tee claw


Tee Claw is all about practicing how you play. In the situations where you have to practice inside on a simulator or a net, more times than not you are not using the tee you use when you play outside. Tee Claw enables golfers to use a real tee on a turf or matt instead of than rubber tube. The Tee Claw is attached to a lanyard. The elastic lanyard brings a value because it gives the golfer an opportunity to see their swing path based on how that lanyard flies. At the end of the day, The Tee Claw delivers a very easy and realistic way to practice inside without loosing the integrity of the tee. As much as we hate to say it, those rubber tubes are flimsy and non-realistic. If you are looking for an extremely simple solution to your rubber tube or to have a better experience on mats or turf, check out their website!

Tee Claw is giving you a discount through the holiday seasons. Get 10% OFF your next order of tee’s! The product is available in multiple colors and they give you and option of putting a printable design or logo on it. Customize your tee to fit your Golf Life. Make you practice sessions easier and less frustrating from here on out! The Tee Claw is diverse and can handle any matt or turf on the market!

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