NextLinks: Golfing Entertainment

NextLinks: Golfing Entertainment

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Golf entertainment is latest and greatest in the golfing world. NextLinks bring you the newest way people can go to one destination, have fun with friends and play golf. With NextLinks, their fundamental purpose is to let people enjoy golf no matter the skill level or knowledge.  Their solution is giving a full 18-hole experience inside a large warehouse.

How does NextLinks work?

The experience has three main features. 1. The Simulators: Golfers hit all of their tee shots and long iron shots on the simulator. 2. Putting Green (Live Area): Once the golfer gets close enough to the flag stick, they will play out the hole ‘live’ where it allow for both pitches and putts. 3. Technology: This is what brings everything together. The NextLinks technology ties the simulators with the live play areas so that you know where to put the ball on or around the green so you can finish the hole.

One thing that they really take pride on is their putting greens. They have constructed their greens to have the same look, feel and playability as you would see on any golf course outside. With a machine, NextLinks is able to create a new design of the greens so you have the break and slope that you desire.

But it is not just golf. Well, it is all golf, but like any other golfing experience there is a social experience as well. At night, the live play area gets transformed into a nightclub setting with lasers, black lights and spotlights. Everyone gets thirsty when they play golf. That is why they have a lounge for friends and co-workers to socialize and have a good time when they are not playing their round.

For those of you who love new and exciting activities that you can do with your friends or co-workers, NextLinks is the NEXT place you should going. Fun, entertaining and a legitimate golfing experience. What could go wrong? For more information and where they will be building next, Click Here!

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Goat Hill Park

Goat Hill Park

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It’s the People’s park of Oceanside, CA and the home of the North County Junior Golf Association. In 1952, Goat Hill Park opened their doors to a nine-hole golf course, today it is a par 65 18-hole golf course. To this date, Goat Hill Park is the only golf course in Oceanside, CA that has an ocean view.

Don’t take the Par 65 lightly though. The course is littered with hills an ongulations that creates an some difficulty. Most of the golf course is set to be a long shot followed by a short shot. Most of the par 4’s will ask for a precise long shot, followed by 75-80 yards into the green.

A few years back though, the county was looking to sell off the land. They wanted to turn it over and make some money on the property. Queue the Hero. The hero: John Ashworth. John and his team of investors came into the picture to save Goat Hill Park.

John Ashworth is the President of LinkSoul. LinkSoul is a California based company with roots of CA in everyting that they do. Inspired by the CA lifestyle, LinkSoul has tops, bottoms, hats, sunglasses, and more to really bring that CA lifestyle to life. To see all the LinkSoul gear, check out their website: LINKSOUL

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Callaway Golf Apparel: 2018

Callaway Golf Apparel: 2018

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Callaway Golf Apparel: 2018 Collection

Year after year, Callaway comes out with a collection of clothing that is both fashion forward and comfortable. It makes sense why Golf Life wears Callaway on video shoots. The Callaway golf apparel for 2018 is no different providing authenitic performance and style.

From head to toe, you have the choice to deck yourself out in some of the best materials the game has to offer. There is something for every golfer in every region of the globe. Live in a hot, dry area? Callaway golf apparel has shorts and polos that are extremely comfortable and breathable. It lets the cool air in and keeps you cool throughout your round.

Live in a cold, wet environment? Check out their top Weather Series that will keep you warm and dry from 1-18. Maybe you need something for the office environment. They have the Standard Collection that is perfect for business meetings. Click Here to check out their site. You won’t find a polo, a set of pants or a pull over that does not feel great and look great!

Not only does their clothing get better and better each year, but their shoes do too. Comfort and style is the name of the game with shoes. From a classic look to a more modern look, each shoe will give you the confidence you can walk 18 holes without any discomfort, not to mention the confidence to play well also. There are awesome selections for both men and women to choose from and in great colors. Whether is is for men, women or the big and tall the Callaway golf apparel 2018 collection is simple, yet exciting this year.

Go check them out right and start looking better than you ever have!

Beer Pong Golf

Beer Pong Golf

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Beer Pong Golf: Beer + Pong + Golf

Imagine it is the fourth of July. BBQ, friends, sunny and 75, but you are not sure what sort of summer activity or yard games you should be playing. Look no further than Beer Pong Golf. It is genious. Everybody like beer pong and everybody likes golf. You put the two together and you have one hell of a fourth of July party. Lucky for you Beer Pong Golf can be used for any occasion, anywhere. They have five different boards that you can choose from; The Original, The Single, The Foldable Set, The Tabletop and the Mini. Create excitement at tailgates, weddings, bachelor and bachelorette parties or even just for your backyard. Customize it and make it your own. Beer Pong Golf allows you to customize your board however you seen fit. Show off your creation at your next event with your favorite sports logo or you business logo on the boards.

The game is simple.

1. Start with the boards 6ft – 12ft apart (Depending on skill level)

2. Arrange the cups in a triangle shape.

3. Play as if you were playing beer pong but with a golf club in your hand.

Not only is this a fun outdoors (or indoors) activity, it also gives you the opportunity to practice. Short game, particularly around the greens, is where most people lack in their golf game. Why not make practice fun with the Beer Pong Golf. Work on 6ft chips all the way up to 12ft chips (following the rules). Pretty soon, you will be out in the backyard working on your game, while playing Beer Pong. What could be better than that?

If you want more information and where to buy Beer Pong Golf Click Here! Check out our video to learn the story behind this incredible game

ELLWEE: The Next Generation Electric Golf Vehicle

ELLWEE: The Next Generation Electric Golf Vehicle

electric golf vehicle ellwee

ELLWEE: Next Generation Electric Golf Vehicle

When you go to golf courses, most of the time they will put you in a traditional golf cart. Its boring, crowded and will occasionally have some sort of a GPS system in it. The golf game is changing with new vehicles that you can ride in/on while you play your round. From Golf Skate Caddy to Phat Scooters, to the Golf Bike, all of them are outside-the-box-vehicles that can make your round more interesting. Now, feast your eyes on the newest, latest and greatest, next generation electric golf vehicle.

From Sweden, ELLWEE is the newest vehicle you can cruise around on, on the golf course. ELLWEE is a company from Sweden (home of SAAB) and their goal is to become the premier market leader in electronic vehicles. So they thought, why not start in golf? With four different color variations, the ELLWEE is a perfect alternative to a traditional golf cart. They have a 20MPH max speed, 100KM range, 8 hour charge time and 280KG max load capacity.

The ELLWEE is a vehicle that creates versatilely during each and every round. Using the ELLWEE will create 30% faster rounds while dramatically reducing wear and tear on the golf course. With top-class engineering, electric knowledge and Scandinavian design you are sure to have an unbelievable time on the golf course. With anything, safety has to be the key with this electric golf vehicle. While you are cruising downhill, they have applied an engine break and ‘Geo Fencing’ has been created so you stay away from off-limit areas on the course. This electric golf vehicle is all about versatility while building a strong foundation in the ‘golf cart’ future.

With all the ‘new’ ways to get around the course these days, you will find the ELLWEE to be fun, time saving and safe as you make your way back out on the course. Take a look at this quick video to see it in action! Check out their website to learn more!  Click Here!

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Willbrook Plantation Golf Club

Willbrook Plantation Golf Club

Willbrook Plantation – A Top Grand Strand Track and The Ladies Choice in Myrtle Beach

Willbrook Plantation

When Willbrook Plantation opened in 1988, golf course architect Dan Maples referred to it as “One of my best”. The ladies seem to agree. In fact, Golf Digest named Willbrook Plantation as one of America’s Top 50 Courses for Women in 2010. Golf for Women Magazine has ranked the course as high as 25th in the US for women. However, all the guys I spoke with describe it to be a challenging layout, as well. In 2006, Golf Digest awarded Willbrook 4.5 stars in their “Best Places to Play.”

Willbrook Plantation is built on land that was once two Carolina plantations, dating back to 1798 as evidenced on their logo. As you make your way around the course, you’ll see several historical markers denoting the various historic points of interest. One tells about the mounding built by slaves in the 1700s that served as the property lines between plantations. All kinds of non-golf related facts that add to the round’s enjoyment.

Willbrook Plantation

Willbrook Plantation plays 6,722 yards from the back tees with a rating of 72.4 and 133. The White Tees at 6,292 yards (70.3/129) provided a great test for me. Ladies play from 4,981 yards (68.3/120). Pick the right set of tees and when it doubt, do what Jack says and play it forward.

The golf course at Willbrook Plantation weaves its way through lowcountry marshes, and natural grasses. Along the way you’ll encounter centuries-old oak forests and a blend of wildlife you don’t see at other venues. It’s not uncommon to see the occasional deer, hawk or alligator during your round. The course is very player-friendly, especially for those that have never played the course. Water hazards that may have gone unnoticed, are marked with large yellow flags, so the “I didn’t know there was water there” defense is no longer valid. Water is very much a part of the action at Willbrook Plantation; you’ll see it in some form or another on at least 14 holes, although it only comes into actual play on about half of them.

Willbrook Plantation

There are several holes at Willbrook that could be considered “signature-worthy” but here are my choices:

Most Memorable Hole: Number 6, Par 3, 127 yards (White Tees). A challenging island green gets your attention on this short par 3 hole. A large bunker guards the left side of the green and two grass swales guard the far end, so if you miss the green left, up and down becomes an arduous task.

Favorite Par 3: Number 17, 160 yards (White Tees). This hole may be easier from the back two sets of tees than the forward two, because you won’t have the large tree to deal with. The water in front of the tee should not come into play; if it does, you may want to get a lesson from Head Professional Kevin McGuire. A back pin location will probably require an extra club.

Favorite Par 4: Number 10, 356 yards (White Tees). Remember that Lynyrd Skynyrd song with the line: “Oak tree you’re in my way”? That seems to be the mantra on a number of holes at Willbrook, but none more so than on the par 4 10th hole. Not once, but twice. Off the tee you’ll need to avoid the large oak between the water and the fairway; hit the tree and there is a good chance it’s going in the water. Your best play is down the left side, This takes not only that tree out of play but also the large oak that guards the right side of the green. You’ll just have to clear two greenside bunkers on the left. Your choice: trees or sand?

Favorite Par 5: Number 3, 520 yards (White Tees). Number 3 is both challenging and appealing to the eye. With sand dotting the landscape down the right side, your best play off the tee is up the left. This is easier said than done as Mr. Maples planted a large oak tree near the edge of the fairway, so to maximize your distance up the left side, you’ll need to hit a draw. For the majority of players, this is going to be a three shot hole. As long as you keep your layup shot in the fairway and leave a manageable distance for your approach, you can score well here. A single greenside bunker guards the front left while two grass swales make for an interesting up and down from behind the green.

Pro’s Pick: Number 15, Par 5, 538 yards. A long tree-lined par 5 with a creek running through it that cuts the hole in half. If you’ve been waiting to show off that new draw shot, now’s the time to use it. Any drive landing in the left half of the fairway off the tee is going to provide the best angle into the green. Play your layup shot over the creek, avoiding the two fairway bunkers on the left to set up your approach. You’ll need to fly it on the green to avoid the two front bunkers that guard the putting surface. No wonder it’s rated the hardest hole on the course.

Last Word: It’s easy to see why Willbrook Plantation is consistently ranked one of the top courses in the Myrtle Beach area. Accuracy is at a premium, especially when avoiding large trees. It’s not the longest course on the Strand, but it is going to make you think your way around it. It’s also very peaceful and serene on the course; I think this is what Mark Twain was talking about when he said, “a good walk spoiled.”

In addition to the course, Willbrook has a great practice area and a grill that is popular with both visitors and locals. In fact, when I asked several players on the course which hole was their favorite, the majority said it was the 19th! For more information or to book a round at Willbrook Plantation, Click Here.

Golf Life Contributor
David Theoret

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