One of the great companies that Golf Life met while out at the PGA Fashion and Demo Experience is Dormie Workshop out of Nova Scotia, New Scotland up in East Coast, Canada.

One of the great specialties of Dormie Workshop is their craftsman in the art of leather. They primarily do custom headcovers but have branched into some other new products.  The have the brass knuckle — well, leather knuckle light holder for the ultimate BBQing apron. It comes equipped with a bottle opener, sleeve for your cellphone so you can do hands-free grilling.

Dormie WorkshopCustom is definitely key these days and say a club doesn’t want the cookie-cutter design. Golfers can come in, choose one of their designs, or they can say, “Hey, can you tweak this one a little bit? We want to go down this road. Can you express this from our club, maybe an old feel or a new-school feel?” So that’s definitely a competitive advantage in the industry that the guys from Dormie Workshop can handle.

You can check out their work and style over at their website They are also pretty active on Instagram. All their handles are Dormie Workshop, so that’s Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

You’re gonna love their styles. They’re amazing. Check them out!

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