Hit a Longer Drive with this Swing Tip

Hit a Longer Drive with this Swing Tip

Hitting the Long ball with this Swing Tip

In 2014, Tyler Kellett finished 3rd at the Re-Max World Long Drive Championship.  Krank Golf has been the authority in Long Drive Championships having their athletes winning 13 of them! We caught up with Tyler and Krank Golf to show you how a simple swing tip can help you hit longer drives.

We want to improve your impact position in your swing so you can get more club head speed through the ball.  The most important thing to remember is to keep your arms loose at impact.  We don’t want to grip the club as tight as possible because that won’t allow our forearms to do what they need to do.

Watch the whole time and start hitting your drives farther on a consistent basis! There are more golf tips right here on golflife.com.  Go to our Video Lesson Center to watch more!

Working that Setup for Consistency

Working that Setup for Consistency

Do you understand how to setup properly for shots with irons and your driver? Maybe you just need a refesher and a drill to create a habit. Take a look at this short video from Make The Turn with Jeff Ritter.

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Building A Golf Swing With Gale Peterson

Building A Golf Swing With Gale Peterson

Building a Golf Swing in 5 Simple Steps with Gale Peterson

Gale Peterson has a very extensive resume in the golfing world. Throughout her career, Peterson has earned high honors in the golf teaching business, teaching some high profile athletes. LPGA National Teacher of the Year, Golf Digest’s Top 50 Women Teachers, Black Ink Top 10 Golf Teachers, and from 2002-2012, America’s Top 50 Teachers, are just some accolades she has received over the years. Golf Life had the opportunity to work with her, and since then Gale Peterson and the “5 Simple Steps to a Great Golf Swing” has been one of our highest viewed videos on YouTube (2.5 million). She has mastered her craft and has created some great golf tips to help your game.

The golf swing can be a difficult thing to teach, but Gale has developed a technique allowing golfers to build their swing from the ground up. She does this in 5 simple steps that help you understand what a good golf swing should look like.

STEP 1: Starting with a lofted club (PW, 9-iron, or 8-iron) all you need to do is take the club back to 90* with minimal wrist-cock. From there, all you have to do is drag the handle of the club past the ball so that, at impact, our shaft is in front of our body and finishing with a low club head. This will encourage us to swing down at the ball creating a very high smash factor rating.

STEP 2: Now we will add some bend in our left wrist while the right arm actually hinges creating a nice right angle between your shaft and your left arm. This allows us to develop power, driving the ball down the course.

: The third step is the shoulder turn. That shoulder turn should load your weight on the inside of your left foot. This should allow for your club to stay inside the golf ball on the way back down to impact.

STEP 4: On the follow through, your arms are going to rotate and the club is going to re-hinge.

STEP 5: Complete the full swing with a body release through your target. If you can master the release of the body, the “scoop and flip” in a golf swing will be eliminated.

The golf swing can be as difficult or as easy as you make it. By following these 5 simple steps, you will have a more consistent and powerful golf swing. But, it is not something you can master in one day. Practice, practice and more practice will only make you a better golfer. A very important lesson here is to work from the ground up. In order for you to be successful, you have to go through the stages and master each step before going to the next one.

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Golf Tip From Mike Malaska

Golf Tip From Mike Malaska

How To Maintain Weight & Force with Mike Malaska

The golf swing has a lot of moving parts and there are a lot of perceptions out there that try to make you swing your driver one way or another! A lot of the perception has to do with lag! One concept that has really hurt a lot of people and caused Mike Malaska issues in the past is the perception of how to direct the club head through the swing motion!  At the top of your swing your average driver weighs about 12-14 ounces. When the driver starts down toward the ball, that same driver gains in weight in force, thus causing the shaft to fall back behind you!

To get the feel of this, Mike Malaska advises you to take a basket or bag full of weight and put in on the end of your club and try to make a swing it will be evident that the driver is much heavier half way through your swing than at the top. When the head of the driver gets to about half way down in your swing, it weighs about 20lbs in force! That is a huge difference in weight!

Watch the video above to learn how Mike Malaska is able to keep the weight and force on the fastest and most powerful path, thus making a good swing! He uses the idea of “driving a steering wheel”, which in turn will allow you to have more control over the driver face at impact! For more advice and instruction from teachers like Mike Malaska, check out our Lesson Center today!

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Swing Tip To Become A More Athletic Golfer

Swing Tip To Become A More Athletic Golfer

Swing Tip With Marjorie Jones

Marjorie Jones is the head professional at the beautiful Chelsea Piers Golf Academy in New York! Golf Life got a one-on-one swing tip from Jones while we were in New York. In this particular situation, the student was an ex-baseball player. Marjorie Jones breaks down his swing and finds a solutions to the problem so he can become a more athletic golfer.

Too many times, teaching professionals see golfers who are athletic. Very rarely do they see athletic golfers. In this segment, Jones sees a problem in an ex-baseball players swing. Golf is not like hitting, it is a lot more like throwing a baseball. We want the club and your body to go straight toward the target. If your club and/or body are pointing in a different direction than your target, your ball will go right or left.

All you have to do is start small. Start with a few small swings, making sure your club and body are going toward the target. Then, you can move into full swings making sure everything is going in the right direction. Marjorie Jones breaks down what this looks like in this swing tip. We all want to be athletic, but why not be an athletic golfer instead of an athletic person? Check out the full tip above!

Jeff Yurkiewicz: Hitting a Hybrid

Jeff Yurkiewicz: Hitting a Hybrid

Hitting A Hybrid with Jeff Yurkiewicz

Jeff Yurkiewicz is the Head Golf Instructor at the Greyhawk Golf Club.  Jeff has been around some of top players in the world at the Greyhawk Golf Club because the Costas/McCord Learning Center is right there on the property. In this golf tip, Jeff shows us how to hit a hybrid in different scenarios. For some, hitting a hybrid can be scary especially when you are not 100% confident in the club. Many of us have routinely hit the 3 iron or 2 iron, some even the 1 iron, for the long distance shots. What you don’t know, is the hybrid can be very beneficial for you to have in your bag in place of the 1 iron, 2 iron and 3 iron.

The hybrid is much easier to hit. They are much more forgiving on miss hits and they tend to go a lot further than your irons. When you come across a distance that Jeff is at, 220 yards, the hybrid allows you to hit the ball better, get it up in the air and ultimately make a better shot. In the scenario Jeff is teaching us, hitting a hybrid is a smarter play than hitting the 7 iron he would usually hit. Here’s how to become a solid hybrid player:

  1. Plumb the club down from your sternum to find the middle of your stance.
  2. Don’t let the ball get forward in your stance
  3. Hit down on the golf ball, compress it
  4. Swing the hybrid exactly like an iron

Jeff Yurkiewicz gives us a couple of different scenarios where the hybrid club can come in handy. Watch the video above to become a master with the hybrid. Remember the hybrid is very easy to hit. It goes high and it goes low. Use the club to your benefit!

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