The NEW High Heat 3 Wood

Dean Knuth has 16+ years as a Senior Director of the USGA. During his time as the Senior Director, he created and invented the USGA Course Rating System & Slope Rating System along with the USGA Pace Rating System. To say that Dean has been very influential to the game of golf is an extreme understatement. He brings his passion for golf and his passion for helping golfers succeed into the clubs that he makes as well. High Heat is a company the prides themselves on creating clubs for the amateur golfer. Having golf clubs that are extremely forgiving, with tons of distance, is their cornerstone. Golf Life had the ability to head out to San Diego CC to find out what members and the average golfers think of the NEW High Heat 3-wood!

It’s all about allowing all golfers to enjoy the game of golf, and that is exactly what the 3-wood allows you to do. With the CG down and back, this club has unbelievable control and forgiveness off the tee or off the deck. Also, because the CG is down and back with an extremely high MOI rating, the golf club gets the ball up in the air in a hurry. Very similar to a lofted hybrid, the 3-wood creates tons of height and distance no matter what. The first thing you will notice about this club (or any of their clubs) is the beautiful blue. The blue is a unique color that you can pick out of any bag. The accented chrome doesn’t hurt either, in fact, it makes it even more appealing to the eye. This specific club was named “Best” 3-wood by numerous major golf media outlets.

Check out the full video review above. If you want to learn more about the technology of the 3-wood or want to see what other clubs High Heat has to offer, CLICK HERE!

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