Power Package Swing Aid

Power Package Swing Aid

Power Package Golf

Swing Training Aid used by Top Professional Golfers can correct the most common swing flaws and produce a pure, repeatable golf swing

Watch This Video to See How You Can Quickly Eliminate swing Flaws That Kill Consistency. Finally, you can become the ball striker you’ve always wanted to be…Or Your Money Back. .

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enveed cbd bottle
Park Hyatt Aviara Resort

Park Hyatt Aviara Resort

PARK HYATT AVIARA The newly renovated Park Hyatt Aviara in San Diego is a perfect stay-and-play destination for avid golfers. The team put in at $50 Million to turn this beautiful property into a GO-TO destination. Check out all their new features and stunning rooms...

Uneven Lies with Aimee Cho

Uneven Lies with Aimee Cho

AIMEE CHO - UNEVEN LIES Aimee Cho, a YouTube sensation gives us a great tip on how to handle those uneven lies (downhill lies) so you don't create a tough situation on the golf course. Check this swing tip from Aimee to lower those scores and get out of bad...


Used by some of the biggest names on tour, over 1,000 teaching professionals and over 50,000 golfers worldwide.


  • Improper wrist set
  • Too flat or upright swing plane
  • Open or closed club face
  • Club too far across the line or laid off at the top of the backswing
  • Tendency to overswing and loss of width
  • Early release on downswing
  • Lack of body rotation through the ball


The Power Package can help any golfer learn to set the club properly and produces a pure, powerful, repeatable swing.


We’re so convinced that the Power Package will transform your swing that we provide a

30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee!



Hello fellow golfer!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve spent the past 50-plus years of playing, chasing down, and refining the elusive “perfect swing”. (You know you have it when you feel it, am I right?)

​I’ve finally captured it with the help of the Power Package Golf swing trainer, an amazing golf training aid that helped me fine-tune proper club setup and follow through for a pure, powerful, repeatable swing.

​…but this is not just a secret among us pros (and believe me when I say there are MANY who use this)!

This is my special invitation to help you capture your own “perfect swing” with Power Package Golf.

​It’s simple to use and the results are immediate. You’ll correct the most frequent faults golfers like you (may) face with their golf swing, while training your arms and hands to execute and deliver the best golf swing—every time.

​See you on the golf course!

Tom Pernice, Jr.

PGA Tour Professional



With the Power Package, you will develop a great takeaway and wrist set. You will learn how to enter the swing plane consistently and it will help with squaring the clubface. Get more power through core rotation resulting in more distance!


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Power Package offers a standard and oversized option for you! The Standard size is designed to fit regular grip only and the oversized option will fit custom grips that are midsize or tapered.

Enveed CBD

Enveed CBD

Pure CBD Solutions for Golfers

Golfers are no stranger to aches and pains. Chronic back pain, golfers elbow, and arthritic conditions can keep golfers from playing their best or even playing at all.

CBD has become a “buzzword” for pain relief – despite the fact that it delivers no buzz.

But is CBD good for golfers?

Golf Life considers below…

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Dr. Ara Suppiah Breaks Down CBD on The Golf Channel’s Wellness Minute

enveed cbd bottle
enveed cbd bottle

Icy Hot vs. CBD

For decades golfers have fought through the pain with pain relievers, creams and ointments to distract them from the pain just long enough or just enough to get through a round of golf.

Do you use ICY HOT or other Menthol Products for Pain?

Products like BENGAY and ICY HOT have been a pre-round routine for many, but do you know how those products work?

WEB MD states: “Icy Hot works by causing the skin to feel cool and then warm. These feelings on the skin distract you from feeling the aches/pains deeper in your muscles, joints, and tendons.”

WHY CBD is a Better, Natural Choice for Pain Relief?

CBD works to minimize pain, not distract you from it. There’s a lot of science behind CBD but the main reasons CBD stands out from topical or even OTC medicines is that it naturally:

  • Raises the natural endocannabinoids (increase pain-relieving endocannabinoid levels)

  • Reduces inflammatory response (limits the release of particular proinflammatory signals, resulting in less pain)

  • Desensitizes pain receptors (TrpV1 pain receptors when activated, get hot & desensitizes nerve endings that signal pain)

Topical or Oral CBD?

Topical CBD solutions like the ROLL ON or EXTRA STRENGTH ROLL ON are by far the most popular CBD products for golfers.


CBD has been reported by many golfers to have a profound impact on their ability to play the game without the hindrance of physical and mental issues that, even in the most minor of instances, can cause golfers to lose focus.


CBD oil has become popular in the medical industry because it can be helpful in the treatment of various conditions without the typical intoxicating effects of THC use or side effects of over the counter products. 

Golfers have reported great benefits from Enveed CBD with:

  • joint & muscle pain 

  • arthritis & inflammation 

  • stress and anxiety 

  • yips and mental fatigue


The leading CBD Products for Golfers we’ve found:

  • Contain NO THC and no mental effects (CBD will not get you high!)
  • CBD is 100% Legal, it’s used by many professional golfers.
  • Many golfers prefer topical vs. ingestibles


People young and old are turning to CBD as a natural alternative to support vitality and wellness.  Athletes tout CBD for its recovery and pain relief properties, others say it helps with anxiety and stress.  Enveed has developed products that support all around wellness, making our products a perfect fit for anyone. 


Golf Life tried ENVEED CBD

it worked for us!


  • The natural blend is 100% extracted from hemp
  • CBD products comply 100% with state and federal regulations.
  • ENVEED GOLF delivers one of the purest forms of ALL NATURAL CBD around.
  • ENVEED GOLF products are cultivated and manufactured legally from seed to sale in fully vertically integrated farms in Oregon, USA.

Our take on CBD is that it is a much safer and effective alternative to harmful pain medicines and narcotics. We have stopped using Ibuprofen and started using CBD. Our advice, just be sure you are using a CBD product like ENVEED GOLF, whose company is devoted to purity and health.  


Start with the topical CBD roll on here:



But you can use code: GOLF to get 20% Off your order of any product.


ENVEED GOLF’s most popular remedy is the RELIEF products but they also make other quality products that promote mental clarity and relaxation.

Dave Pelz Corner: Specialty Short Game Tools

Dave Pelz Corner: Specialty Short Game Tools

Dave Pelz on Short Game Tools

The Short Game Guru is here to help you with your game.  Watch the video below and make sure to practice what the man is sharing, because it works.


Golf Life Partners

Honma Golf Testimonials

Honma Golf Testimonials

This year, the 2018 Las Vegas PGA Show was held at Top Golf Las Vegas. More so geared to the fashion and accessories in the golfing world, the Las Vegas PGA does turn out a really good crowd for golf clubs as well. Honma Golf had their own booth at Top Golf so Golf Life decided to stop by and find out what other playing professionals think about Honma golf clubs.

When you walk into the Las Vegas PGA Show at Top Golf, the one thing you will immediately notice is everyone is having fun. When you get as many playing professionals in one place as they did at Top Golf, you are sure to have a good time and hear the highest level of information. The main reason for this show is to showcase the latest and greatest and that is exactly what Honma Golf did. They had different selections of golf clubs people could test out and hit with experts explaining each product and how it can help someones golf game.

Check out what we captured at the PGA Show while we sat at Honma Golf booth! To learn more about Honma Golf and to see their full selection of golf gear, go to honmagolf.com

Honma at the 2018 PGA Show

Honma at the 2018 PGA Show

The PGA Show in Orlando, FL is all about seeing the latest and greatest in the golf industry. It is a perfect place to be if you are a company like Honma. Honma Golf is making a big slash in the club making business by hand crafting custom golf clubs for the everyday golfer. Golf Life caught up with Adam Sheldon, from Honma, to learn more about this up and coming brand in the U.S!

For those of you who don’t know about this incredibly high-end product, they have been around since 1959 with more than 300 individual people who are crafting these products from hand. Unlike a lot of club brands, Honma has set their sights on custom fitting anyone and everyone. From the amateur golfer to the tour professional and everyone in between, to the select few who want incredible and expensive golf clubs. The unique thing about Honma is that they can custom fit you to a certain type of golf club. With their wide array of choices, you can get into a set of clubs that is made from scratch, specifically for you!

Check out the video above to learn more about Honma! To find a fitter or learn more about this amazing brand, head over to honmagolf.com

Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018

Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018

Golf Life wanted to find the best golf balls of 2018 that did not include the big OEM brands. Here are the Top 5 golf balls that you should be playing right now. Maybe you have heard of them or maybe you haven’t, either way these golf balls are perfect for your Golf Life!


Honma is largely known for their exceptional golf clubs, but don’t fall asleep on their golf balls because they made our Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018. They have about nine different typles of golf balls. Each ball is specific for the type of golf you play. In our case, the TW-G6 is a ball that performed with fast and slow swing speeds. This ball is designed for you to have incredible spin and distance. Off the tee you can gain maximum distance and with those short iron shots you can throw darts. It is a SIX-piece golf ball with their new soft-spin urethane cover as the sixth layer. The TW-G6 is a great golf ball for all players and will definitley make your Golf Life a little bit better.




Cut Golf is a unique company that claims they are the “Best Damn Golf Ball Under $20”. Given the way it performed, it would be hard to beat that statement and that is why it made our Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018. We tested two different balls from Cut. The Cut 3 is a three-piece golf ball that is made for the slower swing speeds who demand maximum performance out of their golf ball. This golf ball does not sacrifice distance for performance. You will have ideal distance off the tee without sacrificing performace around the greens. The Cut 4 is a four-piece golf ball made for the higher swing speeds. Again, with the urethane cover, this ball is designed for high balls speeds and spin without compromising control. The Cut 4 was named to Golf Digest Hot List Silver 2018



Next on the Top 5 Golf Balls of 2018 is the ELIXR from OnCore Golf. The ELIXR is OnCore’s most advanced golf ball. It is designed to take the golfer to the next level. This three-piece golf ball provides amazing distance off the tee, control with the long irons and spin and feel on and around the green. Of all the top OEM’s on the market, this ball was able to give our host, Colton Little, five more yards on his already long drives. The ball feels incredible off the club face and sounds just as good as well! This golf ball was also named to Golf Digest Hot List of 2018.




You want to talk about smash factor? The Jet 3 and the Jet 4 are golf balls that give you crazy smash factor numbers and that is why they landed themselves in our Top 5 golf balls of 2018. If you are looking for speed after impact, these golf balls are calling your name. You can feel the speed of the golf ball increase after impact. The great aspect about Jet golf balls is that you can subscribe to a program where you will never run out of balls. Each month, Golf Jet will send you a sweet package filled with balls, a glove, a towel, tees and more. Don’t get fooled by the subscription based program, these golf balls are the real deal!




Last but not least are the Vivid Soft and the Vivid XT from Volvik. Many people know Volvik from their bright colored golf balls, but what you don’t know is these golf balls have incredible performance. The Vivid XT is a four-piece golf ball with a matte finish that will maximize your drives off the tee and create accuracy around the greens. With the Vivid Soft, you are talking huge roll outs off tee shots and the conrol and feel you are looking for around the green! Both golf balls are made with the very modern matte finish. They both feel great and look great on the ground and in the air. Don’t forget, this is what the big hitters of the Long Drive Championships use.


These were the Top 5 Golf Balls that should be in your bag right now. If you haven’t played these golf balls, you are seriously missing out! It could make your Golf Life just a little bit better!

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