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For the golfers out there who travel and are often left wondering where the nearest golf courses might be, Golf Exert and their new iphone app have you covered. A free download from the Apple iTunes app store lets you easily and comprehensively search and access information on every golf course in whatever area of the entire world you find yourself in. For me personally, I hate nothing more than having to sift through all the various local golf guides trying to decipher where the courses and all the necessary information needed to decide on a golf get away.

Global logbook and dashboard

Searches reveal names and locations of the nearby golf courses, as well as, a very detailed street map with the clubs pinned to the map. The interface is very user friendly and simple to use. Navigation was figured out within a few minutes and my global searches began. Contact data and route planning features are built in, as well as, user course ratings so planning your round and making tee times can be done quickly and easily.

 Global Logbook and courses

Myself as well as many of you no doubt grab a logo’d ball from the courses you visit, maybe writing the date and score on them. Keeping scorecards was always a favorite of mine eventually when my kids came into my life, the balls became play things and the cards disappeared. The Golf Guide and Logbook take care of the memories as well. The app allows for photos of score cards to be stored with the club information that you chose to play. The My Logbook feature allows for all sorts of customization and details to be added to your own personal golf scrapbook, dates, times, playing partners, memorable holes or shots, and sharing it across all of your apple products to show and all your friends at the push of a button. How much information you store is entirely up to you with all those great on course memories preserved and safe never forgotten. Upgrades and added features are constantly available with user input and suggestions looked at daily. While available only for Apple products I suspect an Android version would be an asset in the future. A great product for your golf life.

The Expert Golf Global Golf Guide and Logbook is free and available on the Apple iTunes app store.

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Chris Bourquin

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