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Taylormade M1 Driver Review

TaylorMade M1 Driver Review In January of 2016, TaylorMade Golf introduced the M Family of metalwoods incorporating the use of carbon fiber with titanium to form a potent multi- material tee box launcher. This past December at Ibis Golf & Country Club in West Palm...

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Hot Golf Clubs for 2017

Golf Life's Hot Golf Clubs For 2017 Over the past year, you have watched, read and listened to all of Golf Life's product reviews on the latest and greatest golf equipment. But what is in store for 2017? We are here to show you some of the hot golf clubs for 2017....

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High Heat Driver Video Review

Knuth Golf: High Heat Driver When it comes to driving the golf ball down the fairway, there are just a couple of major market brands that are dominating the driving business. Well, Knuth Golf and the High Heat Driver are asking them to move over and give them some...

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Carnoustie Sportswear: Fall 2016 Collection

Carnoustie Sportswear: 2016 Fall Collection Twenty years ago, Carnoustie Sportswear was created, and since then, they have been recognized as having some of the finest golf apparel available today! Using some of the top fabrics like cotton, wool, and synthetics, you...

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Save 25% on HWedges Today

Save 25% on HWedge Buy a set or a single loft USE CODE GOLFLIFE25 HWedge is a brand of hybrid wedges that is available in multiple lofts. In this video Mike Billingsley of Golf Life invites average golfers to test out these hybrid wedges. This...

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The Miura SIT 460 Driver

The Miura SIT 460 Driver - Stong & Ideal Trajectory Miura has been know, over the years, to produce classy and reliable golf clubs. The SIT 460 is the newest Driver to the Miura family. First of all, SIT stands for Strong & Ideal Trajectory. Miura built this...

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Bender Gloves Review

Bender Gloves: Making Golf Colorful To the average person, golf could be labeled as "boring". Every time you go out to the course or watch golf on T.V. all you see are white gloves, a solid polo, and khaki pants. Bender Gloves is a company that offers more color...

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CrocBox: The Sports Net System

CrocBox: The Durable Golf Net System Pop-up sporting nets have been around for a few years now. You use them to practice your particular sport, whether it is golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, or soccer. The problem with these pop-up sports nets are they are too...

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