry about punching new holes allowing your belts to last even longer. Just cut to your size using scale in back. Nexbelt offers a variety of designs and styles to choose from. Don’t just choose the style belt but also the belt buckle. One buckle even has a flip down revealing a ball marker and divot tool.

Price: $50 and up


The Orange Whip is a perfect gift for dad. This training tool can help stretch out your golf muscles before a long 18 hole journey and helps stretch you out so that you can get in a few good practice swings and build your momentum before you even take the first drive on hole 1. This training tool helps you feel and learn if you’re swinging too fast so you can make the proper adjustments. You can also check out their short game tools like the new Orange Whip Wedge and Putting Wand

Price: $109


Is Dad have issues with his golf swing? Get him a Swing Jacket and he could be hitting the fairways in no time. This golf training aid is a jacket that will help you memorize a more powerful, accurate, easy to repeat golf swing. Perfect to use while practicing in his living room or out on the range. Need more convincing? The Swing Jacket is endorsed by Top teacher Jeff Ritter. 

Price: $179


Bender golf gloves are a great affordable gift to get dad. The gloves provides a comfortable and breathable fit for any golfer and is made with the very best leather and synthetic materials. Bender golf gloves also have different designs and colors, for example instead of just a solid color there is the american flag glove which is made of a smooth stretchy spandex material that is just as comfortable and breathable as the leather. Add some color to your dads golf game!

Price: $9.99 and up


This frictionless tee reduces friction at the impact of your drive.  Imagine the possibilities in your golf game with 4 yards more! The flexible 6-prong tip reduces resistance and allows for better contact. These golf tees are so durable they are built to last over 100 drives. They come in a variety back or packages of tees with the same height. Help dad get more distance and control off the tee by getting him some 4 Yards More Golf Tees.

Price: $5.99 each


HWedge is a hybrid wedge that helps get the ball more in the air and has the ball stop sooner. It’s sure to take more strokes off your game and give your shot more accuracy. The idea behind a hybrid wedge is that the weight is back and low like a hybrid with a wedge’s face. It makes your shots very smooth and it feels great. This wedge puts the ball more in the air with more spin for a more accurate shot.

Available in lofts of 50 degree, 55 degree, and 60 degree. This club is also USGA conforming and legal so your stickler golf friends can’t pull a rulebook on you for this one. Your short game is going to improve immensely and it will help you recover from sand and rough.


For more information or purchase visit

Price: $129.95


Levelhead from Iron-Lad Golf is a ball marker that reads the greens. This ball marker is unique because it maintains the size of a regular ball marker and gives you feedback on whether on your balls lie is hitting uphill, downhill or any directional break. When you set it behind your ball and line it up with the hole it will show you how much break is on the line. It’s a great product for anyone’s bag and especially for dad.

Price: $19.99


This Ball can help dad get better, and does so with the most precision of any golf ball you can use. Take it on the range, or the golf course for a practice round. This ball can help improve your long or short game by helping with your focus, accuracy, stance, and aim. To use it you simply point the targets at whatever you’re aiming for and now you have a target. You can use this ball to help with your stance and help you see the line that you are hitting on. This ball is great for helping with alignment and helping you stay on target for the most accurate aim for your shot.

Price: $15 for 6-pack


The MISIG is a device that will help improve your golf game. Called the Most Important Stretch in Golf, this rod device allows the golfer to feel the pressure of proper take away, structure and loading. After doing just a few stretches, you will feel it in your shoulders, back and hips. This training aid will help increase degrees of back swing and range of motion that will help you improve and have stronger golf shots.

Price: $79


ReadyPutt is basically a Putter Cover that provides the added convenience of a Golf Ball Cleaner. You will no longer need that bulky towel to take to the green. The Tri-Layer Ball Cleaner technology is built to remove debris from your ball. Place the Tri-Layer Golf Ball Cleaner under a water source to absorb and maintain a wet cleaning surface throughout your round. The ReadyPutt also has a magnet built into the cover to hold your ball marker or divot tool.  The ReadyPutt comes in many different colors and can fit blade or mallet putters.

Price: $24.99

If you didn’t see anything in our Top Ten list that your dad might like then head over to our Discount Deals Page and perhaps you will find them something over there and we can help you save some money while doing it.

Happy Father’s Day!!!

Dave Pelz Backyard is Tribute to Golf

Dave Pelz Backyard is Tribute to Golf

Golf Life got the opportunity to visit one of the most amazing backyards ever created. We show you a golfer’s paradise or what top teacher Dave Pelz calls his backyard.  Watch the interview with the legendary short game guru and his son, who run Dave Pelz Synscapes.  Together they have built possibly the most amazing private golf properties of it’s kind.

Come on along it’s going to be a fun ride.  Dave Pelz states, “I’ve lived on golf courses all my life and my son who built this backyard said, you are no longer living on a golf course, you’re living on golf!”.

Full Swing Golf Indoor Simulators

Full Swing Golf Indoor Simulators

Full Swing Golf Simulators

Several golfers get to enjoy year round golf. The Golf Life team is not one of them. That is where a Full Swing Golf Simulator comes into play. Full Swing Golf has created 3 distinctive series, designed to find that sweet spot between your ultimate wishlist and budget. Thir simulators are so good that Golf Digest named them the 2016 best golf simulator.

Full Swing Golf


S2 Series

The S2 series features a easy design for DIY installation and greater space compatibility. The S2 simulator includes 15 amazing golf courses, including Bethpage Black, Firestone, and Torrey Pines. If you want more than the 15 preloaded courses, there are several additional championship golf courses available to add on and play.

The simulator also features a standard resolution projector with 4500 lumens, a i7 touchscreen laptop, quite hitting screen and the patented dual tracking technology.

The S2 series also has the option to have the Showdown Golf Package added on. This package includes several head to head competitions for challenging your friends.

Full Swing Golf

S4 Series & S8 Series

The S4 Series and S8 Series includes everything in the S2 Series but with more options and add ons. Depending on your budget and space will determine which series is perfect for you. The Full Swing Simulators are perfect for the home or business.

The Full Swing Golf team consists of several Pro Golfers. Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Jordan Speith and Patrick Reed are just a few names enjoying and trusting the technology within a Full Swing Golf Simulator.

Head over to Full Swing Golf now to learn more about their exciting simulators.



Jay Golden is the Funniest Man in Golf

Jay Golden is the Funniest Man in Golf

Jay Golden: Funniest Man in Golf

Listen to the most entertaining interview in Golf Life history. Jay Golden gives us a great story about Arnold Palmer and does an amazing Muhammed Ali impression from the PGA Show in Orlando!

Birdie Ball Putting Greens Product Review

Birdie Ball Putting Greens Product Review

Birdie Ball: The Indoor, Portable Putting Green

Birdie Ball

Living in the Northeast where the golf season is slightly shorter than most, you are lucky if you can get seven maybe eight months of golf in. This forces the golfer to look for alternative ways to keep the game sharp or at the very least going in the off season. I have played golf for over thirty years and have tried and used many if not all options when it comes to indoor putting greens. I have used the automatic ball return devices, putting on the carpet and the indoor/outdoor carpet. Some of them are better than others but none of them are ideal in any way shape or form. They all have their various drawbacks and limitations. So when I was given a chance to review the Birdie ball putting green I was extremely excited for the opportunity.

Birdie Ball Inc. was founded in 2002 in Golden, Colorado, a small family business, that focuses on customer service and providing their invaluable customers with fun and innovative golf products. John Breaker the president was so kind in giving me this opportunity to review his product. They offer many different sizes and options to fit just about anyone’s budget. I chose to evaluate 3’ x 12’ size putting surface in the classic ½” green style. They sent me a medium green speed of 10-11 Stimp. Birdie Ball Greens offer three different speeds slow 9-10, medium 10-11 and fast 11-13 Stimp. I have three cups on one end and two cups on the opposite end, with bumpers on both ends. The setup also came with five hole flags, four low back cups, one high back, a hole deepening shim as well as a hole reducing insert and small section of green for creating breaks.

Birdie Ball greens

Let me tell you a few things about the Birdie ball putting greens before I get into the performance of the product. The green has a specific side to putt on. It is what they call the “fuzzy side”. When you unroll the green for the first time it is the surface on the outside of the roll. You should also always store the green with this surface to the outside of the roll. They list three items as the enemy of the putting green, heat, intense sunlight and pointed objects. So it shouldn’t be used in direct sunlight or while wearing golf shoes. They also have a disclaimer when it comes to pets as we know with claws and their ability to scratch and dig at items not a good combination for the putting green.

Birdie Ball Hole

I have been rolling putts on the Birdie Ball putting green for over a month now. There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t spend a few minutes on the green rolling some putts. The green rolls true and what they call the medium speed green rolls at a pretty good pace. They roll so true the fact is I can pick and aim for a specific side of the cup not just the cup in general. The bottom of the cups have small circles that hold the ball in place so you can easily aim for a space not occupied by a ball. You can easily set the green up for breaking putts also by inserting the provided shims underneath the green. I found that with the holes so close to the edges on the 3’ wide green it made the putt break very sharply. You pretty much couldn’t start the putt far enough out to the right or left to make the putt. If you had the wider four foot green I would think this would be fine. The Birdie ball putting green putts truer and more consistently than any other putting green that I have ever used or owned. The flags that come with the setup make it very easy to pick the balls up out of the holes (just like most putting greens on an actual golf course). The hole reducer works great when you want to narrow the focus and refine your stroke. I didn’t try this but they claim that you can slow down or speed up the pace of the green by using a broom or brush to either brush with the grain or against the grain of the surface. Yes the Birdie ball putting green has a grain to the surface. This is also the way they recommend cleaning the green off as well as using soapy water to clean any spots if you need to. The bumpers or edges they provide with the kit stop any speedy putts from racing away. The Birdie ball people offer many different choices when it comes to sizes and price ranges which should meet the needs of most anyone out there. They also offer other unique golf items on their website so check them out at, as well as their social media sites on Facebook,Twitter and Instagram.

Mike Hallee

Golf Life Contributor

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