Did you know that hitting more Greens in Regulation is the key to scoring better?  Yes, we all wish our short game was better.  Still, how many times do you hit your fairway or hybrid because your driver left you short, only to hit the approach shot short as well.  With High Heat, you gain the benefit of a hotter clubface, in the center and on the toe and heel.  This means more “Trampoline Effect”, more ball speed resulting in more distance with the same swing.  How does it work?

Well, High Heat inventor and founder Dean Knuth worked for the USGA for many, many years. He has seen everything when it comes to golf clubs. He knew the USGA limits how long a golf ball can be on the center of the clubface to 257 microseconds, meaning all woods and hybrids from all manufacturers are limited to how “hot” they can be in the center of the face. Using a machine to test the clubface, if the ball is on the face longer than 257 microseconds then the club is “non-conforming” or too hot.

But here is the kicker for HIGH HEAT.  The USGA changed the rule so that hits outside the width of the golf ball (toe and heel shots) could be on the face longer than 257+ microseconds.  High Heat developed technology so toe and heel shots are on the clubface upwards of 270+ microseconds, leading to increased “trampoline effect” or much hotter conforming golf clubs.  So, in essence, you gain more ball speed off the heel and toe or “higher heat”.  This counterbalances the loss of performance you get with other woods and hybrids in your bag.

To this date, Knuth Golf with their High Heat 257+ is the only golf equipment company to accomplish this technology advancement.  There won’t ever be a golfer that hits the golf ball in the center every time.  So why not use a club that allows greater results in ball speed and distance when you miss the center of the club?  When people use the High Heat 257+ driver, woods or hybrids they are just amazed if they don’t hit it the center of the club and it still goes straight and still goes far.  Many people have tried it and many people have loved the High Heat 275+ drivers, woods and hybrid clubs.

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