Tom Pernice, Jr. with Power Package

Tom Pernice, Jr. with Power Package

We caught up with recent Champions Tour winner, Tom Pernice, Jr., who finished 1st at the Powershares QQQ.  He joined Golf Life to discuss a training tool he uses in his bag called Power Package.  For more information visit



Iron Lad Golf Discount

Iron Lad Golf Discount

Iron Lad Golf started a few years back with a vision to bring a helpful putting aid to the golf market. They did, and it is called the LevelHead. The Level Head is essentially a ball marker on steroids. Not only does it mark you ball, but it also reads the greens for you! With a little bubble on the top of the ball marker, you are able to line the ball up with the bubble and get a better feel of the break. Maybe your weakness in putting is not in your stroke, but in your ability to read greens. the LevelHead by Iron Lad Golf can eliminate the guesswork and make things easier for you on the greens. If you already knew the break without looking at it, do you think you could save strokes each and every round? YES!

Iron Lad Golf is giving you a special discount this holiday season on the LevelHead ball marker. Save 20% on your next LevelHead (ball marker on steroids) and start making more putts. Putting can be the hardest part of golf, but with this tool, you are able to simplify the game! Get the discount code and save money today!

The Most Important Stretch In Golf (MISIG)

The Most Important Stretch In Golf (MISIG)

MISIG: The Most Important Stretch In Golf

MISIG, otherwise known as the Most Important Stretch In Golf, is the newest product to reach the golf training aid platform. This MISIG was founded by a Bernie Fay, a resident of Des Plaines, IL. His life is built on four values; faith, family, GOLF, and fishing. His love for golf is what ultimately sparked the idea of this device. This device is a simple swing training aid and a fitness aid built into one. It can help your golf game in many ways like strengthening your back and shoulder muscles,  increasing your flexibility in your backswing and through swing, and it can give you the best stretch you have ever felt in your life to your shoulders and back.

The MISIG comes with a velcro arm-band that is placed right above your lead arm elbow. You can attach one of three different lengths and strengths of resistant bands from the arm-band to the pole. From there, all you have to do is act as if you were swinging and you will feel something you have never felt before; a great stretch.

MISIG Stretch

You can use the MISIG in your pre-round routine, in your basement, house, or backyard, on the range, and on the course. This device can fit right into your golf bag along with the rest of your clubs. It really is a great idea when you think about all the different things it can be used for. If you have having problems with distance, use the MISIG to strengthen your swing. If you are having problems with rotations, use this to get more flexible. If you having problems with attack angles or swing path, use this device to create muscle memory. It is something that truly works and it can help your golf game in many different ways.

Check out the video above to learn more about the MISIG and how it can help you. If you want to order one for yourself, go to Try it out and see the progress you will make in your golf swing in just a few days.


Orange Whip Pre-Round Exercises

Orange Whip Pre-Round Exercises

Using The Orange Whip In Your Pre-Round Routine

You have seen it. I have seen it. Everybody has seen the Orange Whip on TV, in PGA Professionals bags and in stores. It is a multi-use golf training aid that is easy to use and very beneficial to your golf game. One way people are using the Whip is in their pre-round routine. Yes, you can swing the whip back and forth to get warmed up, but it also can do other things like get your legs and back loose. Jim Hackenberg, the founder and CEO of Orange Whip, takes us through an exercise tip that you can use with the Whip to help you get ready for your round or keep you tuned up in the off season.

Some people choose to live their life with 5-6 months of winter. How do you get better at golf when there is snow on the ground? You can go to your indoor driving range or you can simply have the Orange Whip handy. The first exercise you can do in the off season or before a round is truck twists. By keeping your feet square, your arms and the whip out in front of you and staying in an athletic position, all you have to do is use the Orange Whip to go back and forth. Making sure your feet are pivoting in your backswing motion, this exercise will help your muscles stay fit and your mechanics on point.

Check out the video above to learn just how the Orange Whip can help you in your everyday pursuit of a great golf swing. If you liked this video, you can check out this SWING TIP from Jim Hackenberg using the Orange Whip!

The Orange Whip Training Aid

The Orange Whip Training Aid

Get Ready To Play With The Orange Whip Training Aid

Now that the golf season is fully upon us, there will be training aids popping up out of nowhere claiming it can help you in every fashion of your golf game! When you think of training aids, most of them are designed specifically for the golf swing or the putting stroke. Many times we overlook the importance of warming up! How many of us get to the range or the golf course and just “show and go?” I know I do and many golfers do the same. Your warm up before the round could be more important than your actual golf swing. Don’t get me wrong, more people need help with their swing than their warm up game, but if you’re not warmed up before you play your swing probably won’t be very good. This is where the Orange Whip Trainer comes into play!

The Orange Whip Trainer was developed by Jim Hackenberg, The Orange Whip CEO, in his garage. A few years back Jim was doing private golf lessons for the average golfer! It was a need for his students to learn how to have an athletic golf swing motion!  Many times we get very tense and tight when we swing the golf club causing us to chop down on the golf ball! The Orange Whip allows you to relax and develop a nice rhythm! From his lessons to the big time, it took about 2 years for the trainer to hit it big in the golf industry. From year one to year two he was up 46,000 units! Many of those units were purchased by some players on the PGA, Champions and LPGA Tours! Now the Orange Whip is around the world and is expected to make even more movement in the golfing world!

Orange Whip

With this training aid you are able to use it in various situations! 1. You can use it to warm up before your round! The Orange Whip is heavier than a regular golf club allowing you to get stretched out before the round! Because of the orange ball on the bottom, the flexible shaft and the counter weight on the top, it is a perfect training aid to swing before your round to warm up. 2. You are able to use it for drills! The Orange Whip Trainer also has the Orange Peel which is a slanted platform that allows you to work on your swing in different lie situations!

Orange Whip Trainer

The video above gives you a very in-depth process of how the Orange Whip was developed, how to use it and what kind of drills you can use it with! Or you can go to for more information! For more great training aids like this, check out all our videos here!

2016 PGA Show Recap Part 1

2016 PGA Show Recap Part 1

The 2016 PGA Show

PGA Show banner

The 63rd edition of the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando had a bit of everything. The annual get together of 42,000 golf industry professionals from around the globe converging into central Florida for Demo Day, new product launches, filling orders, charitable causes, and even and some time on the golf course is a week that I always look forward to. It’s a celebration of the game unlike any other in the world. Over 1000 companies (284 new) were on hand to show their wares.


Truthfully, there are some really nice clubs coming out in 2016, most notably from Cobra, Exotics, TaylorMade, Nike (who wasn’t present at this years show) and Sentio Putters, but the biggest leap in the industry continues to be the Tech sector. Companies like VPAR, GAMEgolf, GolfBuddy, SkyGolf, Zepp and Blast are advancing the ways you can analyze and improve your game in every way. Great, we’ll finally have all of the latest gadgets…now all we need is to find the time to put them to good use. Because the show has become so large in terms of product launches, we’ve decided that in order to give you comprehensive coverage of everything – we will break the feature into two parts. In part 1 of our “Best New Products” we’ll focus on clubs, balls and GPS/Tech devices. Part 2, (coming soon) will feature apparel, belts, shoes and accessories such as grips, gloves, eyewear ect.


taylormade booth

TaylorMade kicked off their own event days before the show by introducing their new M2 line, essentially a max distance oriented product line that will sit beside the M1 (essentially replacing the AeroBurner).

Tour Edge/Exotics

Tour Edge/Exotics annually hosts their own Media pre-show event, and did so this year at the Golden Bear Club at Keene’s Pointe in Windermere (just a stones throw or so from Isleworth and Bayhill). This is Perhaps the best pre-show media event each year. They gather a group of other OEMs to present their new product lines – this year on hand were Bridgestone, GolfBuddy, Golf Pride, Kentwool, Sketchers, Chase 54 Apparel, Sun Mountain and more.



Tuesday at Dubsdread Golf Course we were introduced to an innovative app called VPAR by two of the company’s finest – Charlie Cooke and Rowan Northcott, both brilliant lads from the UK. VPAR is a live scoring system that keeps tabs on the group or groups that you are competing against in any type of format. In our two foursome competition, our team was behind the entire match as we kept track hole by hole on the VPar mobile app. By the time we reached the 18th tee (a reachable par 5), we checked the VPAR app and saw that we trailed by just a stroke. What followed was tons of excitement and energy in our group knowing that we still had a chance. I was fortunate enough to hit my best two of the day to reach the green in two. The tap in birdie tied the match, and now we had two other putts in our group for the win. Neither dropped, leaving us in a tie, but the real story was the buzz that the VPAR app created down the stretch – by simply giving us the knowledge of our position. The tournament like excitement for us on the 18th was a feeling that amateurs rarely get to experience. It’s not only a real time leaderboard, there’s also GPS, a course planner and performance tracking. Check out VPAR, it’s available on Apple or Android devices.

In the equipment/ball category these products were our picks as the best at the show at the PGA Show:


Titleist PGA Show

Vokey’s SM6 wedges available in vitually every loft, bounce, grind and finish. The fine tradition of the master wedge creator keeps rolling on.

scotty m2 select newport -2 (2)

Scotty Cameron’s new M2 Select Newport. There are new sole plates and different face millings, but the quality craftmanship still remains. Flatstick eye candy is how they roll at Scotty.


 Cobra PGA Show
Cobra’s entire new line is moving up the ladder in both innovation and appearance. The King LTD (shown above) and King F6 drives are worthy. According to Mike Yagley Director of R&D for Cobra “The spaceport in the LTD is 16 grams and is strategically located just below the CG and back slightly, the poly-carbonate window was a joint idea from both marketing and R&D. Combined with an internal weight that’s positioned all the way in the back, this creates an incredibly high MOI and Zero CG (or neutral).” LTD is adjustable from in 9-12 degrees, Pro version 7-10 degrees.
Cobra Pga Show
The new Cobra King forged Cavityback and Muscleback irons are as impressive as any of the new sticks we saw at the show. Available also as a combo set, tungsten weight ports in the toe moves CG and in turn gets the sweetspot away from the hosel. The satin black finish looks sharp. Cobra’s King Forged Tec model offers a combination of feel and forgiveness in a slightly larger head. I’m really looking forward to testing both of these models in 2016.


TaylorMade PGA Show

Taylormade M2 – Naming the new line M2 creates the perception that it replaces M1, it doesn’t. M2 was created with less adjust- ability and max HP. Think of the M1 as the 4 door touring sedan with 320 hp and all of the bells and whistles . . . M2 as the roadster with 400 hp and with no AC or power accessories. One gives you best of everything, the other just goes fast, real fast. The M2 fairway is a club that I’m eagerly looking forward to testing in 2016.

TaylorMade Irons Pga Show

M2 irons, say hello to crazy trampoline like trajectory and distance. Check the fluted hosel (engineers will do anything to save a gram or two, they salivate anytime they can move weight for performance gain). Also available in a leaner Tour version.

TaylorMade Putter Pga Show

TaylorMade’s new OS CB Daytona Putter is an oversized anser style blade that features a red anodized aluminum site line and trailing edge that also acts as a sealer for the foam filled cavity. The face insert is milled vertically to create a pure roll. Designed by the famed clubmaker – Clay Long (who created the McGregor Response putter that helped the Golden Bear win his sixth Green Jacket 30 yrs ago this spring). The OS series comes in two sizes and three styles.


Exotics Pga Show

Exotics, Long known by serious golfers for their fairway woods and hybrids, the EX9 hybrid (shown below) features a maraging steel cup face and slipstream sole. The EX9 hybrid comes stock with a UST recoil graphite shaft. The EX9 driver and fairways will make noise this year, David Glod’s standard of innovation and performance can’t stay underrated for much longer.


Callaway Pga Show

For Callaway loyalists, the new XR16 Driver driver features aerodynamics in a joint venture with Boeing Aerospace engineers.


Bridgestone Pga Show

If you haven’t noticed recently, Brandt Snedeker is “En Fuego” at start of 2016 and his new driver certainly has to get a bit of the credit. After playing his old trusty 2007 Burner TP for the last decade, Bridgestone finally was able to get him into one of their own – JGR Driver.  The JGR features F.A.S.T (Flex Action Speed Technology) Crown design for increased ball speed & higher launch angles and a power milled face design. Available in 9.5, 10.5, & 12 degrees. Aldila NV 2KXV Orange is the stock shaft.


Hogan Pga Show

The Hogan company has been reborn and is starting to get noticed in the premium forged iron marketplace. The PTx (shown to the right) gives a bit more forgivness than the typical Hogan blade in a moderately sized cavityback forging. The Hawk might have played blades throughout his career but he would be proud of these AlsoLook for the new sleek VKTR hybrids, they come in every loft – so you get the exact club gapping for your set.


Sentio Pga Show

As far as innovation goes, it’s been forever since we’ve seen anything significant since the face insert was created eons ago – until now. Enter the guys at Sentio. This two piece flatstick design features a third element that is the game changer – a polymer core between each component of stainless. There are three variances of polymer, which dictates feel. Each is color coded and delivers a significant change in the feel. If you know what a hard cast iron feels like at impact, as opposed to soft premium forging – this is just as big a difference in feel. Green is buttery soft for players who prefer the feel of an insert and/or usually putt on superfast greens, Red is medium feel and is the most versatile of the three models, the Blue polymer model is firm and has the feel of your typical milled putter.

I was so impressed with the feel and performance (just rolling 10 footers in the booth), that Sentio President Jim Varney had to issue me a citation for loitering. Just kidding, but quite honestly this was our favorite new product of the entire PGA Show. The only question is do I want the 33″ Green or Red model? Look for a Full review Putters coming soon.

L2 Putters

L2 Putters Pga Show

Many industry folks walked past the L2 display all week at the show probably because it’s way outside the box. Yes it’s way too big. Yes it’s way too heavy. Yes it doesn’t look like a Scotty, a Bettinardi, or even an Odyssey for that matter, but for those who are searching for an answer to the new USGA anchoring ban, or are just struggling to make a consistent stroke, John Ambrose might have created your solution – L2. The 600 gram head and 200 gram 16″ elongated grip creates incredible stability. The enormous sweetspot is enhanced by a 4″ acrylic face insert that provides soft feel.

PING Anser

Ping Anser Pga Show

Ping celebrates the 50th anniversary of the original Anser putter. Today it’s still the most played and copied putter style in the world. Today there are hundreds of different versions of the Anser style. Ping put up this Ode to their founder Karsten, and the design that changed golf forever.

Best in Show Tech Items at the PGA Show


GAMEGolf Pga Show

GAMEGolf the original shot tracking device and data system for consumers that launched two years ago, now raises the bar with their collaboration with Golf Pride. Game tags will soon be incorporated into your tour velvet grips. A really cool feature will be a sensor within the tag that will alert the golfer to when his or her grips are due to be changed. An “oil change” like reminder for your clubs . . . you say who needs to be told when they need new grips? Believe it or not, this could benefit many golfers who discount the significance of a fresh set of grips. The new Golf Pride grips will be available to GAME users this spring.


GolfBuddy Pga Show

GolfBuddy’s compact LR5 laser with its 1 click scan feature and 6x magnification got our attention. Although it’s been on the market for months now, it’s our first glimpse. At only 4″ in total length and less than 8oz, ($249) this unit will fit in the hands and budgets of all.


SkyGolf Pga Show

SkyGolf’s SkyCaddie LINX GT GPS watch features Bluetooth with their mobile interactive HoleVue tech – in conjunction with SkyGolf Smart Tags you can track all of your shots. The LINX GT also functions as a watch and fitness device.

Blast Motion

BlastMotion Pga Show

Blast Motion Golf Swing analyzer was created by golf professionals for players of all ability levels, focusing on the mechanics and performance of your full swing all the way thru your bag to the putting stroke. The device easily attaches to the end of the grip and instantly sends data to your device on the last shot played. After witnessing the live putting demo We’re excited to review Blast Motion, look for our feature this Spring $149.

Ojee Golf

Ojee Golf pga show

The best teachers all agree that a proper setup is essential to any level of consistency. Ojee Golf was created by Matt Hulbert from the Uk, as a device that monitors all of your set up poitions – including face angle, address lie angle and posture angle . . . and gives that data to you instantly via the Talon digital display at the end of the grip. The more often you can get setup with the proper angles, the more consistent your swing will be.

The Ojee system includes clubface angle sensors , grip caps and the digital Talon read out screen. The adjustable belt is designed to fit comfortably and securely around the waist to accurately measure spine angle. Many great instructors agree that most golf swings go wrong before the club ever moves, if this is true than Probably every teaching professional should have an Ojee system for their students.


bridgestone Pga Show

When it comes to new golf balls, the industry leader (Titlist PoV1) is in the middle of a two year cycle, so we’ll have to wait till next year . . . but there are three other brands whose premium urethane ball gained our attention, and the first of those is Bridgestone who introduced their new B-Series ball with SlipRes cover at the show. According to Adam Rehberg with Bridgestone, the new balls were over 4 years in the making, and are so different that the company considered changing the name, but after some research they found that brand loyalty was strong and identifiable with the “B330” nameplate. The new RX versions which are for players who swing under 105 mph (Testing has shown that 75% of all players fit into this category) have a 28% softer core. The new SlipRes cover reduces driver spin, and increases spin around the greens – all while providing superior durabilty. Bridgestone is calling this ball “The Best Ball Ever”. Sounds like somebody wants to challenge the script over there in Fairhaven, Mass.


Medicus Pga Show

The original Kick X Tour Z ball has been a huge success for Medicus Golf. The new version called A.i.1 ball is softer and features the SmartMap putting system sidestamp. SmartMap is a group of calculated lines to aide golfers on where they should aim after accounting for the slope of that particular green . . . interesting idea. Also keep an eye out for the new Kick X Blackout wedge, also available this spring.

The other brand mentioned is Nike, (who wasn’t at the PGA Show – but they were nice enough to send us the new RZN Tour Platinum & Black before we even left for Orlando)

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