Watch Youth Golfer Learning L to L with Randy Chang

Watch Youth Golfer Learning L to L with Randy Chang

Randy Chang: Use “L to L” Method for Golf Swing Success

What if you could step up to the ball and make a solid swing without even looking at the ball or focusing on hitting it?  Could you make solid contact and hit the ball consistently straight down the fairway?  Top Golf Teacher Randy Chang joins Golf Life as we look in a lesson with a youth golfer being taught his “L to L” method.  In this video lesson Randy works with the son of our Executive Producer, Aiden Billingsley, a 15-year-old who has played golf long enough to develop some bad habits.  Randy uses the L to L and gets Aiden hitting the ball longer and straighter with a much simpler approach.

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Here is some more information about Randy. He is PGA Golf Professional and founder of the Aloha Academy of Golf in Hawaii and Randy Chang Golf Schools in Southern California. With over 35 years of professional golf experience, he has been recognized by the PGA and golf industry with awards such as;

  • 1995 SCPGA  Junior Golf Leader of the Year
  • 1998 SCPGA Section Merchandiser of the Year
  • 2002 Aloha Section PGA Teacher of the Year
  • 2003-2004 Top Teacher in the Aloha Section
  • 2004 Nationally Recognized Teacher by Golf Digest
  • 2005 Top Teachers in Southern California by Golf Magazine
  • 2009 SCPGA Metro Teacher of the Year.
  • 2010 SCPGA Section Teacher of the Year.
  • 2014 Golf Tips Magazine National Top 30 Instructor
  • 2015 SCPGA Youth Development Award
  • 2017 Inducted SCPGA Teaching Hall of Fame

Randy was born in Honolulu, Hawaii, graduating from the University of Portland with a bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Business Management & Philosophy. He played for his college golf team on scholarship for 3 years. After college he turned professional and played on various mini tours in Southern California and Canada. Randy has worked within the golfing industry as a Head Professional, Director of Golf, General Manager, and Teaching Professional/ Custom club fitter. His knowledge of the golf swing and his flexible style of teaching compliment each student’s specific goals and physical abilities. Randy’s approach to instruction is to S.U.R.F; Simplicity, Understanding, Retention, and most important, FUN. He believes that today’s technology and training techniques help to speed up the learning process for the student which makes it more enjoyable and easier to comprehend.

Randy has recently signed on with the Golf Channel Academy and has been featured live on the Golf Channel Morning Drive program and his numorous tips has been aired nationally on the Golf Channel.

2017 SCPGA Teaching Hall of Fame


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Golf Tip : Driver Setup

Golf Tip : Driver Setup

Golf Life heads to the Kingdom at TaylorMade’s headquarters in Carlsbad, California, for a golf lesson with teaching pro Devan Bonebrake.

The driver, one of the most important clubs in the bag — in fact, Ben Hogan himself said if you can’t drive the golf ball, you can’t play good golf. Great driving puts you into an offensive position out on the golf course where you’re poised in the middle of the fairway, calm, ready to hit the green in regulation.

Now, one of the major issues I see when my amateur students come in to take a lesson with their drivers is that they tend to have a poor setup. From that position, they’re already off to a bad start in a state of recovery the rest of the swing. So let’s talk about the setup and how it can really make a big difference with your driver, optimize distance as well as direction. When I go ahead and set up to the driver, it’s important to play the ball forward in the stance.

This is going to help with a slightly ascending blow — high launch, low spin. Now, at the same time, I see a lot of players when they set up with their driver, get the ball forward in the stance and then get to the ball via their shoulders. What this does is it puts their head too far in front of the ball. Also changes the direction that they’re aimed and usually causes kind of a steep slice with very little distance. So an old drill that you can do is you can set up with your left hand on the club, your right hand behind your back, and go ahead and place the driver down.

Make sure your shoulders are square. Now, keeping your right shoulder back, slide your right arm in underneath, ensuring that your shoulders are square and that your upper center, or your shirt buttons, are behind your belt buckle. The number-one fundamental with the driver is that we start behind it and stay behind it in the golf swing. In fact, if you look at most PGA Tour players, as they come down, their head, if anything, goes backwards as they’re hitting the driver to optimize those launching distance — high launch, low spin, maximum carry. So, let me demonstrate. Take a look. Right hand behind the back, left hand on the club. Hips forward, head back. Slide the right hand in. A little wag, a look at the target. And go ahead and swing.

So, to recap, proper setup with the driver — upper center behind the lower. Shoulders square. And in the golf swing, head stays behind the ball. It’s going to give you high launch, low spin, and maximum distance. I want to say thank you to TaylorMade, letting us have the beautiful Kingdom location in Carlsbad, California. Go see your local professional. Get fit. They’re going to fit you for the best driver you’ve ever hit in your golf life. Thanks for tuning in.

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Balance Golf Tip from Glenn Deck

Balance Golf Tip from Glenn Deck

Today we’re here to improve your golf game. We’ve got a very simple golf tip that’s gonna improve both your length and accuracy. Yes, both, length and accuracy. It’s learning how to use your hips correct in the golf swing, learning how to use them as a counterbalance to provide more power in your golf game.

Now, what we want to do here is first, this is our balance line right here. Stand nice and tall on it so we’re nice and balanced. The upper body’s gonna tilt down. Sternum goes down, hips go out to counterbalance, knees flex. Now we’re in balance here. Remember, guys, the hips are moving out to counterbalance the upper body tilting forward here. In your golf swing, we’ll simply make a nice turn back. Let your right shoulder and right hip turn back. Again, make that transition. We want to feel like our right hip stays back, our left knee, left hip’s kind of sitting a little bit here. Again, we’re in balance here. If I can do that, guys, I can have the force now moving down and out to the golf ball and a counterbalance out behind me here. That promotes a nice turn through the golf ball. What we see most amateurs do is they get here and they get in a hurry and they turn first and it throws them up on their toes.

The club goes either across, we pull it left, or I stand up and I block it right. Remember, guys, it’s a very simple process. Go back, leave your right hip alone until you get your left leg to kind of set. Feel like you’re sitting a little bit here. Now, the best way to create a feel for that… is to grab a couple of weights. For ladies, 3 pounds is great. For men, 4 pounds. And for juniors, even go like 2 pounds apiece here. Take your setup. Feel your balance here. Simply turn back and swing the weights back.

The key in the downswing is let the right hip stay quiet here. Let the left one move so we feel like we’re kind of sitting. That creates a counterbalance ’cause the weights go down and out to the target here. I’m gonna maintain my balance all the way through the swing now. What we tend to see most amateurs do is they get here, they get in a hurry. They want to turn first so it throws them up on their toes. Then they come across it and pull it left, or I stand up and block it right. Remember, guys, learn how to make that little bit of a sit here. Keep that right hip back. Set the left hip and finish in balance. When you can do that, you’ll hit a ball much farther, much straighter.

If you need more help, just go see your local PGA pro, or go see Glenn Deck at Pelican Hill!

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Golf Tip: How to make Solid Contact

Golf Tip: How to make Solid Contact

“Solid contact, it’s probably the most desired feeling of impact  for any golfer.” Devan BoneBrake isn’t wrong in this video where he gives his best tips on how to get the most solid contact on a golf shot. In this golf tip Devan goes over an iron drill to help with solid contact, maximum compression and ideal and consistent distance. He will go over what to do in your golf swing to assure that your swing gives the most solid contact on a ball that you can get.

Most amature golfers struggle to hit the ball solid consistently, and it’s an important essential to an amateur’s golf game. Hitting the ball with a solid strike will assure a hard hitting shot down the middle of the fairway. Not only is solid contact synonymous with a great golfer and a great golf swing, but it is also very satisfying when on the course and can eliminate stress causing for a better mental game as well.

Devan will go over how the setup stance and the impact stance are two different things. He talks about the importance of maintaining the impact alignments through the ball and how these factors will help make your shots more consistent and make the club face more stable. In this in depth tip on how to make solid contact devan will walk you through his iron drill step by step to help get the satisfying feeling of solid contact.

Devan explains that this tip will help you hit the ball first and the ground second, which is an important fundamental in golf. If you utilize this drill Devan promises solid contact, more distance, and even better compression for your golf shots. If you want to get more tips from Devon, or want to find out more about him you can visit

Hit a Longer Drive with this Swing Tip

Hit a Longer Drive with this Swing Tip

Hitting the Long ball with this Swing Tip

In 2014, Tyler Kellett finished 3rd at the Re-Max World Long Drive Championship.  Krank Golf has been the authority in Long Drive Championships having their athletes winning 13 of them! We caught up with Tyler and Krank Golf to show you how a simple swing tip can help you hit longer drives.

We want to improve your impact position in your swing so you can get more club head speed through the ball.  The most important thing to remember is to keep your arms loose at impact.  We don’t want to grip the club as tight as possible because that won’t allow our forearms to do what they need to do.

Watch the whole time and start hitting your drives farther on a consistent basis! There are more golf tips right here on  Go to our Video Lesson Center to watch more!

Working that Setup for Consistency

Working that Setup for Consistency

Do you understand how to setup properly for shots with irons and your driver? Maybe you just need a refesher and a drill to create a habit. Take a look at this short video from Make The Turn with Jeff Ritter.

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