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Radius Putters

I love looking for new technology and ideas when it come to golf equipment, putters especially seem to be a weakness of mine. I spotted a unique looking putter back around the first of the year and it was from a company located in the United Kingdom called Radius Putters. The face of the putter had a very unusual pattern and design to it, little did I know it wasn’t just for looks it was actually new technology they we rolling on in spring of 2016. I contacted Radius Putters and started talking back and forth with Graham Webb about the possibility of writing a review of their new Linea Feel putters. Graham said he was onboard with that idea but there was only one thing holding us back? The putters were so new they hadn’t even been released to the public yet. I told Graham that wasn’t an issue as I was still in the middle of my winter and it would be months before I would able to play any kind of golf anyway. Winter “Slowly” came to an end in the northeast and we had stayed in touch over the months and I finally got the message that the putters we ready to go. Instant excitement on my part and I decided to go with a mallet style putter of theirs called the “ Wye”, a heel shafted face balanced putter. I would like to step back a minute and provide you with a little history on Radius Putters.

Radius Putters Company History

In 2008, golf industry professionals Graham Webb and Peter Lord began looking at the putter market much closer. The niche, high end putter designers were being drawn towards mass production and the UK designers had all but disappeared. Graham has been a PGA Professional for some 15 years. Peter is a scratch golfer with a degree in Sports science and design.

They began looking at designing and developing a range of precision milled putters using our combined knowledge of golf club design and our understanding of the golfer’s natural tendencies. Their company’s philosophy is simple…use the best materials possible to make the world’s most aesthetically pleasing putters that actually help golfers of all levels. They will push design boundaries forward whilst appreciating the classic designs. After 3 yopears of R&D, tour testing and endless searches for the finest milling houses in the world they have now found a way of turning their designs into the most stunning range of putters. They are very proud to launch the stunning RADIUS putter collection”.

About the Radius Putter

Putter Cover – The putter cover for Radius Linea Feel mallet style putter is a very well made putter cover. It has a soft fur like lining with a Velcro closure. It is made out of a very durable material with high quality stitching and graphics. The flag of The United Kingdom “Union Jack” is placed on the edge.

Radius Putters Club Head

Putter Shaft – The putter shaft is a stepless steel shaft with a offset ¾ bend.

Putter Grip – The putter grip is a standard size putter grip that has a nice soft feel to it almost leather like. Stitched on the underside and sharp looking graphics. The multi colored circle on the topside actually lined up with my right hand thumb placement, so placing my hands on the putter was made easy.

Radius Putters Grip

Putter Head – The Wye mallet style is the largest mallet style head that Radius putters makes. The face of the Wye putter is a Exclusive Elastomer Polymer blend insert that is precision milled into the face. This technology provides the putter with a super soft feel. This works well with the harder covered golf balls many golfers use today. A long white line helps in putter alignment along with multiple cut through slots in the sole of the putter. The putter weights in at 350 grams with 3 degrees of loft and a lie angle of 71 degree.

Radius Putters Face


I always like to give the putters I review and a score so that the readers can compare and contrast. My rating system is very simple a scale from 0 to 5 with 5 being the high end. I will grade the putter on five categories, Feel, Forgiveness, Sound, Alignment and Quality of

Feel – The feel of the Radius Putters is very good. I just guessing here but any company that list “Feel” in the model name is shooting for a putter with exceptional feel! The elastomer polymer blend insert being milled into the face has it going on! Well done and I rate it a 4.5.

Forgiveness – The forgiveness of the Radius Putters is very good. It is face balanced a design that works great for a perfect straight back and straight through style putting stroke. The putter also has a high MOI to reduce twisting on impact. I noticed very little loss of distance on off center hits. I rate the forgiveness at a 4.

Sound – The sound of the Radius Putters is great. The ball makes a nice click sound when leaving the putter head. Most insert putters have a very specific sound to them versus metal face milled putter. I would say this putter is closer to a metal faced putter than in sound. I would rate the sound at a 4.

Alignment – The alignment of the Radius Putters is very simple in technology but it gets it done. The simple long white line on the topside of the sole of the putter makes it very easy to for you to realize when you have picked the correct line. The additional slots that are in the sole provide an additional means for alignment. I would rate the alignment at a 4.5.

Quality of Construction – This line of putters for Radius Putters is part of their new retail line of putters for 2016. They pay close attention to details on this putter with the great feel of the grip, the contrasting finishes on the putter head. The sole being a high polish look compared to the matte finish on the topside. The putter cover is also very well made with high quality stitching and graphics. I would rate the quality of construction at a 5.

I total up the scores and come in with a solid 22 out of 25. I will let you know this is my opinion and what I feel to be strong features may not be the same for you. What I would tell you is that Radius Putters make a quality putter with some new technology in the insert that a golfer would be crazy not to take a look at. They have many different models to chose from. You can check out Radius Putters on their website radiusputters.com as well as their social media sites Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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