TLINK: A Lightweight GPS Golf Watch That Tracks Rounds and Helps Get Lower Scores

TLINK is an innovative company that has transformed the modern day golf GPS watch. Amazingly, it is the lightest GPS golf watch on the market today.  The TLINK pairs directly with your smartphone and can give you accurate yardage numbers to the front, middle and back of the greens! TLINK just introduced their brand new stat tracking feature at the 2016 PGA Show! During your rounds you can track putts made, fairways hit, greens hit and your score with just a single click of a button.


Along with the stat tracking and 30,000+ golf courses worldwide programed into the app, it also acts as a pedometer. The TLINK will track your steps, calories, and distance that you have walked, hiked or ran just like a FitBit. You can easily store all of your athletic accomplishments right on your smartphone so information is never lost! For those avid golfers out there, who walk 18 holes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you need a GPS golf watch so you can make your life easier!

For more information about the this device, check out their website at

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