Golf Life’s Hot Golf Clubs For 2017

Over the past year, you have watched, read and listened to all of Golf Life’s product reviews on the latest and greatest golf equipment. But what is in store for 2017? We are here to show you some of the hot golf clubs for 2017. From woods, to irons, to putters, these are the three BIG items you need to look out for in 2017!

Cobra King Oversized Irons

Hot golf clubs cobra king 2 Hot golf clubs cobra king

This set of Cobra Irons is LONG overdue. Cobra released their first set of oversized irons in 1994 and they quickly became a benchmark in performance. Since 1994, this style of iron has been one of the games most iconic irons. These oversized irons come with quality craftsmanship that will turn your game around in a hurry!

  • LARGER SWEET SPOT: Because these irons are made for the amateur or the higher handicap player, they have a huge sweet spot! Hitting the ball on the toe or heel is not that big of a problem anymore. With a larger sweet spot comes more forgiveness giving you plenty of straighter shots, every time!
  • PWRSHELL FACE: Hitting the ball farther means you have to have a powerful face and an increase in ball speed. The New PWRSHELL FACE increases the ball speed by helping the ball jump off the face like a trampoline. It gives you a delivery that is easy and the distance that is unforgivable. Hitting the greens on Par 5’s become an easy task with these irons.
  • FULL HOLLOW BODY: The hollow body allows for the club face to feel soft, yet extremely firm. Lowering the CG gives you an improved consistency you won’t see with other irons!

Hot golf clubs cobra king 3 Hot golf clubs cobra king 4

To learn more about these irons hot golf clubs of 2017, check out their website at

High Heat Fairway Woods

 hot golf clubs high heat 4 hot golf clubs high heat 3

High Heat is a company based on helping the average golfer hit better shots. By constructing quality, forgiving golf clubs, the amateurs will be longer and straighter.The High Heat 3 wood is the first fairway metal in the High Heat Family and it is a perfect club for the hot golf clubs of 2017!

  • BETA TITANIUM CUP FACE: A Beta Titanium Cup Face provides a “spring effect” like no other across the club face. It will give you extra distance and forgiveness with every shot, compared to other steel face woods
  • OPTIMAL CG GAME CHANGER: Having a deep and low center of gravity, you get a launch angle that is optimal for the amateur golfer. Getting the ball airborne quickly is the key to having distance and forgiveness!
  • FIRE ZONE FACE TECHNOLOGIES: The CG angle is 50% larger than other major brands, so this technology allows for a hotter clubface, giving you the ability to square up the ball more consistently!

To learn more about these fairway wood hot golf clubs of 2017, check out their website at

hot golf clubs high heat 2 hot golf clubs high heat

Cure Putters: CX 3

Hot golf clubs cx 3

Cure Putters is known for their extremely high MOI putters. They have been making a name for themselves on the Champions, PGA, and LPGA Tours. The new CX3 is a putter you should be keeping an eye on in 2017 and that is why we have put this in the hot golf clubs for 2017 category!

  • MALLET DESIGN: The mallet design gives you the “arched back” which is going to allow for high MOI and extreme control over the clubface. The more control you have, the more consistent you putting stroke will be! Having a better dispersion and with each and every putt will bring your putting to the next level!

To learn more about these hot golf clubs of 2017, check out their website at

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