Dean Knuth worked for the USGA for many, many years. He has seen everything when it comes to golf clubs. The USGA decided that 257 microseconds on the face was going to the limit in which the ball can use the “Trampoline” effect on the club face. If it is longer that 257 microseconds then it is too hot. But here is the loop hole. The USGA changed the rule to allow outside of the width of a golf ball to be up to 257 microseconds in the trampoline effect. So, in essence, you gain more trampoline and more heat on the heel and the toe, thus counterbalancing the loss of performance that you normally get.

By allowing this to go on the outside of the club face, High Heat developed their High Heat 257+ driver, metal woods and hybrids. There won’t ever be a golfer that hits the golf ball in the center every time, so why not make a club that essentially allows that to happen. When people use the High Heat 257+ driver, woods or hybrids they are just amazed when they don’t hit it off the center and it still goes straight and still goes far. Many people have tried it and many people have loved the High Heat 275+ drivers, woods and hybrid clubs.

If you want more information or want to get one for yourself to over to KNUTHGOLF.COM.

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