The L2 Traditional Putter

L2 Traditional Putter

I am very happy to have a chance to review the L2 Traditional putter, thanks to founder John Ambrose for the opportunity. The L2 Traditional putter is like no other putter that I have ever seen before. There is the obvious extra large unique head style, extra long square grip and it’s ability to physically stand up on the green on its own that make this putter unique. I wanted to provide you with a little history about the company and their vision for the future. Then I will get into the actual review of the putter.

L2 Traditional Putter Company History

The founder of the Lateral Line Company, John Ambrose and creator of the Lateral Line System of putting is a retired airline pilot. For over twenty five years John has been a member of the United States Golf Teachers Federation (USGTF). He is also a certified Vector green reading instructor as well as an avid golfer. His company was founded in 2007 and has been growing ever since. With the help of skilled computer graphics designers headed by Don Lee, a Pittsburgh native and well known Graphics designer, they were able to create the L2 head design that maximizes what would be viewed as an abnormal head weight. Upon completion of the L2 head, the L2 pendulum machine was assembled to demonstrate the pure motion of a pendulum as it stroked the perfect putt.

L2 Traditional Putter Company Vision

Breaking into the golf market is a difficult task for the small business. We have always believed that a great idea, followed by a quality product, at a reasonable price, can accomplish this. The have also understood that a passion for their goals that is founded in patient enthusiasm, will not be denied. It is because of these beliefs that Lateral Line LLC. is reaching a level of technology and popularity, in the field of golf and specifically on the putting green, that is causing golfers to “try something different”.

About the L2 Traditional Putter

I would like to discuss some of the specific design characteristics of the putter and details that I see make this putter stand out from others out there on the market.

Putter Cover – The putter cover is made out of a high quality leather like material that is secured in place by two magnetic enclosures. The contrasting white piping around the cover really stands out along with the high quality stitched logo on both sides of the cover.

Putter Grips – The grip is very non traditional in design and weight. To start with the grip is a perfectly square 1”, with a length of 16” and a weight of 200 grams. All those specifications might sound strange to anyone when the think about putter grips and what they are used to seeing. But for the L2 Traditional putter it serves a very good purpose. The extra length and weight help counterbalance the heavy weight of the putter head. The grip has a firm feel to it and is not overly tacky.

Putter Shafts – The shaft is a stepless shaft with an offset at the putter head, center shafted putter, face balanced. The putter has a lie angle of 73 degrees, works well for a upright style of putting.

Putter Head – The putter head on the L2 Traditional putter is like none other on the market that I have ever seen. It weighs in at whopping 620 grams. The physical dimensions of the head are equally impressive. It has a toe to heel length of 6 ¼”, front to back width of 4”, face length toe to heel of 5” and a face height of 1”. The loft of the putter is 3 degrees but due to the design of the back end of the putter it can vary from 0 to 5 degrees. The insert is made out of a clear acrylic and the steel head is painted with a powder coat of a very durable paint.


I have rolled hundred of putts with the L2 Traditional putter, both indoors and out on the course. There are some very specific things you notice right off when you pick up the putter for the first time. “It’s a very heavy putter” is the first thing that jumps into one’s mind. After you get used to the additional weight of the putter you quickly realize that that weight is there for a purpose. The L2 Traditional putter is designed to be a very large MOI (moment of inertia) putter. Facts are that the L2 Traditional putter MOI is 30% greater than the next highest rated putter. John Ambrose has done extensive testing with the putter and those SAM Putt lab results are on his website for those golfers that are into the numbers behind the technology. I won’t get into too much detail in this review because it quite detailed. The second thing that jumps out at you is that the sweet spot on the putter seemed to be huge! Facts are it is 3 ½” which is huge when it comes to sweet spots, most putters have very small ones. What does this mean to the golfer? It means you don’t have to be so exact on your swing path and the contact with the putter face. If you happen to miss just a little one side of the other you won’t notice the difference. I purposely hit putts off the centerline of the putter and noticed very little difference in the distance the putts rolled out.

The L2 Traditional putter works best with a very specific style of putting and set up to the ball. Their website details that very nicely and you should definitely take a look at it. To describe that method in short, the stroke is more of a big muscle stroke, using the shoulders and upper arms versus the smaller jumpier muscles some golfers use. They also recommend that you look at the hole while putting longer putts. This wasn’t any adjustment for me as I have been using this method for years. The theories behind this method is that you are always looking at your target during the stroke, just like a pitcher in baseball throwing a pitch or a quarterback throwing the ball down the field. I always like to give the putters I review and a score so that the readers can compare and contrast. My rating system is very simple a scale from 0 to 5 with 5 being the high end. I will grade the putter on five categories, Feel, Forgiveness, Sound, Alignment and Quality of Construction.

Feel – The feel of the L2 Traditional putter is pretty good, the ball rolls of the face very nice and in a consistent manner. You don’t need to try to kill the ball on long putts because of the extra weight of the head and with the shoulder pendulum style stroke getting the ball to the hole won’t be an issue. I would rate the feel of the L2 at a 3.5.

Forgiveness – The forgiveness of the L2 Traditional putter is by far it’s strongest characteristic. With a sweet spot of 3 ½” and a the sky high MOI you can actually be a little off on your stroke and still get the required distance off the face. I would rate the forgiveness of the L2 putter at a 5.

Sound – The sound off the L2 Traditional putter is a very pleasant click which is similar to other putters that have a firm insert. The framework design of the head doesn’t have any unique or special effects on the sound of the ball leaving the putter face. I know with some putters the materials used along with the design can affect the sound of a putter. I would rate the sound of the L2 putter at a 4.

Alignment – The alignment of the L2 Traditional putter is almost as impressive as it’s forgiveness, It’s a toss up which is the most impressive. The fact that the putter can stand up and you can get behind the putter and line up the putt is a huge plus. The two large white parallel lines on the putter face make it very obvious when you have selected the proper putting line. I would rate the Alignment of the L2 putter at a 4.5.

Quality of Construction – The L2 Traditional putter is a very well constructed putter, from the quality putter cover to the way the grip, shaft and head are assembled and finished off. The powder coated head should provide years of maintenance free use. I would rate the Quality of Construction of the L2 putter at a 5.

So when I total up all the scores I get a 22 out of a total possible score of 25. This of course is totally my opinion and some things I might score higher or lower than someone else. I feel that the L2 Traditional putter is a very good putter with some very strong design characteristics that make it an interesting putter. I would like to mention that the L2 Traditional putter has made the “Best new products list for the 2016 PGA Merchandise Show” held every year at the end of January in Orlando, Florida. I would suggest that you go to their website and check them out if you are interested. You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Mike Hallee

Golf Life Contributor

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