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It’s not just another swing trainer! 

Ok I will admit there are a ton of swing trainers out available to the golf consumer these days. From whips and sticks to jackets and restraints all claiming to do the same thing more or less. Recently I was contacted by Anita Bast-Cook, CEO of Golf Swing Right Now to see if I would like to try their product.

Golf Swing Right Now

What it is

Designed by Clete Ryan and Justin Sirotin a NASA scientist with a 3hcap. Dumbed down it is a weighted flexible stick shorter than a wedge with a rubber grip and a stainless steel weight on the end. Some of the claims from the crew at Golf Swing Right Now are that it:

-Improves accuracy and distance on the course

-Play with great timing from the first tee and through out

-Suits beginners to professionals

-Improves your timing, backswing and follow through

-Improved club head speed


Out of the box I found the GSRN Indoor Swing Trainer had a ridiculously realistic golf club feel which was strange in such a small package. As much as I use this product outside in the yard or at the course before I paly I found myself using it just as much in the house, which of course is the ‘indoor’ part of it. It was hard to trust myself at first but when swinging it inside it has a very small footprint so no damage done. I found myself taking upwards of 50 swings with it in my kitchen while making my morning coffee. I absolutely love this trainer. I find myself swinging it every time I pass by it on my dining room table with somedays being well over 200 swings. The biggest benefit for me personally in the month I’ve had the product has been reduced visits to the range to hit balls and groove my swing and more actual playing golf because my swing feels great.

Golf Swing Right Now Product


There really isn’t much to complain about other than it lacks a real golf grip. When hot out with sweat on the hands I would be mindful of how slick the current grip can get. Anita tells me they are in the process of changing that and that will only make this product better in my opinion.

Final Thoughts

I’ve managed to play a few rounds since the Golf Swing Right Now arrived and I will be completely honest in saying I personally don’t like fooling around with swing aids too much but I’ve gone +1, +1 &+4 over my last 3 games and managed to drop a full point off my handicap in the last 6 with warming up on nothing but the GSRN Indoor Swing Trainer. No range balls at all. I can feel my clubs much better through the whole swing and especially through the contact area. With that comes an incredible amount of confidence, the Golf Swing Right Now Indoor Swing Trainer works as advertised. If you need an extremely useful, small and affordable training tool to improve your swing timing and flexibility I say check this out at it is retailing for under $50 and worth every Australian penny! Tell them you heard about them on GolfLife.

Golf Life Contributor
Chris Bourquin

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