Golf Life TV Series on Fox Sports in 2017

The Golf Life TV Series is a golf show that runs of Fox Sports across the US.

If you would have a course or a golf product looking for national TV exposure learn more here.  There are few television options with more  reach, great air times and extensive frequency with many impressions to golfers.

Watch the shows below and you will see they are filled with golf lessons from top teachers, golf club and course reviews, golf equipment features, PGA Tour and Champions Tour Profiles and more. We make golf fun, exciting and informative for the average player so you can be better prepared when you hit the links.  Enjoy this great half hour golf TV lifestyle series created for your own Golf Life.

Interested in being included in Golf Life – call 760-604-9430 or email – Learn More.

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golf-life-hz-logo2016 Season

Golf Life TV: June 2016

Golf Life TV: June 2016 In this episode of Golf Life TV, we take you on a journey into the private golf course lifestyle. We show you how the course and the members work together, the perks of being a member on a private golf course and where private golf courses are...

Golf Life TV: May 2016

Golf Life TV Show: May Episode Golf Life TV May Episode is here! In this episode of Golf Life TV, we take you back out to the Champions Tour where we learn how professionals handle their golf life and their personal lives. Yes, they have personal lives and it can be...

Golf Life TV: April 2016

Golf Life TV Show: April Episode Golf Life TV is in full swing with the second episode of the 2016 season! This episode is full of knowledge and advice from pros and teachers in the golf industry! We first show you the PING HQ. PING gave Golf Life the opportunity to...

Golf Life TV: March 2016

Golf Life TV 2016: March Episode Golf Life TV brings you the first episode of the 2016 season! In this episode, we take you inside two very different styles of golf shows. The first golf show is the luxurious PGA Show in Orlando, FL. You have already seen some of our...

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