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The golf business is so rapidly growing that sometimes we seem to get lost in the process. I feel like everyday a new golf product is hitting the market. The big OEM’s constantly launching new clubs every few months. Apparel companies are starting up faster then you can say “Grip it and rip it.” One product we don’t see a lot of changes in is the Golf Towel. That is what made this review on the MGGolfTowels so much fun.

Last month we were in California filming a segment for Swing Jacket. While there filming, we were introduced to some of the folks behind MGGolfTowels from MitholoG. I have heard of them but didn’t really know much about them. Now I can honestly say I am not actively searching for new golf towels and making sure our readers know which are the best golf towels to use. I guess I can say it wasn’t a top priority. However, after seeing several different styles from MGGolfTowels I was immediately interested in learning more about them and if we should do a review.



MGGolfTowels have 18 different styles to choose from. Each style has its own clever name. For example, some of my favorites are the AUSSIE AUSSIE Its Jayson’z-Day,The KING and the @TheRealTrickyFowler. Every golfer is unique and has their own style. What better way to showcase your school colors or your favorite teams then by pimping out your golf bag and representing.

What was really cool was seeing some of the golf towels on golf bags while filming. The colors just really popped on camera. It just showed so much personality to each golfer. Check out these pics below and you will see what I am talking about.






MGGolfTowels can even place your logo on one of their towels. It can be your sports team or even golf courses can put their logo on the towels and give them out to their members. It’s that simple. Choose your colors, add your logo and start rocking it out on the course.


Final Thoughts:

MGGolfTowels help all golfers be unique and standout on the golf course. Every single towel is made right here in the USA.  Made with 380gsm microfibers making it very absorbent. Adding some water to the towel makes it easy to keep those balls or clubs clean throughout your round. They are machine washable making it super easy to clean after each round. These towels literally allow you to add some swag to your round. My only negative is probably the price. Most golfers I golf with or know would probably not consider purchasing a towel that comes in around  $35-40 bucks. I guess I would tell them that don’t look at it as just a regular golf towel but as a towel that is going to represent your personality and is a very well made product. In my opinion, that is worth the investment. Head over to to check out all the styles and get yourself one today!


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