swing caddie 2

The Swing Caddie 2 by Voice Caddie is the most accurate and affordable launch monitor for amateur golfers. With audible distance feedback, accurate swing speed output, ball speed capture, and smash factor output, the Swing Caddie 2 has everything you need in a launch monitor. This isn’t a thousand dollar piece of equipment. This is a very reasonable piece of technology that was never available to the average golfer. The device is big enough to read all the data and get all your numbers, yet small enough to fit in your bag whenever you need it. Voice Caddie is a company that prides themselves on creating usable and reliable audible technology that will help you become a better golfer.

This holiday season, Voice Caddie is giving you a discount on the Swing Caddie 2. Save $79 on the newest technology the golfing world has to offer. Fill out the form, and start saving. The Swing Caddie 2 is best used on the range where you can dial in your clubs to specific distances so you are ready to go on the course. Save money today with Golf Life and stay ahead of the game with the Swing Caddie 2!


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