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Let me start by giving you a little history about Golf Buddy. Golf Buddy was started in 2003 with a single product offering. They are based out of La Palma, California with product and development and course data management centers in Korea. They offer a wide variety of distance measuring devices from handheld, wearable, voice and laser units. So whatever your
preference is I am sure that they have a unit to meet your needs.
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The unit that I will be reviewing today is the WT5 watch which is their latest release in the GPS watch arena. As many of you golfers already know this field is quite populated with competition from many other manufacturers ranging in pricing from $100 to over $300.The WT5 model is sized very similar to today’s sports watches measuring 2.32” x 1.65” x 0.52” weighing in at 2.25 oz including the battery. The watch comes ready to use right out of the package, preloaded with over 37,000 golf courses. This device is 100% free of fees, they never charge download fees or annual subscriptions. Golf Buddy guarantees free lifetime course and software updates. The WT5 is available in two colors the white and orange that I reviewed and a black and blue version. The battery life is 8 hours in golf mode and 35 days in watch mode. Charging the unit is very simple, it comes with a USB charge cord that will plug into any cell phone USB plug.
Key features for the WT5 are as follows:
●Precise yardages -displays front, middle and back yardages of the green, wherever you are on the golf course.
●Dynamic green view and pin placement- the golfer changes the yardages depending on where the pins are placed on any given day.
●Digital scorecard- allows the golfer to keep track of their scores and history on their website with a player’s account they can set up.
●Shot tracking- a golfer can determine how far they actually hit any given shot.
● Auto-course and hole recognition- all you need to do is turn it on when you arrive at the course that day and you can head right to the first tee box.
● GPS tracking- this acts as a measuring device for the distance that you walked during your round of golf. It can also be used off the course as a pedometer tracking your distances and time walked.
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Okay that’s enough about the size, color, and features of the watch. I am sure you all want to know how the unit performed on the golf course. Let me tell you, that this is the first GPS watch unit that I have tried out and I was totally blown away by it’s ease of use and the functions that the unit had. I have used other handheld and laser devices before and always found them to be a little cumbersome because you are always digging in your bag or your pocket to get the unit to see your yardages. With the WT5 that information is always right there when you need it, just a turn of the wrist and you have front, middle and back yardages to the green. The WT5 also has a feature called dynamic green view, this feature rotates the green to wherever you happen to be on that specific hole. So if the green from the left side of the fairway is not as deep as it is coming straight on the watch will provide you those distances. The WT5 will also provide you yardages to specific hazards on each hole such as distance to the water or sand trap.
When I play golf I want some very basic information, distance to the center of the green and distance to a specific hazard. This watch provides that information at a second’s glance. This watch provides that with great accuracy at a moments notice so it’s a big winner in my book. Some of the other features that this watch provides for golfers are the digital scorecard, shot
tracking (we all have wondered how far you actually hit that last drive), and GPS tracking i.e pedometer.
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In conclusion the Golf Buddy WT5 watch is an accurate, comfortable, stylish unit that I would recommend to any golfer wanting a device that is easy to use, providing most golfers all the information that they need during a round of golf. The WT5 does everything a golfer could ask for from a GPS watch providing them with precise front, middle and back distances to the green from the golfers specific location on the hole, this is not always the case with other GPS watches. The Golf Buddy WT5 retails for $199.99 and is available at many of the popular golf stores as well as their online locations or you can check them out at
Golf Life Contributor,
Mike Hallee

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