Golf Life features the Top Teachers in the Game with TV Quality Golf Lessons and Drills.  This extensive video library works on your mobile phone, tablet and computer so that you can work on all aspects of your game, anywhere! Check out our HD golfing tips courtesy of Golf Life.

Golf Tips to help when picking a Golf Pro

Golf Tips to help you when it comes to picking a Golf Pro Hi. I’m Shawn Cox.  And we sometimes get a question about “How should I start with lessons?” or “What should I do?”  Bigger problem is, is most people don’t come to the PGA...

Working that Setup for Consistency

Do you understand how to setup properly for shots with irons and your driver? Maybe you just need a refesher and a drill to create a habit. Take a look at this short video from Make The Turn with Jeff Ritter. Want to learn more about how we can help you build a better...

Dean Reinmuth Golf Tip: Improve Your Short Game with this Chip Putt

Improve your Short Game with Dean Reinmuth Golf Life is all about improving your golf game especially around the greens. Navigating the green when you are on the fringe or the short rough can be challenging at every course. But when you get creative on how you...

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