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Golf Life features high quality video reviews and features on all the leading golf accessories, technology, and tools for your game.  If you need to see the product and get an honest overview, chances are Golf Life has a video to help you make your buying decisions.  Watch our videos here on your phone, tablet or computer.  Make sure you return as we update our reviews weekly.

Greg Norman Jr. Talks Golf Skate Caddy

In the 80’s and 90’s there was one name in golf that made headlines virtually every week. That man? Greg Norman. Greg Norman, otherwise known as the “shark”, won more than 90 golf tournaments worldwide including two British Opens. He stayed at...

REALiTEE Golf Review

Combining Simulation Golf With Real Golf: REALiTEE Golf Master the Experience! That’s REALiTEE Golfs’ Motto. What is REALiTEE? Golf Life had the opportunity to ask Founder David Shultz a few questions to find out what all this “REALiTEE Golf...

TLINK: The Lightest GPS Golf Watch

TLINK: A Lightweight GPS Golf Watch That Tracks Rounds and Helps Get Lower Scores TLINK is an innovative company that has transformed the modern day golf GPS watch. Amazingly, it is the lightest GPS golf watch on the market today.  The TLINK pairs directly with your...

2016 PGA Show Recap Part 1

The 2016 PGA Show The 63rd edition of the PGA Merchandise Show in Orlando had a bit of everything. The annual get together of 42,000 golf industry professionals from around the globe converging into central Florida for Demo Day, new product launches, filling...

Golf Buddy WT5 Watch

Golf Buddy WT5 Watch Let me start by giving you a little history about Golf Buddy. Golf Buddy was started in 2003 with a single product offering. They are based out of La Palma, California with product and development and course data management centers in Korea. They...

Global Golf Guide and Logbook APP

Simplify your GolfLife with Golf Experts iPhone app For the golfers out there who travel and are often left wondering where the nearest golf courses might be, Golf Exert and their new iphone app have you covered. A free download from the Apple iTunes app store lets...

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