Levelhead: The Putting Training Aid

LevelHead, from Iron-LadGolf.com, is a putting aid that helps you read the greens and the breaks of your putts. Interestingly, this tool can easily become a part of your practice routine.  As a result, you can instantly help your short game and improve your putting!

The patented golf ball marker does several things to help you score better.

  • Reads the slope of your putts on the green.
  • Eliminates the guesswork
  • Putting aid to help you to read greens better for yourself

How to use it.

  • Set the LevelHead down behind the golf ball.
  • If the indicator sits left for right of the center, hit the ball in the same direction to catch the break of the green.
  • If it sits forward of center, you need a harder putt.
  • If it sits back of the center, you need a softer putt

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