Golf Destination: Las Vegas Sun Coast Resort

When visiting Las Vegas for a golf vacation, you want a location that offers easy access to great courses, yet all the activities you look for from a top quality casino, spa and resort. Suncoast Hotel & Casino is located in the premier northwest area of Las Vegas and is surrounded by 81 holes of world-class golf. The property offers exclusive restaurants, fun gaming, deluxe accommodations, bowling, movie theaters, bingo and much more. It is “Las Vegas as it used to be” in the Suncoast’s beautiful 500-seat showroom, a throwback to the showrooms of splendor that made Las Vegas famous.

  • Located in scenic Summerlin in northwest Las Vegas
  • Surrounded by 81 holes of world-class golf with majestic mountain views
  • 64-lane championship bowling center
  • 16-screen movie theater with THX sound and stadium seating
  • State-of-the-art race and sports book
  • 500-seat showroom offers top-name entertainment and special events
  • 95,000 square feet of casino space – including more than 2,400 slots and 45 table games
  • 9 restaurants offering delicious fare from fast food to fine dining
  • Meeting and convention facilities

Five Golf Swing Thoughts

5 Golf Swing Thoughts

If you want to improve your golf swing, you have to master the basics.
Forget complex golf swing theories; try these simple five golf swing thoughts to get your game in shape for the new season.

#1. Golf Grip PGA Tips

Make sure the left hand is turned round enough into what is known as a strong grip. Most golfers have the left hand in a ‘weak’ position’ which stops the left arm from swinging correctly when the swing starts. As a reference point, when a golfer looks down at their grip, they should be able to see three knuckles of the left hand. If they can only see is one or two they must twist the left forearm clockwise to the right to the left-hand moves into the correct position.

It’s much better to have a strong grip than a ‘weak’ grip as it gives the best possible chance of a good takeaway. Try the rest of the five golf swing thoughts to better your game.

#2. Head Position in the Golf Stance

This aspect of the swing is incredibly important yet most amateur golfers fail to appreciate its relevance. The head position at address dictates how well the shoulders will be able to turn during the swing. If the head is at the wrong angle when the shoulders start to turn they become restricted by the head which leads to a reverse pivot and narrow swing where the left arm bends. This has a massive effect on clubhead speed at the ball.

The head must be turned to the right so it does not get in the way of the shoulders as they turn.


#3. One Piece Takeaway

With a good grip, and with the headset to the right, a golfer is in position to start the swing correctly. This must be done with a one-piece takeaway where the club, hands, arms, and shoulders all work together to move the club away from the ball. This helps create the widest possible swing arc which means greater accuracy and power. It is vital the hands do not independently swish the club back on their own.

Imagine a pile of leaves lying behind the ball and with the golf club, you have to sweep them out of the way as you start the swing.


#4. Pause at the Top of the Backswing

The top of the backswing is where the golfer has the last chance of making adjustments to the swing if it has gone wrong – this is carried out subconsciously. With a slight pause at the top, a golfer is given that extra bit of time to compute the necessary changes that have to be made during the first part of the downswing.

Try counting one-and-two during the golf swing. One being the backswing – and being the pause at the top – two being the downswing.


#5. Swing to a Finish

If a reasonable position has been found at the top of the backswing and the golfer has made a smooth unhurried start to the downswing, the most important thing to concentrate on is swinging to a full finish. To make sure the weight has shifted correctly onto the left side for longer drives and crisper irons, simply make sure the right foot rotates into the correct position as seen in any photo of a good player.

A well-balanced finish with the right foot turned into the correct position is a good indicator of a good swing.

Brian Jame
Golf Life Contributor


Golf Life Partners

Top 5 Mistakes Amateur Make

Top 5 Mistakes Amateur Make

Like any other sport, golf takes many years of practice and regular play to master. And even for those that have been playing it for long, there is always more to learn. For a novice, it can seem an overly complex game at first, and so it is common for many amateurs and beginners to make mistakes as they learn.

While some of these mistakes are inevitable, others result from lack of knowledge and bad habits. But, if you are serious about the sport and want to learn and improve your game, you need to avoid these 5 mistakes amateur golfers make.

#1 Failing to Warm Up

If you have not played golf before, it is easy to assume that it is just a sedate sport that will not cause any significant stresses to your muscles. But, this could not be further from the truth as golf will place a significant amount of stress on various parts of the body. You will feel some stress on your arms, back, shoulders, legs, and a few other body parts, and so it can be quite a physically demanding sport.

What all this means is that you need to warm up before you start playing to ensure that your body is ready for the physical stress ahead. Many amateurs do not know the importance of warming up before they start a round of golf, and so they will rarely do it. But, also note that warming up does not mean you need hours of exercises. Just a few minutes of gentle muscle stretching is often more than enough.


#2 Using Wrong Balls

For many amateurs, a good golf ball is one that is soft and expensive. However, the truth is that the high handicappers and beginner golfers need a ball that is designed to offer more distance and is also highly durable. The soft and pricey golf balls are for the more experienced and pro golfers as they have the right skills to use them.

A cheap and highly durable ball works better for amateurs as they get to use it for a long time, and it is also more affordable to replace. Also, these balls are designed to offer more distances which is something that many amateurs seem to struggle with. And so as an amateur, you should not go for a golf ball that looks good and feels soft on contact but something more functional that delivers long distances and is cheaper to replace.


#3 Not Checking Equipment before Play

Many amateur golfers do not remember to check their equipment before they head out to the course. And this is more common for those that do not play the sport often enough. At the end of the season or after a golfing weekend, many will put their golf bag to storage with its content and not bother to check the condition of the equipment and then just grab it the next time they need to head out to the course.

Failing to check your equipment can lead to disappointments and ruin your golf day or weekend completely. First, you can easily leave an important club behind such as the driver if you do not check your bag. Also, you can miss noticing a damaged club only for you to find out that the club is bad when lining up a shot which can be very frustrating.


#4 Overestimating Shot Distance

One cannot help but to get impressed with just how far the professional golfers playing in the tours hit with different clubs. But, as an amateur, you need to keep in mind that while it is possible for you to end up being better than Tiger Woods sometime in the future, you are still not him. And so you should not try to hit 220 yards with your 5-iron as you still do not have the skills and experience for this.

Even if at some point you used your driver to make a 250-yard shot, it does not mean that every shot you make will always yield the same result. It is important not to overestimate your shot distances because this will always lead to disappointments and can also affect your learning process.


#5 Lack of Proper Etiquette

Golf is often described as the sport for gentlemen, and so proper etiquette is essential. However, some amateurs tend to overlook this, and so you will find some behaving inappropriately when on the course. There are some things that you should not do when playing such as shouting or talking loudly when others are playing as this can distract them and ruin their shot.

Also, even though you are still a beginner, make sure that you play at a decent speed and give way to a quicker group of golfers to play through if you cannot speed up your play.



Golf is a complex sport by all definitions and you cannot learn everything at once or become a pro player instantly. It takes a lot of work and practice to improve your game and overall performance. But, avoiding the 5 mistakes amateur golfers make is a good starting point for any amateur that wants to learn and enjoy the sport.

Brian Jame

Golf Life Contributor

AUTHOR BIO: While being a well-experienced golfer now, Brian Jame also works as an editor at a golf website to deliver tips and drills as well as buying guides to many other golfers. Stay tuned with to keep yourself updated to the latest golf information!

Champion Hills Golf Club – The Golfin Guy

Champion Hills Golf Club – The Golfin Guy

Champion Hills – Looks Hard. Plays Easy. Beautiful to Look At.

Champion Hills is an upscale residential community and home to Champion Hills Golf Club; a year-round facility nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Both the community and the club are made up of residents and members that hail from more than 36 states across the US; people with an array of diverse interests, experiences, and passions, who have embraced the welcoming culture of Champion Hills. The majority of residents are year-round, affording them the opportunity to take advantage of everything Champion Hills has to offer.

The golf course at Champion Hills is a Tom Fazio design which is nothing less than a collection of 18 signature holes, each one more breathtaking than the previous. After playing one hole and not thinking the view can get any better, you head to the next tee and have to start that thought process all over. Champion Hills is still considered to be Fazio’s home course and although he doesn’t live in the community anymore, you’ll still find him on the property from time to time with friends and business associates, enjoying one of his favorite creations. The golf course is ranked by Golf Digest Magazine among the top private courses in North Carolina and the #1 year-round course in Western North Carolina.

In his own words Fazio said that Champion Hills was love at first site because of the magnitude and scale of the property and how truly unique it was. He realized that he could use the dramatic landscape around him to create a golf course that would be truly magnificent and admired by everyone who visited. Look around in any direction and take in all the beauty that God has created in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina.

There’s a lot more flora and fauna out here than just all of the colorful flowers and shrubbery you see as you play your way around the course. Deer, turkey and white squirrels are prevalent and the occasional black bear has been spotted as well.

Champion Hills offers players 5 sets of tees. At only 6,527 yards from the back tees, it won’t be mistaken as one of the longest course in the area, but with a slope of 144, it is certainly going to test any golfer. The way the course is routed, 14 of 18 holes play downhill off the tee, although this doesn’t make it any easier. The Burgundy Tees (6,195 yards 70.4/140) and the White Tees (5,836 yards 68.9/132) also offer a fitting challenge. Just be sure to pick the set of tees that match your game if you want to maximize your enjoyment.

With so many spectacular holes to choose from, it’s not easy to pick a single standout hole, but if I have to, I’m going to agree with the majority and give the nod to Number 9. It’s a par 3 and, although the scorecard says 196 yards from the back tees, it actually plays about 160. Regardless of what tees you’re playing from, you’ve got to drop a ball and give it a go from back here. At over 100 feet of elevation drop from tee to green, this hole is considered by many golf pundits to be one of North Carolina’s most spectacular holes. The green is large and protected by long bunkers on the right and back left. Miss it left of the green and you’re most likely in the trees. Chose the right club and you’re bound to do well.

Of the remaining 17 holes, the par 5, 5 th would have to be one of the favorites. It plays 543 yards from the Burgundy Tees and trees line both sides of the landing area, putting an emphasis on accuracy off the tee. The hole opens up a bit for your layup shot but the highlight of number 5 is the green. It’s long and narrow with water guarding the left side and slopes back to front. Getting on in regulation can be easier than the two-putt you face for par.

Number 10 is a dogleg right par 4 that plays 385 yards from the White Tees. Your tee shot is downhill and anything well struck will leave slightly more than 100 yards downhill into another large multi-tiered green. The left side of the green sits considerably lower than the right; be sure to take enough club on your approach shot to cover the massive false front.

Don’t let the length of Number 14 lull you into a false sense of security. This par 4 plays a mere 312 yards from the White Tees, yet the hazards that lie in front of you tell a different story. Step one is to play your tee shot downhill and avoid the fairway bunker on the right side. Complete this task and all that’s left is a short approach shot, uphill, over a large bunker in the middle of the fairway to a wide but shallow green with incredible undulation.

Number 15 is another short but absolutely beautiful par 4. From the White Tees, the hole plays 306 yards with another downhill tee shot and uphill approach. If you have any control over the situation, play up the right side of the fairway off the tee, but beware of the large fairway bunker that awaits errant tee shots too far right. That beautiful stream that runs down the left side crosses the fairway just in front of the green and makes for an interesting approach shot. The green slopes back left to front right and the false front can make front pin placements somewhat tricky.

Number 18 is yet another spectacular hole and the culmination of what has been an amazing four hours (give or take). Keep left as you make your way down the fairway, that will keep the stream on the right out of play. The hole plays 388 yards from the White Tees and the downhill tee shot should help you pick up a few yards. Most players will face a long to mid-iron approach shot uphill into a small green closely guarded on the right side by brush and bunkers on the left and in back. The green slopes gently from right to left. After your round, take a look around and take it all in; you’ve just played one of North Carolina’s finest courses.

Step inside the clubhouse and you’ll find well appointed, airy rooms with terrific views of the mountains that surround Champion Hills. Within the clubhouse is a well-stocked pro shop with apparel from all of the industry’s top designers as well as the equipment from leading manufacturers. There’s also spacious men’s and women’s locker rooms. In the back corner is the Fazio Grille, where you will find your favorite post-golf libations; you can also grab a quick bite after your round.

Many country clubs are judged by the dining they offer and if that’s your criteria, your search is over! The food in the dining room at Champion Hills is not only extraordinary, it’s anything but ordinary. Dishes such as Asparagus Di Parma, an appetizer that combines asparagus, prosciutto, parmesan cheese and a soft poached egg will leave you wanting more. Or how about a Peach Rocket Salad: Arugula, local bleu cheese, pistachios and peaches, mixed together and topped with an apple cider poppy seed vinaigrette. The Sunburst Trout features a generous piece of fish with a basil almond crust, served with green beans and Three Graces Flamenco Cheese Smashed Potatoes.

The social calendar within the Champion Hills community consists of over 50 different activity groups, ranging from various skilled card games to fitness groups to brewery visits. Don’t want to travel outside the gates to a brewery, no problem. Champion Hills offers seminars on how to craft your own brew. No matter which group you choose, you’re sure to have some fun, meet new people and make new friends.If your hobbies include hiking, traveling, yoga or piloting, or you simply enjoy a good cigar, chances are that others at Champion Hills that share your interests.

The membership at Champion Hills is very philanthropic and is deeply committed to giving back to the local Hendersonville community through volunteer efforts. Many members are involved with such organizations as the American Red Cross, the Community Foundation of Henderson County and the Boys&Girls Club of Henderson County. There are many people within the community of Champion Hills that share in the vision of an improved local community.

Champion Hills offers several types of memberships. Golf Members and their children, grandchildren, parents and grandparents can enjoy year-round, unlimited access to Champion Hills’ highly-rated Tom Fazio golf course, as well as all other club amenities. Social Members and this same vertical family line enjoy all aspects of the clubhouse, fitness center, tennis courts and more. You don’t need to live in Champion Hills or own property in the area to be a member. If you simply visit the area periodically for business or pleasure, then their National Membership could be a good fit. National members enjoy many of the same benefits as golf members, just not year-round. For more information about the membership options available at Champion Hills, please email the director of membership and activities, Heather Myers, at or give her a call at 828.696.1962.

Whether you’re looking to relocate to the mountains of Western North Carolina and make it your permanent residence or you’re looking for a seasonal mountain retreat, you’ll find that Champion Hills is the perfect mountain golf community. Their website, is filled with all kinds of information on the community and the club.



Honma Gallery Club Fitting: Roger Dunn Golf Shop

Honma Gallery Club Fitting: Roger Dunn Golf Shop

Honma Golf has been a growing entity in the game of golf recently. Their expert craftsmanship has set them apart for all the other club manufacturers in the industry. Their custom built golf clubs have been a huge reason for their success. Now that they have achieve a level of success, their next step is to get as many people as possible to test our their clubs and get custom fit for their clubs. In Santa Ana, at the Roger Dunn Golf Shop, Honma has recently opened a Honma club fitting gallery for patrons to give their clubs a whirl. The Golf Life team went to the Golf Shop to get fit for a set of custom golf clubs. Here is the process from start to finish at the Honma club fitting gallery.

When you first walk into the gallery, the first thing that you will notice are two sets of golf clubs, in the range of $50K-$75K/set, sitting in glass display cases. Honma spends a lot of time and effort on craftsmanship. They create the most flawless, detailed set of golf clubs you will ever see in your life. As you meet the team in the gallery, one of Honma’s expert club fitters will then walk you around the gallery explaining all the different types of clubs they manufacture. From women’s to seniors and everything in-between, they have a set of clubs that will be perfect for your game. From their, it’s down to business. You will get on the hitting simulator and start hitting shots with irons, hybrids and woods. The experts at the Honma club fitting gallery will experiment with different club lengths, lies and club heads. Numbers from the hitting simulator will give the experts a good read on what kind of golfer you are and what the perfect set of clubs would be for you!

After you have finished with your fitting, Honma has the ability to order your set of irons right then and there. We mentioned that Honma takes great pride in creating unique, flawless golf clubs from the ground up just for you. So your specs will be sent to the superior craftsman that make the clubs and your golf clubs will start getting built.

Our experience at the Roger Dunn Golf Shop, inside the Honma club fitting gallery, was easy and insightful. Even though Honma is still a growing brand, the experts really dial you in to what you need, rather than what they think you need! If you want more information on Honma golf clubs or where you can get a customize fit for you next set of clubs, go to


Honma Experience Safeco Field

Honma Experience Safeco Field

Throughout the years, Golf Life has been lucky enough to experience different opportunites in the golfing world. But not to often, do we get to experience golf in a different setting than a golf setting. This time, Golf Life took a trip to Seattle, WA to visit the Honma Experience at Safeco Field. A unique opporutinity where golf fans and baseball fans can co-exist in the same place.

Honma Golf has been creating unique experiences for golfers all over the world by installing swing studios in businesses to help get the word out on their golf clubs and club manufacuring.

We first started in the Roger Dunn Golf Shop and now they have opened a swing studio at Safeco Field, home of the Seattle Mariners. It has been known that baseball players and fans love the game of golf, so Honma took that concept and ran with it. While at a Seattle Mariners game, during the 7th inning stretch, you and your friends can go hit a couple of balls, try out Honma clubs and have some fun. Tucked right behind the center field wall, the Honma Experience at Safeco Field gives the golf fan and the baseball fan the opportunity to learn more about Honma Golf clubs.

Honma sets themselves apart from the rest of the club making business by making one-of-a-kind golf clubs, customized just for you, from scratch. Their unparralled expertise in club making gives them an upper hand on the rest of the competition. By incorperating swing studios like the one at Roger Dunn Golf Shop and the Honma Experience at Safeco Field, it gives patrons the opportunity to learn more about their amazing craftsmanship and try out the golf clubs in person.

Check out our feature video and see what it is like, first hand, to experience the Honma Experience at Safeco Field.

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