As it says on the Flatstick Pub website, there are only two rules: drink local and have fun! We all know that drinking (beer) has always been apart of golf. It is hard not to have a brew on the course every once in a while. But what we haven’t seen is where they mix beer and golf under one roof. The Flatstick Pub did just that. It is a pub that features the game of golf. With unique golf games and challenging miniature golf course, you and your friends can play golf without even going outside.

The owners at The Flatstick Pub are passionate about golf and passionate about beer. From the first day they were open, they have been offering independent brews located in the great state of WA. They love to have fun, drink beer and play games and that is exactly what you will get when you step inside the Flatstick Pub.

While you are trying one of their local, independent beers, give their mini-golf course a try. For beginners and experts, The Flatstick offers different hole selections for those who just picked up a putter to those who need a little challenge. They also have other games that you can play with your friends (all of which are golf themed). Whatever brings you into the Flatsick Pub, a first date, birthday party, or happy hour, we think you will really enjoy this place. It’s a great environment to socialize and meet new people!

Right now, there are three different locations within the Seattle area. Kirkland, Pioneer Square and South Lake Union. Check out their website to learn more and how you can get involved with the Flatstick Pub!

Check out our feature video above and find out more about this amazing concept for beer drinkers, golfers and everyone in-between!

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