Need Golf Product Feature on TV?

Golf Life offers multiple options for In-Program Reviews on our TV series.  All are highly effective.

By getting your product inside our program:

  • You Increase Awareness with Golfers
  • Lift your entire marketing program effectiveness
  • Provide the opportunity for viewers to order your product

We offer custom production for in program features.  You gain a high-end video feature that is Seen On TV by 750k+ viewers, and it will be shared on Golf Life Social Media and YouTube Channels.

Features include

  • Product Trials where we organize a location and golfers to try your product and give testimonials.
  • Affordable options where Golf Life will review and provide high-end footage of product usage with a Call to Action
  • All features are written and planned to encourage more information and orders.

Please contact us by filling out the form or call or email us. Call Mike Billingsley @ 720-443-1301 or email

Affordable TV Spots and Golf Life Sponsorship

Golf Life will run your :30-second commercial as low as $2000 per month or run a :60 DR spot for as low as $3500 per month.  We can coordinate a Golf Life Sponsorship that includes In Program Billboards with Call to Action and Website Mentions for comprehensive TV plan. Many Golf Life Sponsors have benefitted from annual discounts that provide consistent monthly TV, SoMe and Email Marketing.  Our TV Schedule is impressive and benefits your brand with TV frequency and high-quality programming.

Need a spot?

Hire the golf production experts to create a TV / Web commercial that will prove ROI.  We can produce custom spots with distribution to our TV and online audience very affordably.

Feature Your Golf Course on TV

Golf Life will feature your Course or Golf Resort in our National TV series.  Plus gain extensive reach via email to over 110k golfers & social media reach to thousands of golf followers.

  • We are experts at creating entertaining property features to encourage golfers to take action.
  • Golf Life captures your property with an aerial drone, slow-motion cameras and stabilizers.
  • You gain future proof 4K footage and still photos by 25+ year veterans of golf video and photography.
  • Provide viewers with a complete overview of your property, special programs to increase reservations and tee times.
  • Your property gains rights to footage and photography we capture to use in marketing or in-room opportunities.
Golf Life Sponsorship features top golf gear and courses in the game

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