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Putter Buddy is a company that provides a product that will be useable for golfers of all ages and at an inexpensive price. Their vision is to eliminate the little stumbling blocks that take your focus off the game. The Putter Buddy is a useful tool on the golf course and on the driving range/putting green. It is an easy product to set up, durable, and easy to carry around. Get to the green or driving range, set up your Putter Buddy, and have your clubs stand up instead of lay on the ground. It really makes a big difference when you are bringing more than two clubs to the green and you have to lay them down off the green. Not anymore! The Putter Buddy Club stand will protect your clubs and keep them off the ground! Get T-shirts as well if you visit putterbuddy.com. On top of this, it also doubles as a training aid for putting and chipping and it has been validated and approved by PGA Pros around the world!

Putter Buddy wants to offer you a special discount this holiday season of 20% OFF! Get 20% OFF a checkout and start using the device on the putting green, driving range, and on the golf course. It’s annoying having to bend down each and every hole to grab your clubs while you walk off the green. Try it out and make your life easier!

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