dog leg reaper


Dog Leg Reaper Belts are for the people who love to take the dog leg. They are for the people who aren’t scared of taking that gamble and flying it over the trees into the fairway. Dogleg is a belt company that prides themselves on taking chances. The ratchet system belt the “new” style of belts! Instead of tightening your belts every 1”, you have the ability to tighten your belt every 1/4”. With different styles and colors of belt buckles and different styles and colors of belt straps, you are able to mix and max and buckle and strap to fit your golf life. Check out their shop today and learn more about these belts!

During the holiday season, Dog Leg Reaper wants to give you a special discount! Get 20% OFF at checkout! If you have a golfer in your life that takes risks on the golf course and flies the dog legs, this belt is a perfect representation of them! Get 20% OFF today and bring that “risk taking” to your golf apparel!

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