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From golf bags, to putter covers, to golf umbrellas, Golf Life has you covered for all your golf equipment video reviews. Our video reviews offer complete review of the equipment, unique features and how it might help you. Watch and learn from our golf equipment reviews!

Longball Apparel

Longball Apparel is a new clothing company, created by three Canadians who love the game of golf. Longball Apparel is not just a clothing company, but a lifestyle. When you put on a piece of Longball, you immediatley feel the passion that this company has for golf and...

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Top Golf Bags of 2018

As golf continues to evolve, so does the equipment. Each year we see new clubs, clothes and accessories to help your golf game. But sometimes, we look past one of the most important pieces of equipment a golfer should have; the golf bag. Golf Life shows you our Top...

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Chippo: The NEW Backyard Game

Golf can be tough, especially the grind. Going out to practice, hitting short game shots on the range can be boring and tedious. But it doesn't have to be with the newest golf game that is taking over backyard parties across America. Chippo is the newest golf game...

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Breakthrough Golf Tech

Breakthrough Golf Tech is a company that is revolutionizing the putting world. Their new Stability putter shaft has been making a huge splash on the Web.com Tour. It is a putter shaft that allows you to improve accuracy and deliver a predictable role. Two...

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Top 5 Golf Sunglasses of 2018

  In golf, it is all about getting the right product for your Golf Life. People try to find the best driver or a set of irons that best fits them. What they don't do, is take that same passion into their eyewear. You will have people who buy the $5 sunglassses at the...

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Honma Experience Safeco Field

Throughout the years, Golf Life has been lucky enough to experience different opportunites in the golfing world. But not to often, do we get to experience golf in a different setting than a golf setting. This time, Golf Life took a trip to Seattle, WA to visit the...

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Top 5 Golf Shoe Brands of 2018

  This is Golf Life's Top 5 Golf Shoe Brands of 2018! The golf industry is one of those industries that has no shortage of competition. Whether it's in the scope of clubs, golf balls and/or training aids, there are more options now than ever. As you can imagine, the...

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Go Inside Phat Scooters HQ

Have you heard of Phat Scooters before? No? Well, they are the latest and greatest in the golfing world. Phat Scooters is the modern-electric golf vehicle that is taking the U.S. by storm. Golf Life had the opportunity to go inside the Phat Scooters HQ to learn how...

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