This year, the 2018 Las Vegas PGA Show was held at Top Golf Las Vegas. More so geared to the fashion and accessories in the golfing world, the Las Vegas PGA does turn out a really good crowd for golf clubs as well. Honma Golf had their own booth at Top Golf so Golf Life decided to stop by and find out what other playing professionals think about Honma golf clubs.

When you walk into the Las Vegas PGA Show at Top Golf, the one thing you will immediately notice is everyone is having fun. When you get as many playing professionals in one place as they did at Top Golf, you are sure to have a good time and hear the highest level of information. The main reason for this show is to showcase the latest and greatest and that is exactly what Honma Golf did. They had different selections of golf clubs people could test out and hit with experts explaining each product and how it can help someones golf game.

Check out what we captured at the PGA Show while we sat at Honma Golf booth! To learn more about Honma Golf and to see their full selection of golf gear, go to

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