Honma Experience Safeco Field

Honma Experience Safeco Field

Throughout the years, Golf Life has been lucky enough to experience different opportunites in the golfing world. But not to often, do we get to experience golf in a different setting than a golf setting. This time, Golf Life took a trip to Seattle, WA to visit the Honma Experience at Safeco Field. A unique opporutinity where golf fans and baseball fans can co-exist in the same place.

Honma Golf has been creating unique experiences for golfers all over the world by installing swing studios in businesses to help get the word out on their golf clubs and club manufacuring.

We first started in the Roger Dunn Golf Shop and now they have opened a swing studio at Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners. It has been known that baseball players and fans love the game of golf, so Honma took that concept and ran with it. While at a Seattle Mariners game, during the 7th inning stretch, you and your friends can go hit a couple of balls, try out Honma clubs and have some fun. Tucked right behind the center field wall, the Honma Experience at Safeco Field gives the golf fan and the baseball fan the opportunity to learn more about Honma Golf clubs.

Honma sets themselves apart from the rest of the club making business by making one-of-a-kind golf clubs, customized just for you, from scratch. Their unparralled expertise in club making gives them an upper hand on the rest of the competition. By incorperating swing studios like the one at Roger Dunn Golf Shop and the Honma Experience at Safeco Field, it gives patrons the opportunity to learn more about their amazing craftsmanship and try out the golf clubs in person.

Check out our feature video and see what it is like, first hand, to experience the Honma Experience at Safeco Field.

We Visit The Pechanga Resort & Casino

We Visit The Pechanga Resort & Casino

Owned by the Luiseno Indians, the Pechanga Resort and Casino opened their doors in 2002 as the largest resort/casino on the West Coast. Built right in the heart of the Sounthern California Wine Country, Pechanga offers a wide variety of amenities to make this an amazing experience for the whole family.

Pechanga Resort and Casino recently completed a $300 million expansion that doubled their room space and their spa facility. They have built an event center perfect for weddings, company meetings, and concerts. There is a dedicated pool complex that features restaurants, bars, three pools and cabanas to sit and relax!

But the one thing that sets the Pechanga Resort apart from everyone else is their amazing golf course. The Journey at Pechanga is par-27, links style golf course built by Arthur Hills and Steve Forrest. Once of the premier golf course of the west coast, the Journey offers amazing views and plays atop hills that give you an experience like no other.

Golf Life was able to catch up with Jared Munoa, the President of of the Pechanga Development Corporation and Scott Mallory, the Director of Golf at the Journey to learn more about this amazing complex and this incredible golf course.

Experience Honma At Roger Dunn Golf Shop

Experience Honma At Roger Dunn Golf Shop

Roger Dunn Golf Shops are an experience like none other. The minute you walk into the door, it’s nothing but golf from wall to wall. Golf Life took a trip to Santa Ana, CA to visit the Roger Dunn Golf Shop and to experience their brand new Honma swing studio.

The experience immediatley starts when you take your first steps into this amazing warehouse. From wall to wall, it’s all golf. Roger Dunn has an enormous selection of clothing, clubs, shoes, accessories and more. They have 4 different companies with their own swing studio and a 15 bay indoor driving range so you can hit balls. It is truely unlike any golf store open today.

Brand new to the Roger Dunn Golf Shop is Honma’s golf studio. Jam packed with clothing, bags, and golf clubs that you can try out and get fit for. This specific studio is the first of its kind here in America. The only true, in-store golf studio where customers can try the Honma clubs and get fit for them in one location.

The fact that this is the first studio of its kind for Honma is as unique as it gets, but it gets even better. The display cases on the right and left side of the studio are hand-crafted golf clubs that cost more than a car. You do the math, those golf clubs cost a pretty penny and the only place you can buy them, you guessed it, The Roger Dunn Golf Shop in Santa Ana, CA.

Golf Life gives you an in-depth look at the golf shop as well as the state-of-the-art studio by Honma!

Golf Life Interviews Major Dan Rooney

Golf Life Interviews Major Dan Rooney

Golf Life took a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Tulsa, OK to visit the Patriot Golf Club and the Folds Of Honor Headquarters. Major Dan Rooney, an American hero and founder of the Folds of Honor allowed us into his office to learn more about this beautiful golf course and amazing organization.

Major Dan Rooney still flies fast jets for freedom as well as runs an organization called the Folds of Honor. The Folds of Honor is an organization that provides scholarship opportunites to spouces and children of America’s fallen and disabled service-members. Their Motto: “Honor Their Sacrifice. Educate Their Legacy”.

Major Dan Rooney was returning home from his second tour in Iraq as an F16 pilot for the Oklahoma National Guard. He quickly became painfully aware of the reality families face and go through when a loved one in uniform is fallen or disabled. Major Dan decided to do something about by creating Folds of Honor.

Today, Folds of Honors stands tall in Tulsa, OK with the backing of a beautiful golf course; The Patriot Golf Club. The two pieces live next door to each other and they work hand-in-hand to Honor The Sacrifice and Educate The Legacy. One of the coolest golf tournaments this country has to offer happens every Memorial Day at the Patriot Golf Club. Celebrities, Top Executives, PGA Tour Players and more stand side by side and play golf with military veterans in what is called ” The Patriot Golf Day”.

Our Host, Colton Little, stood inside of Major Dan Rooney’s office (inside Folds of Honor) to learn more about the impact the Patriot Golf Club and the Folds of Honor are creating for military and military veteran.

TO GET INVOLVED WITH FOLDS OF HONOR: https://www.foldsofhonor.org/

CHANGE LIVES THROUGH THE GAME OF GOLF. Join America’s largest grassroots golf fundraiser Patriot Golf Day! Benefitting Military Families by providing educational scholarships. TAKE ACTION TODAY!

Brady Riggs: Honma Golf Feature

Brady Riggs: Honma Golf Feature

Brady Riggs is a PGA Teaching Professional and is a good one at that. One of his strengths as a teacher is taking other sports and using techniques to help give athletes a different perspective to the game of golf. There are similarities from sport to sport so for athletes, it can be a quicker learning curve taking different drills and motions from other sports.

For Brady though, he is a sports enthusiast that fell in love with the game of golf. Growing up, it was all about putting a golf ball on the ground and hitting at a target. As he grew up and his playing career hit a ceiling, he turned to teaching.

Riggs is a old fashion golfer that cares about the way a club looks, the way a club head looks and the way the ball sounds off the club. That is why he was turned on to Honma Golf and their golf clubs. Honma Golf Clubs bring him back to what he grew up with. The address at the ball looks great, the feel is amazing and the sound is above and beyond.

Find out what Brady Riggs thinks about Homna Golf Clubs and how he has established his golf game with the brand and is now transferring his love of golf and the clubs to his teaching everyday!

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Patrick Koenig: RGV Tour and The First Tee

Patrick Koenig: RGV Tour and The First Tee

Patrick Koenig, from Seattle, WA, is just a guy who loves to play golf and enjoy the scenery around him. That is why he purchased a recreational vehicle and turned it into a travel-across-the-country-and-play-golf-vehicle. While on his adventures, he established the RGV Tour. The RGV Tour is a tour where Patrick drives across the country to play golf and he invites anybody and everybody to come out and play golf with him.

Why do this Tour? Why create the RGV Tour? The Tour is all about raising funds for the First Tee of Greater Seattle. Golf has allowed Patrick to experience some of the most beautiful golf courses across the U.S. while becoming a better person and golfer in the meantime. That is exactly what the First Tee does for children not only in Seattle, WA, but across the nation. The First Tee helps children become better people, make better choices and decisions and experience life through the game of golf.

From Chambers Bay, to the Bandon Dunes, follow Patrick on his RGV Tour and experience the golf courses and scenery he plays on a weekly basis!

For more information and where to donate, go to PJKOENIG.COM.


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