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CrocBox: The Sports Net System

CrocBox: The Durable Golf Net System Pop-up sporting nets have been around for a few years now. You use them to practice your particular sport, whether it is golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, or soccer. The problem with these pop-up sports nets are they are too...

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The Most Important Stretch In Golf (MISIG)

MISIG: The Most Important Stretch In Golf MISIG, otherwise known as the Most Important Stretch In Golf, is the newest product to reach the golf training aid platform. This MISIG was founded by a Bernie Fay, a resident of Des Plaines, IL. His life is built on four...

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Srixon Z Star Golf Balls

The Srixon Z Star Golf Ball The New Srixon Z Star golf ball has a new generation of technology that allows a golf ball to fly farther, with more control and spin. These golf balls come in two different colors, white and yellow. If you are looking for a golf ball that...

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PING Crossover Iron

The PING Crossover Iron PING is a dynamic company that has some of the latest and greatest ideas to make the game of golf a better game. In this instance, PING and their incredible staff of engineers and product directors have come up with the new PING Crossover Iron....

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BioMech AccuLock Ace Putter Video Review

BioMech Sports: Bringing Science to Putting If you’re a serious golfer, like me, you probably have a garage full of goofy looking old putters. Mine provides almost a timeline of my putting struggles throughout the years. It seems like there’s always some new gimmick...

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Robert Garrigus Cure Putters

Cure Putters: Helping Golfers Shave Strokes Most players on the PGA, LPGA and Champions Tour fight every week to win money and keep their cards. For the 98%, this is the reality of professional golf. The other 2% are the Jordan Spieths' and and Jason Days' of the...

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Walking Sticks Golf Clubs Video Review

The Adjustable Irons: Walking Sticks Golf Clubs I love to look for different equipment to review, everyone out there is always reviewing the latest driver, putter, ball etc. I happen to find a company making a unique set of irons, the Walking Sticks Golf Clubs, LLC...

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The PING G Irons

Enhanced Sound, Exceptional Technology: The PING G Irons PING has had a very busy 2016 so far. At the PGA Show they released their new line of G clubs. This includes the new G Driver, the G hybrids and the PING G irons. Most notably though, the PING G Irons are...

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