Golf Life TV 2016: March Episode

Golf Life TV brings you the first episode of the 2016 season! In this episode, we take you inside two very different styles of golf shows. The first golf show is the luxurious PGA Show in Orlando, FL. You have already seen some of our product reviews form the Show like our High Heat Driver video, the Golf Skate Caddy 2.0, Dave Pelz talking about Cleveland’s new Putter and Wedge and many more. Specifically, we asked some familiar faces of the golf industry just what the PGA Show does for their company! How does it help them? What it means for golf? We then take you to the Golf Denver Expo in Denver, CO. We asked some of the golf companies what this Expo did for their company and why it is different from the PGA Show in Orlando!

We also, have some exclusive tips for the founder and owner of Orange Whip, Jim Hackenberg! He shows us how the Orange Whip and Orange Peel can help your swing in the long run! Plus, DON’T miss Golf Life TV showing you the top drivers of 2016! You wont be disappointed!

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