power package


The Power Package is a golf training aid that helps correct the flaws golfer face in their golf swing. You are able to get in the correct position of a golf swing every time! it is a tool that attaches straight to the golf club and gives you proper hand and arm movement through the swing. Having your hands and wrists set in the correct position during the backswing is crucial to having a consistent swing. With the Power Package, you are able to create a balanced swing allowing the golf club to have proper lag. The last thing that it helps with is the rotation of the body. Instead of “flipping your hands”, the Power Package helps you get rotation in your core, ultimately, giving you more distance to your shots!

This holiday season, Power Package Golf and Golf Life, is giving you a special discount this holiday season. Save 10% on your next Power Package. Whether you live in the snow states or the sunny states, this training aid can be used inside or outside. It is an amazing tool during the offseason that will help you develop the correct, consistent swing you have been looking for. Get the promo, save money, and play better golf. Get 10% off today!

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